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Belana Zolaed is a drow priest of The Luxon at Jigow.



Belana is a devoted woman who takes care of her deity's temple and her fellow worshipers' ceremonies.[3]


Belana joined or was born as a member of Den Zolaed in the Kryn Dynasty. At some point, her devotion to The Luxon proved to be deep and she became a priest, developing divine magical abilities.[3]

When the city of Jigow officially became part of the Dynasty, at some point before 835 PD, the cult to The Luxon also extended to the city, and a dodecahedron-shaped temple was built there. Belana was sent there to take care of it and conduct its worship ceremonies,[3] although a part of the local population still mistrusts these new beliefs, considering they are suffocating their own culture.[4] By 836 PD Belana was still the local priest, allowing other Luxon worshipers to attend the temple during the Festival of Merit.[3]

Character information[]

Notable Items[]

  • Chain shirt
  • Mace


Drow abilities[]

  • Fey Ancestry
  • Trance
  • Keen Senses
  • Subrace: Drow
    • Superior Darkvision
    • Sunlight Sensitivity
    • Drow Magic (DC 11)
      • Dancing Lights cantrip
      • Faerie Fire spell (1/day)
      • Darkness spell (1/day)

Priest abilities[]

  • Divine Eminence: As a bonus action, Belana can expend a spell slot to cause her melee weapon attacks to magically deal extra radiant damage directly proportional to the level of the spell slot.
  • Spellcasting (DC 13)
  • Light
  • Sacred Flame
  • Thaumaturgy
  • Cure Wounds
  • Guiding Bolt
  • Sanctuary
  • Lesser Restoration
  • Spiritual Weapon
  • Dispel Magic
  • Spirit Guardians


  • Her name is composed by bel, a Proto-Indo-European root that can be interpreted as "shining", "pale white" or "grey"; and ana having an uncertain meaning (in very different languages can mean "child", "mother" or "grandmother"). It can also be a feminine variation of Belenus, a Gaulish Celtic god associated with light and healing. The name itself seems to be a reference to the deity Belana worships, and their light.
  • Being a member of one of the noble Dens of her nation, and a member of The Luxon's clergy, it's very possible that Belana is consecuted, although it is unknown if she is in her first life.
  • Belana has the same spell slots as a 5th-level cleric.


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