Bladegarden is a city on the east side of the Dwendalian Empire, and southeast of Hupperdook. [2]

Those who signed up with the military, Crownsguard, [3] or Righteous Brand were brought to train in Bladegarden, and after a period of training here, one had a minimum of three years’ service they had to put in before they could decide to stay or not.[4]

City Description



Bladegarden has a population of 9,910 as of 835 PD. Being a former orc settlement, 32% of the population is half-orc and 21% is orc. Humans encompass 25% of the population.[1]

Notable People

Name Type Description
Members of The Last Line NPC They participated in the Victory Pit in Zadash.[5]

Points of Interest



Bladegarden was the site of one of the bloodies battles during the Calamity, and is named because of the high volume of weapons scavenged by the locals. Originally a settlement of the Odakar orc clan, Bladegarden was incorporated into the Empire shortly following the war with the Julous Dominion. Other orcish clans who disagreed with this accord were driven east towards the Brokenveil Marshes, to later be incorporated into the Kryn Dynasty. Bladegarden is both a military training complex and the core of orcish society within the Empire.



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