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Beetles are a type of insect found in Exandria.[4]


Beetles are beasts.[1][2]


Dung beetle[]

Dung beetles are beetles that feed on feces.[5]

Giant fire beetle[]

Giant fire beetles are a large species of beetle found in dark environments, such as forests and underground.[4] They have luminescent glands that continue to shine after death, making them prized by miners and adventurers.[2]


While Vox Machina member Grog Strongjaw ran a one-shot session of Bunions and Flagons, one of his players, partymate Scanlan Shorthalt, had his player-character Polymorph himself into a dung beetle to investigate a hatch.[6]

Mighty Nein member Caduceus Clay owned a shield and the Green Beetle Breastplate, which were made of metal fashioned to look like beetle chitin.[7] His Blightstaff allowed him to summon a swarm of beetles.[8] In 835 PD, Clay summoned a beetle to bite his finger when the tabaxi blood cleric Cree Deeproots needed a sample of his blood.[9]



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