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Bixby was a small dog and a ranger companion of Sam Riegel from "Critical Role EXTRA – Liam's Quest!" (Sx12). As an NPC, he was played by the Dungeon Master, Liam O'Brien.



Bixby was a pug. He was very small, dealt very little damage, and achieved very little despite his admirable effort under terrifying circumstances.


"Critical Role EXTRA – Liam's Quest!" (Sx12)[]

One of Sam's friends left town and asked Sam to take care of Bixby. During a Los Angeles heatwave, Sam brought Bixby to work with him, ultimately resulting in Bixby joining the adventure.

"Liam's Quest: Full Circle" (Sx16)[]

After another time jump Sam woke up to discover that he was lying on top of Bixby's skeleton. A bit saddened by the discovery, he picked up the dog's skull and carried it with him for a while.

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Actor Sam Riegel often jokes about the uselessness of Vex'ahlia's ranger companion, Trinket, and suggests leaving him behind. In this one-shot campaign, DM Liam O'Brien forced Sam's character into taking care of a useless ranger companion.



  1. Fan art of Bixby, by Bri (source). Used with permission.