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Berin Abenard is a minor noble and officer of the court of law in Westruun, and Vex'ahlia's stalker.



Berin is a pale human man with shoulder-length ash-blond hair and piercing blue eyes.[1] Around 807 PD,[3] he appeared to be older than Vex'ahlia, "in his late twenties at most."[2] When they met, he was wearing a finely-tailored "sleek gray coat trimmed with gold," "stylish boots," a hat, gold bracelets, and several rings, and was carrying a purse, with no weapons.[5][1][6]


Kith & Kin[]

Around 807 PD,[3] Vex'ahlia saw Abenard at a jeweler's shop in Westruun trying to buy a silver bracelet.[5] He followed her throughout the day, and eventually introduced himself in a bookstore.[2][1] After overhearing that she was researching dragons, he offered to bring her to the Cobalt Reserve and introduce her to his contacts there.[7] Vex'ahlia declined the offer, but Abenard continued to insist, invading her personal space and threatening her verbally.[8] Vex'ahlia responded by threatening him in turn with a knife.[8] He left his hat and purse behind as he stormed off; Vex'ahlia stole his coins.[9]

The following day, Vex'ahlia saw someone resembling Abenard in the market, and hid from him.[10] That evening, as she visited the Scholar Ward on her own, she was followed and attacked from a distance by Lyre, a Clasp member.[11] When Vax'ildan confronted the man, he told him he was fulfilling a Clasp contract for Spireling Gideor.[12] Gideor told Vax'ildan that the person who put out the contract to kidnap his sister was "a minor nobleman who has requested [the Clasp's] services before" and "a good customer."[4] He did not name Abenard, but Vax'ildan inferred that it was him.[4] Unwilling to cancel the contract, Gideor instead made a deal with Vax'ildan.[13] He transformed Lyre into a copy of Vex'ahlia and tore out his tongue.[14] Gideor told Vax'ildan that he would give the Vex'ahlia copy to the nobleman "[f]or as long as our gentleman contractor has use of him."[14]

As far as Vax'ildan was aware, Lyre was still a captive of Abenard, as of 810 PD.[15]

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  • The identity of the stalker was not revealed on-stream. What little is known was revealed by Matt during the "Fireside Chat", and even then, the stalker's name was unknown until the publication of Kith & Kin in 2021.
  • Vex's stalker, the Despoiler of Flesh, and the doppelganger of Vex were all written out-of-game by Liam and Matt in preparation for Pike's entry into the campaign, to explain why he was a member of the Clasp when she first met Vax.