Bisaft Isle is the largest of a set of four parallel islands in the Swavain Islands of the Clovis Concord. It is a lush expanse of jungle, nut and fruit trees, exotic creatures, and thick mangroves.[2] On the south of the island is the town of Bisaft Port.[3] There are some remaining ruins of the Ki'Nau people who were indigenous to these islands.[4]


The jungles are fairly thick, with fruit trees and exotic creatures that make it an interesting pass-by port. The thick mangrove trees choke most of the coastal areas except for on the south, which is where the actual town sits. It tends to be a favorite spot for contraband hidden out in the jungle, but the creatures that live there are pretty dangerous.[5]

Bisaft Port

  • Bisaft Meadery: Inn and Meadery.[6] Bentha Tamalos, the owner, keeps bees behind the meadery for the honey from which her signature mead is made.



Bisaft Port is a small village with around 800 people, as of 835 PD.[7] It is populated by a mix of cultures, including descendants of the Ki'Nau, the Dwendalian Empire, Marquet, and "super-pale" folk from Issylra.[8]

Notable People

Name Type Description
Bentha Tamalos NPC Innkeeper, beekeeper, and owner of the Bisaft Meadery[9]
Keisha Budan NPC Blacksmith in Bisaft Port[10]
Podderan NPC Dockmaster[11]


"The Stowaway" (2x45)

The Ball-Eater docked in the port for repairs that were completed while most of the party was in the Happy Fun Ball.

"A Storm of Memories" (2x46)

The Mighty Nein explored the island, noting an increased Clovis Concord naval presence, and learning that Marquis Olesya Lapidus of Port Damali was calling many warships back to the coast because of recent attacks on the Dwendalian Empire by the Kryn Dynasty in the ongoing war. Felderwin, Nott's home, had been assaulted and the fields set ablaze. Jester took a tour of the bee hives at the Meadery, while Caduceus tried unsuccessfully to learn about his broken sword hilt.

"Into the Eye" (2x131)

When the Mighty Nein were making their way back to Essek Thelyss at the outpost in Eiselcross, Jester sent a message to Vandran where he revealed that his current location was possibly on one of the Bisaft Isles. However, he seemed unsure which isle he was on, if this was where he was at all.


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