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Blightshore regional map. Xhorhas is to the west across the Penumbra Range.[art 1]

Blightshore is the land east of the Penumbra Range which separates it from Xhorhas. Its historical name was the Miskath Strand prior to the Calamity.[1]


Notable Locations


Eremis Stone says of Blightshore, "Creatures that come from there don't come in their... normal state. It's a place of twisted things." He says the Circle of Beasts draws some creatures from far-away Blightshore, and his theory is that the gorgon they faced was one such creature.[2]

Blightshore's environment is marked by strange arcane curses that are relics of the Calamity, and the land reflects this. There are small floating islands of land, ever-burning forests, gravitational anomalies, and poisonous colonies of fungus throughout the region. Even the weather is strange, with winds that carry constant lightning, maddening mists, corrosive rain, and intermittent breaks into the Ethereal Plane.[3]


Much of Blightshore has been abandoned, but there are fragmented settlements. The Ebonglass Massif is home to a kobold clan known as Fangs of the Worm, who worship an ancient artifact from Eiselcross that, unbeknown to them, holds a tissue sample of Quajath.[4] Meanwhile, refugees and outlaws from Xhorhas often find their way to the ruins of Ghor Veles, though the population is transient.[5]

There are two permanent settlements in Blightshore: One is New Haxon, an outpost of the Dwendalian Empire run by the Cerberus Assembly, which is also the home to many survivors of the fall of Draconia.[6] The second is Rotthold, a diverse if somewhat anarchic city along the coast.[7]

One notable quality of Blightshore society is the minority population of Hollow Ones, people resurrected by the lingering magic of Blightshore, but without their full soul.[8]


At least one Luxon beacon was found 700 years ago near the base of the Penumbra Range on the Blightshore side.[9]

Behind the Scenes

Chris Lockey developed much of the lore of Blightshore for the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.[10]


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