Belan is a young dwarven employee at the Iron Hearth Tavern in Kraghammer.[2]  As an NPC, Belan is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Belan was wearing an apron when he met Vox Machina.[3]

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"Arrival at Kraghammer" (1x01) Edit

Adra called Belan over to show Vox Machina where Greyspine manner was. He lead them outside and to the edge of the outer walkway of the ring of Kraghammer they were in. Belan pointed across the way to where a series of marble pillars were outlining what looked like a residential district. He gave them directions to House Greyspine, telling them it was the house with dark black marble tinted with gold, a wrought iron black gate topped with pikes, and a statue of Ironkeeper Gradim Greyspine in the front yard.[4]

Scanlan thanked Belan for his helpfulness. The dwarf then requested that he fill out a form saying how helpful he had been. Vox Machina gladly accepted, so Belan handed over a single piece of handwritten parchment. Tiberius requested that they each be given one to fill out, but Belan only had the one.[5]

Keyleth and Percy spent the rest of the day making some more comment cards for him.[6]  Vox Machina later filled out the homemade cards and turned them in for Belan. Percy and Keyleth also made a few extras for him to hand out to other.[7]

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