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Berleben is a city 70 miles northeast of Zadash in the Dwendalian Empire.[4] The city borders the Ounterloch to the northeast and is surrounded by the Labenda Swamps, where a howling attacker resided.[5][6] Leading to this city are the Bromkiln Byway, Rillway Road and the subterranean tunnels from Zadash.

Berleben was built at the time of the founding of the Dwendalian Empire, almost three centuries ago.[7]

City Description[]

Berleben is a city Empire. It is built on haphazard, varying levels, in response to the rising swamp. Whole areas stand on stilts and raised platforms connected by bridges, while the eastern side sits in several inches of water. The people of Berleben tend to dress in clothing in colors that blend into their surroundings.[8]

It's a shithole. But it's our shithole.

The roads are made of a mixture of construction materials, mostly stone, which appear to have been scavenged from previous repairs to the main road.[10]

The Puddles[]

Almost half of the city is the Puddles. This district is the original town of Berleben, and is partly slowly sinking into the marsh.[11]

The Puddles consist of small huts and hovels, mostly made of stone. Algae and other swamp plants grow from the bases of these buildings up the sides, where the water reaches.[12] This section also contains a collapsed fountain that likely dates from Berleben's earlier, more successful days.[13]

The Midway Docks[]

The Midway Docks serves as a business district, as well as where the stables are located and where many locals go for drinks and entertainment.[17][1] The docks themselves extend out into the swamp; many small boats are moored there and are guarded by Crownsguard to prevent theft.[18]

The Stilts[]

The Stilts is so named for the stilts that prop up the homes of Berleben's more affluent residents above the waterline.[1] It contains the Summit House, where the Starosta of Berleben lives, and the Mossmire Temple, home of the druid who keeps the swamp.[20]



The swamp town of Berleben has a population of 3,230 people as of 835 PD. 63% are human, 17% are halflings, and 12% are gnomes.[1]

Notable People[]

Name Type Description
Febron Keyes NPC The Gentleman's local contact
Dent Barnswallow NPC Owner of The Keystone Pub.
Smithe Durban NPC Owner of The Fungal Fount.
Uma Cole NPC Owner of The Drowned Nest.
Horris Thrym NPC Refugee from Zadash during the war


Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein[]

"Labenda Awaits" (2x20)[]

The Mighty Nein, after saving Kiri in the Labenda Swamps, went to Berleben following The Gentleman's instructions to go to the Keystone Pub and meet their contact, Febron Keyes. His job was to meet people, lead them to the safe house, and then escort them back out. The last time he returned there, though, he heard a low, echoing howl and all of those who were there dead and strung up outside as a warning. He ran. 100 gp and a drink is enough to convince him to escort the Nein there, however.

"Have Bird, Will Travel" (2x23)[]

The Mighty Nein went back to Berleben by nightfall, and Jester Sends to The Gentleman that they've cleared out the safe house. With Horris Thrym recommandation, the Nein went to The Drowned Nest to rent rooms for the night. The next day, Jester, Beau and Molly go to The Fungal Fount. They trade the troll heart they killed in the swamps for for a greater healing potion, a mysterious sky blue potion, and 50 gold. Jester changes the sign outside to read, "The Fungal Fart."



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