Bisaft Isle is the largest island of a set of four parallel islands in the Swavain Islands, that is not really cultivated. On the south of the island is the town of Bisaft Port.[1] There are some remaining signs of the Ki’Nau people that used to be indigenous to these islands before they all became part of the Clovis Concord.[1]



Bisaft Port is a small village with 800 people.[1]

Notable PeopleEdit

Name Type Description
Bentha NPC Innkeeper and the owner of the Bisaft Meadery.[1]
Keisha NPC Blacksmith in Bisaft Port.[1]


The jungles are fairly thick, with fruit trees and exotic creatures that make it an interesting pass-by port. The thick mangrove trees choke most of the coastal areas except for on the south, which is where the actual town sits. It tends to be a favorite spot for contraband out in the jungle, but the creatures that live there are pretty dangerous.[1]

Bisaft Port Edit

  • Bisaft Meadery: Inn.[1]


"The Stowaway" (2x45) Edit

The Ball-Eater docks in the port for repairs.

"A Storm of Memories" (2x46) Edit

References Edit

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