Besh Turmin is the duergar owner and proprietor of Turmin's Tinctures and Tonics in Rosohna. As an NPC, Besh Turmin is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Turmi is a duergar dwarf with even gray skin, a permanent scowl on his face, and almost pupil-less white eyes. His hair is a deep red maroon color parted in the center, and he has a puff of red for a beard.[1]

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While somewhat combative, Turmin is willing to sell almost anything, at a substantial markup, even if he has to go elsewhere to buy it.

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Turmin grew up in the Shadowshire of Rosohna.[2]

"Wood and Steel" (2x58) Edit

Yasha, Nott, and Yeza visited Turmin's Tinctures and Tonics, a strong-smelling narrow apothecary shop in Rosohna containing all sorts of dried herbs, plants, roots, hanging things, small dishes containing oils, and crystal and glass vials arranged with little labels on them.[3] In the back, with arms crossed, was Turmin, who at first thought they were looking for virility potions but who eventually sold them four healing potions. On the way out, Nott stole two potions of rhino sex, although Yeza identified them as actually being only petal water.

"Stone to Clay" (2x91) Edit

Fjord and Nott returned to Turmin's shop in search of diamonds. Instead of directing them to the jewelry shop next door, Turmin offered to act as a middleman to get the diamonds (one worth 300 gp and one worth 50) for them. He also sold Nott two vials of willowshade oil, which cures petrification.[4] Later, Jester bought a large vial of beard oil from him for 55 gp.[5]

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  • Turmin: "Something a little more wild you said, right? Now these here, these will give you the drive of a fucking rhinoceros, if you know what I'm saying."[6]

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