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Belabor is a silver quarterstaff that was found by the Mighty Nein among Vokodo's treasures.[3]



Belabor is a beautiful silver quarterstaff that is capped on the ends. It has a spiral of carved runes running along the length, from one cap to the other.[4]


Belabor provides a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls.[5] Four times per day, as an action, the user can spend a charge to force a creature within thirty feet to make a strength saving throw. If the creature fails, it suffers 3d8 force damage and is pushed fifteen feet away.[6]


The staff was among Vokodo's treasures, and when it was recovered by the Mighty Nein on his death, it was given to Beau.[7] Shortly after attuning to the staff, Beau tested her new weapon on Fjord.[8]

Beau first used it in combat against the chuuls when they attacked the Midnight Hammer.[9]


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