Captain Bentley Badger is a former British cavalry soldier now employed as Rupert Merriweather's butler in the "Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Crystal Palace" (Sx46) one-shot. He was played by Travis Willingham.

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Bentley is overall a grounded and steadfast individual. He shows loyalty to Merriweather, and determination in finding the casket. Despite his insistence that ghosts do not exist, he is obviously anxious discussing it. When Alexandra points out that a non-believer should have nothing to fear, he agrees, but is clearly still nervous. He also displays an obvious discomfort around cats.

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Bentley was once in the British cavalry, but now works as a butler. He says that he owes Merriweather a great deal.

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Hanako Hayashi Edit

Bentley keeps his knowledge of Merriweather blackmailing Hanako over the theft of a necklace discrete, which she expresses appreciation for. There is a degree of sexual tension between them and after the events of the night she expessed interest in seeing him when there weren't supernatural threats around.

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Mr. Merriweather is Bentley's employer. Bentley is insistent upon completing his task, and states that he owes Merriweather a great deal. He fears the consequences of failing him.

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Achoo is a cat Bentley lured off the street to enter in the cat show.

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  1. Fan art of Captain Bentley Badger, by Marina Marinkov (source).  Used with permission.
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