"Beyond the Boundaries" (2x32) is the thirty-second episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. The Mighty Nein return to several old stomping grounds as they journey south to Nicodranas and the Menagerie Coast...

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Liam ran a Curse of Strahd encounter ("The Old Bonegrinder Mill") for his daughter Romper-Stomper and her friends earlier. According to Travis, Liam is too merciful: he let the party live. Matt points out that it's not much of a's Barovia, after all.

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  • Tonight's fantastic sponsor for Campaign 2 (since Day One) is D&D Beyond!
    • Sam decided to do a simple ad read for tonight...but he left the copy at home on his printer. But Sam is an "improv god", right? He can improvise an ad on the fly, right? As he stumbles through his ad, the Devil himself (Mephistopheles, in VO) criticizes Sam for his lousy improv skills. The Devil officially releases Sam from his demonic pact...Sam's soul simply isn't worth it. Matt points out that without Satan at his back, he's afraid that Sam can't play D&D anymore, and he asks Sam to leave the table.
  • Handbooker Helper: Matt reminds about Critical Role's new show "Handbooker Helper"! Sam asks Betty Crocker to sue them. Marisha asks (if Hamburger Helper starts selling more) to sponsor them. The show will be bite-sized (five minutes or less) episodes that will serves as an introduction to new players or a refresher course for 5th edition rules. The first episode will be posted on the Critical Role YouTube channel on Wednesday, August 29, 2018, with new episodes posted to YouTube every Wednesday.
  • Production Team AMA: The production crew (Dani, Max, Vinnie, and Rachel) will be answering fantastic production questions from the Critter community in a Reddit AMA on Friday, August 24, 2018 at 2 pm PDT. This was a special incentive that was unlocked during the 826LA charity stream a few months ago.
  • Matt, Marisha, and Taliesin will be at Burning Man next week, so next Thursday is the return of "Critical Liam"! They thought about doing the much-anticipated Laura Bailey one-shot instead, but she has a baby. Liam will be running a non-canon one-shot with Laura, Sam, and Travis, and guest stars TJ Storm and Erica Luttrell. A little tease: as a late birthday present to Travis...there will be werewolves. Matt is particularly excited about TJ: he's not just a phenomenal and physical performance-capture/motion-capture actor for video games...he's also a huge D&D nerd. TJ has been a Dungeon Master for 20+ years.
  • Wyrmwood giveaway: Critical Role will be doing its "Wyrmwood give-a-Ray" during the break, so they require you to come over to the Critical Role Twitch chat. Matt will get you up to speed when all that is happening.
  • merch update from Laura: Laura hastily tells Critters to go to the store...check out she get it right? There's T-shirts and a bumper sticker that says something about The Traveler! Travis adds that there are also retro tees, Critter caps, Mighty Nein tees, etc. Sam clarifies it's a "dad cap", not a Critter cap. Laura adds that there are also some pins...maybe there's pins...maybe there's not? Travis says Laura is the worst. Go to the store and find out!

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"So...last we left off: The Mighty Nein - having completed their journey north and their two jobs for the Gentleman - return with a new friend: a new companion...and the memory of an old.

"You spent two weeks in Zadash, utilizing your downtime. Some to a very successful level, some in a nearly TERRIBLY NOT successful level but managing to skirt by!

"But you've taken your time, decided on a new path: a new adventure ahead of you. Loaded up your things, and currently - with your cart, horses, and selves together - you begin making your way towards the southern area of Zadash and out towards the roads ahead..."

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This is the party's very last chance to do anything in the city. Caduceus wants to visit the adult bookstore one last time. Fjord needs to pee, but with a Constitution check of 21, he can hold it for three days. Caleb is ready to leave: he needs to find new garage sales to go through (Taliesin is all for that).

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  • Handbooker Helper ad
  • D&D Beyond ad
  • Sona trailer
  • "Is Superman still Superman if...?" (Wednesday Club animated short)
  • Osage tourism ad (ad for Season 2 of "We're Alive: Frontier")
  • "Painter's Guild" Season 3 on Geek & Sundry
  • "How To Play" with Becca Scott: Ya Blew It!

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Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 32b

Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 32

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