Berleben is a city 70 miles northeast of Zadash in the Dwendalian Empire.[4] The city borders the Ounterloch to the northeast and is surrounded by the Labenda Swamps, where a howling attacker resided.[5][6] Leading to this city are the Bromkiln Byway, Rillway Road and the Subterranean Tunnels from Zadash.

Berleben was built when the empire started, almost three centuries ago.[7]

City Description

Barleben is a somewhat miserable-looking, but functional city in the Empire. It has a strange mismatch of varying levels that make up the village. Whole areas stand on stilts and raised platforms connected by bridges, while much of the city to the eastern side appears to be partly submerged in bog water. The browns, greens, and grays of the marsh itself are reflected in the browns, greens, and grays of the people who wandered the streets.[8]

It's a shithole. But it's our shithole.

The roads have a smattering of stone slabs, cobblestone and whatever pieces of material were left over from the construction of the main road that help to fix and maintain it in the central opening before it scatters into the rest of the city.[10]

The Puddles

Almost half of the city is the Puddles. This district is the original town of Berleben, and is partly slowly sinking into the marsh.[11]

The Puddles consist of impoverished huts and hovels. Most of the buildings are constructed from older masonry and stone structures. The bases themselves are a deep algae green from the floor to two or three feet up, where moss and fungus and various other plant matter has slowly grown as the liquid that has been soaking into the vicinity has slowly grown up the sides of the buildings.[12]

A fountain has completely fallen into itself, bits of the water seeming to have permeated through. It is an older relic of the earlier construction period.[13]

The Midway Docks

The Midway Docks is the best bet for trading, where most of the business gets done. The stables are also in this district.[17]

The Dry Docks

The Dry Docks are a number of wooden docks that head out into various edges of the swamp where a number of small boats are roped off.[19]

The Stilts

The Stilts is known for the buildings that are all raised up. It contains the Summit House where the Starosta of Berleben lives, and the Mossmire Temple where the druid that keeps the swamp lives.[20]



The swamp town of Berleben has a population of 3,230 people as of 835 PD. 63% are human, 17% are halflings, and 12% are gnomes.[1]

Notable People

Name Type Description
Febron Keyes NPC The Gentleman's local contact
Dent Barnswallow NPC Owner of The Keystone Pub.
Smithe Durban NPC Owner of The Fungal Fount.
Uma Cole NPC Owner of The Drowned Nest.
Horris Thrym NPC Refugee from Zadash during the war

Points of Interest

Keystone Pub



"Labenda Awaits" (2x20)

When the Mighty Nein first visited, the water level was around 2-3 inches on the street.

"Have Bird, Will Travel" (2x23)



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