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Birds, also known as avians, are feathered, winged creatures found in Exandria. Predatory birds are known as birds of prey.


Birds are beasts. They typically have beaks, claws, the ability to fly, and a keen sense of perception.[1]

Similar creatures[]

Aarakocra, also known as "birdfolk", are bird-like humanoids that typically lived in isolated mountaintops.[8] A superficially similar race of "humanoid bird kinfolk", the eisfuura, are known to live in Marquet.[9] Conversely, while the kenku appear birdlike, there is no known relation to the corvine beasts they resemble; kenku started as black-winged angels of the Raven Queen before they were consumed by Tharizdun in the Calamity and stripped of their wings, voices, and immortality.[10]

Rocs are gargantuan monstrosities with wingspans that stretch out for at least two hundred feet.[11] At least one roc terrorized the farms of Emon before being relocated to Wildemount.[12]


One of the code-songs of the Golden Grin is the drinking rondo Drink Deep, Li'l Hummingbird.[13]


Birds feature prominently in descriptions of the spire city of Jrusar.[14]


The people of the Air Ashari city of Zephrah typically lived on hunted bird meat.[2] Similarly, in the Shalesteps, a small hunting community hunted in the Seashale Mountains for avian quarry for meat and resources.[3]


A common tabaxi name in Wildemount was "Left-Handed Hummingbird", the accompanying nickname of which was "Bird".[15]

The shores of Darktow had a number of bird-picked skulls outside the Throne Roost, the lair of Plank King Wyatt Maranoss.[6] Vezdaweald had a population of birds known to fill the air with pleasant music.[16]

One of the few known inhabitants of the Ebonglass Mastif were birds of prey that scoured the mountain peaks for food.[17] Avian predators also lived in the Brokenveil Marsh and Brokenveil Bluffs. In 836 PD, the third floor of the Crumbling Tower was covered in the corpses of birds and swamp vermin.[18]

Behind the scenes[]

In the Heroic Chronicle of the 2020 sourcebook Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, birds are mentioned in two suggested "Mysterious Secrets".[19]

  • 10: "I once saw a giant bird soar past overhead. It croaked out a cry that sounded like my name, then disappeared beyond the clouds."[20]
  • 13: "An old seer once touched my forehead and gave me a vision of a flaming bird chained beneath a mountain, squirming and wailing in the darkness.[19]



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