The Verdant Expanse is located in southwestern Tal'Dorei.

The Bladeshimmer Shoreline.

The Bladeshimmer Shoreline stretches across the central western coast of Tal'Dorei. It is framed by the Dividing Plains to the East, the Cliffkeep Mountains to the North, the Ozmit Sea to the West, and the Verdant Expanse to the South.[1]

It is the cradle of human civilization on Tal’Dorei, and bears the marks the first human colonists to set foot on this continent, as well as the heart and capitol of the Tal’Dorei empire, Emon.[1]

Inland Bladeshimmer is mostly temperate grassland, intercut by cool, winding rivers. The farms are blessed with clean water and non-salinated soil, despite the ocean’s proximity.[1]



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