The Blightstaff is a knotted wet-looking wooden magical staff that is covered in lichen and topped with a large uncut amethyst. It is wielded by Caduceus Clay.[5] When he activates it, the dozen small knot holes within it begin to exude dozens and dozens of small flying beetles that swarm out of the staff onto the ground.[6]

Properties Edit

The Blightstaff allows the wielder to summon a swarm of flying beetles once per long rest[4] that act on the wielder's turn and can make a bite attack[7] within a range of 30 feet.[1] The swarm lasts for one minute[2] and does 4d4 piercing damage.[3]

References Edit


  1. The official full body portrait of Caduceus wielding the Blightstaff, by Ari (source).  Used with permission.
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