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The Beynsfal Plateau (sometimes pluralized Plateaus[1]) is a highland area in the Rifenmist Peninsula and home to the Iron Authority.[2]


The plateau is a cracked volcanic landscape of relentless heat and black basalt rising above the lush Rifenmist Jungle below, dotted by crude iron towers. It is home to the Iron Authority and the massive city of Tz'Arrm.[3]


One of the last battles of the Calamity took place on the plateau, when Bane, the Strife Emperor, and his armies of goblinoid legions fought against the Wildmother and her Free Children and lost. Afterwards, the hobgoblins asserted authority over the different goblin tribes, and the various hobgoblin kingdoms of the plateau launched military campaigns against each other.

For a long time, no hobgoblin tribe dominated for long until they fell to internal distrust and greed. However, around 722 PD, the Iron Authority emerged and conquered the whole of the Beynsfal Plateau. They then began their long war to subjugate the Rifenmist Jungle below.[4]

In 843 PD, Tetrarch Umejii of the Qoniira traveled south to the Beynsfal from Niirdal-Poc to investigate whether the Iron Authority was the "terrible" thing that was intuited to be coming.[5]


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