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Pop, pop!
Marisha Ray's attack catchphrase for Beauregard

Expositor Beauregard Lionett[22] is a human monk of the Cobalt Soul. She is played by Marisha Ray.



Beauregard Official byArianaOrner

2018 Official full body portrait of Beauregard, by Ari.[art 6]

Beauregard is a young woman of short to average height[23] with a well-defined muscular body. She has blue eyes, a medium-brown skin tone, and long dark brown hair shaved into an undercut and tied as a topknot, with a strand hanging to one side of her face. She wears multiple gold and green piercings in her ears, left eyebrow, and left nostril. Beau wore a jade necklace given to her by her father until she gave it to her brother in "Home is Where the Heart Is" (2x92).

As of her second official portrait, set around the time the Mighty Nein were in Xhorhas, Beau has a vertical scar over her left eye, as well as a large scar in the top left area of her abdomen. As of "Titles and Tattoos" (2x84), Beau has a jade green filigreed tattoo beginning at her upper back and extending up the back of her head. The tattoo is based on Mollymauk's All-Seeing Eye tarot card and is similar to his own tattoo.[24] She later received some "dope scars" from being chomped by an albino tyrannosaurus on Rumblecusp.

At the start of the campaign, Beau wore baggy clothes and monk vestments in shades of blue and gray. She had a blue sash around her belt with embroidered[25] script from the Cobalt Soul written on the interior in the backside.[26] Her long dark-brown hair was tied into a topknot. While in Zadash, she customized her long sleeveless coat to be able to turn it inside out, having it cobalt blue on one side and a normal brown on the other. She later acquired brown-black, jagged leather boots embedded with studs with two spikes at the tip,[27] as well as a set of studded leather glove-like gauntlets.[28] During her time in Felderwin, she also bought a belt with extra pockets to store her money in.[29]

Beauregard by Ariana Orner

2019 Official full body portrait of Beauregard, by Ari.[art 7]

After reaching Rosohna, Beauregard dramatically changed her wardrobe to include a blue sleeveless coat that originally belonged to Avantika, as well as a skin-tight dark blue ensemble with golden accents. Her hair had grown and been restyled into a combination of a topknot and a ponytail. She later started wearing a thin gold circlet with a green gem fixed in the center, wrapped in leather and braided into her hair.[30]

Due to her official promotion to Expositor, Beau received a new uniform to match her new status, similar to what she wore previously, but far more detailed. It consisted of a piece of brocaded fabric covering her shoulders, crossing over her chest in a V shape and coming to an end at the front of her waist[31], tied with a slate grey belt ending in a cobalt blue gradient. The garment was made to be worn over her clothes.[32]

Beauregard Winter

2020 Beauregard's winter outfit, by Ari.[art 8]

In preparation for the bitter cold of Eiselcross, Beau acquired heavy boots, grey baggy pants and a gray fur-lined vest from the Cobalt Soul. She also acquired a pin with the symbol of Ioun and began wearing her new expositor belt. Her hair had grown longer still, and she wore it in a combination of a topknot and long braid.[33]

After reading from Lucien's cursed tome,[34] Beau had a dream from the Somnovem and became marked with one of the same red eye tattoos as Molly/Lucien, on the back of her left hand.[35] She later received another dream, and a second eye appeared on the back of her neck, fully obscuring the eye of her jade tattoo.[36] The third eye appeared just above her sternum.[37] During the course of the final battle against Lucien, she ended up with two more eyes in undisclosed locations. Upon his final defeat, all five red eyes vanished from her body.

Beau Level 20 - Hannah Friederichs

Beau at level 20, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 9]

843 PD Beauregard's clothing style hadn't changed much, still favoring blue hues and exposed arms and stomach. Her hair, however, had started graying prematurely.


Marisha described Beau as a simple girl with simple needs.[38] Beau's attitude towards other people can be summed up as "do whatever you want, but if it fucks with my shit, we're going to have issues."[39]

Beau has few concerns when it comes to violence, having demonstrated a willingness and, occasionally, an eagerness to harm others if it serves her interests. This aggressive attitude, along with her general dislike of authority figures,[40] put her at odds with her superiors in the Cobalt Soul.[41] This attitude has extended to other party members who tried to commandeer a situation.[42]

C2E16 Beau smile

Fan art of Beau smiling, by Elaine Tipping.[art 10]

Despite having above-average Charisma, Beau is particularly abrasive in ordinary social interactions, frequently coming off as insulting when she tries to give compliments[43] and straining credulity when she attempts to be polite. In order to improve her social skills, Fjord suggested that she smile more, but due to Beau's usual hostility, her smiles tend to come off as either unsettling or extremely disingenuous.[44] In higher-stakes dealings with strangers she frequently peppers her speech with lies—she is better at deception than persuasion—sometimes with positive results.[45]

She is intelligent (much more so after getting a Headband of Intellect) and talented at investigating, but with unlucky streaks. She is knowledgeable about history (a testament to her Cobalt Soul training), and though she often downplays it as "just something she happened to learn while doing so-and-so," she keeps thorough notes.

Beau was one of the first of the Mighty Nein to come out of her shell and consider herself a true friend to them, saying she would lay down her life for them.[46]

Beau gained the meta nickname "The Disaster Lesbian"[47] due to how often her flirtations with other women failed to succeed. Notably, she called Expositor Dairon "very attractive" as soon as she saw the elf without their concealing cloak, she made near constant advances on Yasha early in the campaign, and she has expressed romantic interest in Jester. Later she admitted this crush being "transferred" towards Jester because she was fun and easy to fall in love with. After Yasha's return, Beau's flirting was reciprocated, and she admitted to Fjord that she's always had a thing for Yasha that was "something of more sustenance, that is not as fleeting" as her feelings towards the tiefling. Beauregard's hiring of a female courtesan at The Landlocked Lady in "Converging Fury" (2x27) and her sleeping with Keg in "The Journey Home" (2x30) and Reani in "Refjorged" (2x76) showcase her attraction to the same sex. That said, though, Beau often saw herself having intimate relations with other women as being a "band-aid". And according to Marisha's second playlist for Beau, a lot of those "disastrous" vibes she gives off are a front designed to hide how utterly terrified she is of ending up alone, and that she's been lucky in lust yet unlucky in love.[48]



Beau - Elliott

Fan art of Beau, by Elliott.[art 11]

Beauregard's parents, Thoreau and Clara Lionett, were in the wine-making business in Kamordah. Beau was made to manage the bookkeeping. As the winery's most frequent customers were halflings, Beau learned the Halfling language as a result.[49]

She mentioned to Bo "The Breaker" that her name was Beauregard because her parents wanted a son.[50]

Beau thought little of her father as she grew up. Although Thoreau was not violent, she found him "standoffish and distant"[51] and his paranoia, born from his conversation with Isharnai, led to him restricting her freedoms and underestimating her capabilities. Possibly out of a desire for revenge or an attempt to force her parents to notice her, Beau began to steal and resell his wine at a mark-up. This led to her committing other crimes, including extortion and trafficking. While playing a game of chance with Molly, Beau revealed the best lie she ever told was when, not liking a politician and his wife in the town she grew up in, she worked as a house hand for them as a means to dig up dirt on them. She found out that they were each cheating on each other, causing them to break up when she exposed the information.[52] One of Beau's criminal associates was a woman named Tori, whom she was also romantically involved with. When Beau and Tori were arrested together, Beau's father Thoreau Lionett attempted to bribe Tori to agree never to see Beau again, and when Tori refused, had her sent to Zadash for trial and punishment. He told Beau that he had paid Beau's bail but not Tori's, and Beau never learned what happened to Tori after that.[53][54]

After her father discovered her bootlegging and criminal activity, he sought out and bribed an archivist of the Cobalt Soul to arrange for the "kidnapping" of his own daughter, unwilling to give her the attention she craved and unable to cope with the embarrassment and misfortune caused by her acting out. Beau described him slapping her, right before she was dragged away.[55] Beau hadn't questioned this arrangement and was unaware as to the extent of her father and Zenoth's dealings, having merely assumed that the Cobalt Soul was as corrupt as any other organization. She remained unaware of the truth behind her illegal induction into the Cobalt Soul until three years later.

Six months into her tenure as an initiate, Clara sent her a letter saying she and her husband had been "granted their greatest wish and had a son": Thoreau Lionett Jr. Beau herself took the letter to mean her parents no longer wanted any contact with her.[56] She assumed they were no longer going to pay the Cobalt Soul to train her and thought she would be doing the monks a favor by leaving.[57] And so she did so, abandoning the Valley Archive to pursue her own ends.


Traveling along the Amber Road, Beau met Jester and Fjord already traveling together and joined them about a day before meeting the rest of the group.[58] On their way to study magic at the Soltryce Academy in Rexxentrum, the trio saved the daughter of Rinaldo (a fisherman in Trostenwald) from a giant snake. They also did a job involving moving boxes for the Baumbach family. Something happened during the job that caused Beau to form a grudge against them.

Arc 1: Come Together[]

"Curious Beginnings" (2x01)

Yeah. I’m, you know, simple girl, simple needs. Just wearing nice, baggy clothes, some monk vestiges. They’re in nice blues and greys. You notice I have a blue sash around my belt. Got a nice shave going on, little undercut. Looks like maybe I put on makeup two days ago, and I’m like, yeah, it’s still holding up. It’s fine. I can work with that.
Marisha's first description of Beau[59]

Beauregard, Fjord, and Jester Lavorre met Caleb Widogast and Nott the Brave while staying at the Nestled Nook Inn in Trostenwald. Beau quickly saw through Nott's attempts to pass herself off as a halfling.[60] The group of new acquaintances decided to attend a carnival performance after being given a flyer by Yasha Nydoorin and Mollymauk Tealeaf.

Before entering the show, the whole group tried to convince Yasha to let her keep her quarterstaff even though it is normally not allowed. Beau tried to lie and claim her quarterstaff was a walking stick she needed. The group eventually comes to a compromise- Yasha will take all their weapons but stand right next to them during the show so they can keep an eye on her. Yasha called her bluff and carried Beau to her seat. During an act involving a dwarven girl singing to calm a "devil toad", an old man in the audience turned into a zombie and attacked a nearby woman. Yasha handed them all back their weapons. The group attacked the zombie. The woman who was first attacked turned into a zombie as well. The group defeated both creatures, with Beau landing the final blow. The Crownsguard arrived and arrested several of the carnival performers including Molly. The Watchmaster was not impressed by the arguments that the others were trying to help and warned them not to leave town until the investigation was complete.

"A Show of Scrutiny" (2x02)
As most of the group went with the Crownsguard back to Trostenwald, Beau tried to sneak back to the carnival and warn Toya, the dwarven singer, the guards were coming. The guards were already leading Toya and the "devil toad" out of a tent. The guards spotted Beau trying to sneak and arrested her. They bring her to the Stockade, the town's jail/courthouse, where Fjord and Jester see her being taken inside. Fjord convinced Norda, the Lawmaster, to let Beau go. Beau, Fjord, Jester, and Molly were told to stay in The Nestled Nook Inn until the investigation was completed. They return to the inn and find Caleb and Nott, who had both snuck away from the Stockade while members of the carnival were trying to negotiate with Norda, in the common room of the inn. The group spent some time getting to know each other over drinks before going to bed.

Beau - Ameera

Fan art of Beau, by Ameera.[art 12]

The next morning the group decided to sneak out of the inn to investigate the zombie attack. Jester used her Disguise Kit to make Beau look different so they can leave the inn without guards noticing them. The group does not find out much from asking around the old man. His name was Enon Brinjay, a man who lived alone and occasionally worked on the docks. Beau, Fjord, and Jester checked in with Rinaldo, but he did not know Enon well either. Beau began to suspect that Enon was the random victim of someone's magical experiment since there seemed to be no motive for anyone to hurt him. The group went back to the inn because Jester's magical disguise was about to expire. As Beau and Jester waited in their room, guards came by to tell them they were not needed today but the investigation was still ongoing. The group decided to investigate more after dark. After staking out a store where Nott had seen some strange people a few nights before with no results, they went back to the carnival to talk to some of the performers who had been allowed to stay in their tents under guard. Caleb and Fjord cast Disguise Self to look like guards and spoke to the guards to distract them while Beau, Jester, Nott, and Molly snuck into the tents.

Beau and Molly talked to the Knot Sisters, two halfling acrobatics. The sisters blamed Gustav Fletching, the owner of the carnival, and his "karma" for the deaths. During the conversation, Jester and Nott dramatically burst into the tent and accused Ornna, one of the sisters, of being responsible for Enon turning into a zombie. Confused, the sisters and Molly laughed at the idea. Ornna told the group that the only members of the carnival she suspects are Desmond Moondrop and Kylre the "devil toad". Jester told them Kylre was an actual fiend. Molly and Ornna were confused; they thought the "devil toad" name was part of the act and Kylre was lizard-folk. Hearing a commotion outside, Beau and Jester looked out of the tent to see two guards now turned into zombies and walking towards them.

"The Midnight Chase" (2x03)
The Mighty Nein found themselves in a head to head battle against Kylre the devil toad and the songstress Toya. During the fight, Beau used her staff to incapacitate Toya to get her to stop singing.

Dairon:"Do what you must. Travel the world. Use what I've taught you. Learn about injustice. Those you don't trust, follow them. Bend them. Make them tell the truth and admit their guilt. Find where ever corruption is. Root it out and let the system do its job. If the system isn't doing its job, destroy the system."
Beauregard: Why are you doing this? Why me?"
Dairon: "Because a long time ago, I was a wayward girl with no direction, was angry, and fighting at the world. And someone did this for me."
Beauregard: "I don't really believe in systems or being a part of them, let alone a system that takes down other systems. Seems almost hypocritical.
Dairon:"Perhaps. Who knows. Maybe one day you'll find the corruption inside our own."
Dairon and Beauregard Lionett, Expositor and Initiate[61]

"Disparate Pieces" (2x04)
Beau awkwardly apologized to Toya for hitting her during the battle, with some prompting by Fjord and Jester. The party loaded Kylre's body and Toya in the boat back to the shore. Beau, Jester, and Nott tried to sneak back to The Nestled Nook Inn so they would not be seen outside. Crownsguard but were seen in the alley outside the inn and arrested. They arrived at the stockade just in time to see Caleb talking to Lawmaster Norda. Following the group's plan, Caleb claimed credit for killing Kylre and convinced Norda to come with him to see the head. Norda ordered the guard to bring Beau, Jester, and Nott along as well. Unsure what to do with the strange body, Norda sent guards back to the village to find an expert. While they are waiting, Molly came back to the docks after dropping Toya off at the circus, saw his friends chained up, and turned himself him.

Zeenoth, an elf with The Archive of the Cobalt Soul, arrived from town to examine Kylre's head. Beau became uncomfortable when she saw him and very obviously hid her face. Zeenoth confirmed what Caleb told Norda- that the creature had been a dangerous fiend. Norda had everyone brought back to the stockade for a trial. Fjord, Yasha, and other members of the Carnival were brought in for the trial as well. Despite a few tense moments after Nott was revealed to be a goblin, Norda cleared everyone of all murder charges. However, there was still the debt for the cost of the investigation to be resolved. Gustav Fletching, the owner of the carnival, offered to take responsibility for the debt and stay in Trostenwald until he worked it off.

Jinjidraws Exspositor Dairon

Fan art of Dairon, by Jinjidraws.[art 13]

Beau accepted the Way of the Cobalt Soul as her monastic tradition during a single-player RP session.[62] Specifically, under the guidance of Expositor Dairon, she came to see the appeal of becoming a member of "The Expositors" a secret order within the Cobalt Soul tasked to "...pursue the secrets and evils of the world and expose them to the light."[63] The next morning, Fjord questioned Beau about the bruises she sustained from the training session. Beau told the Mighty Nein she had been accepted to a secret order of monks the morning after her first meeting with Dairon. However she spoke in a sarcastic manner and the party did not appear to take her seriously.[64]

Beau goes along to the courier service when Jester sends her mother a letter. While there, Beau convinced the courier to give her three packages intended for the Baumbachs.[65]

"The Open Road" (2x05)
The party eventually found themselves in the now burning city of Alfield. While trying to protect the city, Beau got into a tense solo standoff against a group of gnolls as she tried to defend herself.

"Lost & Found" (2x13)
The Mighty Nein defeated the already injured drow spy and searched him while he was unconscious. One of the things he had on him was a mysterious artifact in the shape of a dodecahedron. The party decided to wake up the spy and interrogate him. While charmed by Molly, he revealed that he was sent by Leylas Kryn (empress of the Kryn Dynasty of Xhorhas) to recover the dodecahedron artifact. He called it The beacon and claimed that the Dwendalian Empire had stolen the beacon from his people. They needed it for "The Rebirth". Beau thought turning the spy over to the Crownsguard could be worth a lot of money, but the group eventually decided to let him leave with the beacon.[66]

Once they got out of the sewers, they saw that the Crownsguard had gotten the spy. While the guards were taking his body towards the King's Hall, Caleb, Jester, and Nott decided to steal the beacon off the body. Beau and Fjord split off from the others to tell Dolan and Horris what had happened. They all agreed that Dolan should stay in the city to take over the position of High Richter, but Horris should leave town for a little while. Horris came with Beau and Fjord to rejoin the rest of the Mighty Nein at The Leaky Tap.

While Caleb stayed in the basement guarding the beacon, the rest of the party confronted Nott about her and Caleb's stealing from Lord Sutan's house. Beau did not mind that Caleb and Nott had a habit of stealing, but she was concerned that they did not seem to care about the welfare of the whole group. Beau told Nott that it was difficult to work with Caleb and Nott because they always seem like they are planning to leave the group. Nott agreed to talk to Caleb about being more open regarding their intentions in the future.

The next morning, the Mighty Nein followed up on their lead to find The Gentleman. They return to The Evening Nip. This time Beau tells the bartender the code phrase "We bring many gifts." The bartender opened the secret door behind the bar and allowed the party to enter the real bar below. As they entered, a tabaxi woman immediately recognized Molly. She greeted him as "Lucien" and gave him a hug.

"Fleeting Memories" (2x14)
Molly whispered to the Mighty Nein to just play along with his name being Lucien and promised to explain later. Cree was amazed to see Molly/Lucien and told him that she had seen him die two years ago. Molly answered all of her questions vaguely and said he couldn't explain more right now.

At the Evening Nip, Beau told Kara that she "had a nice face" without much reaction. Kara later told Beau and Fjord that they now knew where to find her and that they were now "in bed one way ot the other." Beau replied "I mean..." with a smirk but Fjord told her to leave it alone and the two of them left her presence.

Beau - Joshua Esmeralda

Fan art of Beau pursuing a thief, by Joshua Esmeralda.[art 14]

"A Favor in Kind" (2x16)
Beau trained with Dairon in Zadash, while reporting some of her adventures between Trostenwald and Zadash. She also specifically described the group's encounter with the Xhorhasian spy and his description of the dodecahedron, though she omitted the fact that the Nein had stolen the dodecahedron.

"Whispers of War" (2x18)
After taking part in the Victory Pit tournament as part of the Harvest Close Festival, Beau along with Yasha had their first encounter with two mages of the Cerberus Assembly: Trent Ikithon and Oremid Hass. She later had a conversation with Caleb, with Nott present as well, in which the wizard held up his end of a deal they made: access to the Cobalt Soul in exchange for the reason behind his pyrophobia. And the answer Beau had received was not what she expected in the slightest. What she got was Caleb recounting how he had been manipulated into murdering his mother and father as part of his "training" under Ikithon. Beau and Nott tried to convince them that even though he did it, Caleb was still beguiled into the act. But Caleb still blamed himself. Beau than agreed to keep what she had learned a secret, and in exchange she told Caleb that he could take action if he wants to, and that he had a responsibility now to end this.

"The Hour of Honor" (2x24)
Beau confided in Nott about the circumstances surrounding her induction into the Cobalt Soul based on her own perspective of the events in question.

"Divergent Paths" (2x25)
After reuniting the Schuster family in Hupperdook and leaving Kiri in their care, Beau and Caleb reflected on how good it felt to do so. They made a pact to be each other's fail-safe if things went horribly wrong for either of them.

Arc 2: The Bad Guys[]

"Found & Lost" (2x26)
The party woke up to find that Fjord, Jester, and Yasha were missing. While looking for a sign of where their friends went, Beau, Caleb, Molly and Nott saw a dwarven woman approaching them. Beau began shouting at the woman instantly, demanding to know who she was and what she was doing. The dwarf introduced herself as Keg and said she knew who took their friends. It was a group of slavers from Shadycreek Run known as the Iron Shepherds. As the Mighty Nein and Keg realized they had a common enemy, Beau apologized for yelling at first. Beau told Keg she is trying to work on the "manners thing".[67] Soon after she began to flirt with Keg.[68] Keg agreed to lead the group to the Iron Shepherds in exchange for their help killing the Shepherds.

The group continued along the road and decided to take a shortcut through the Crispvale Thicket. The party met Jumnda and Ombo, two firbolgs whose tribe had been attacked by the Iron Shepherds. They agreed to keep an eye out for Nila, one of the tribe who had left to go after the Shepherds on her own. The party spent the night in the clan's village then continued to the Glory Run Road.

While on watch with Molly, Beau stated that she hated his tarot cards.[69] Even so, Molly convinced her to play a secret-trading game using the cards. Molly told Beau about a time he pretended to be reincarnated royalty for three weeks. Beau told Molly about blackmailing a local politician and his wife after finding out they were both cheating on each other. As Beau told the story she started to think maybe she shouldn't be proud of herself for it.[70]

The next day, the party caught up with the Iron Shepherds and set up an ambush. During the battle, the Mighty Nein killed one of the Shepherds- a half orc druid named Dwelma. Despite this, they were still outmatched as Lorenzo (the leader) showed himself to be a high level magic user. Lorenzo killed Molly with his glaive. Keg asked Lorenzo to take her and let the others go. Lorenzo called off the attack. He decided not to kill Keg, instead leaving her with her guilt that she had gotten her new friend Molly killed. Lorenzo left the Mighty Nein with a warning that he would kill them if he ever saw them again.

I realized if I can deliberately leave a town shitter than what I found it, of course he could fucking leave a town better than what he found it. And I'm not going to do that again. I'm not saying that, you know, I'm going to go off and be a fucking hero; but maybe we can equal out and I can at least not fuck any more shit up. Take baby steps towards the leaving the town better . . . thing. So that's the least I can do for him.
Beau's pledge to be a better person in memory of Molly[71]
"Converging Fury" (2x27)

Beau grabbed Keg and slammed her to the ground, demanding to know why she never told them that Lorenzo could use powerful magic. Keg swore that she didn't know. Caleb said they need to figure out what to do. The Iron Shepherds still had Fjord, Jester, and Yasha and he is not willing to give up on them.

Keg and Nott both agreed that not pursuing the Iron Shepherds was the smarter play. Beau was furious. She swore that in honor of Molly, she was going to try to be a better person. Beau chose to keep Molly's fortune-telling cards as a memento of him. She also claimed his Periapt of Wound Closure, the Summer's Dance blade, and his gold, with the intention of using it for his resurrection.[72]

Beau asked Nott if she wanted something to remember Molly by, but Nott refused. The party wrapped Molly's body in his tapestry of The Platinum Dragon and buried him along the side of the Glory Run Road. Caleb pushed a stick into the ground as a post and hung Molly's coat over it as a grave marker. Beau poured out a drink for Molly and the party toasted: "Long may he reign."[73] Caleb angrily went off by himself. Beau thanked Keg for offering herself to Lorenzo so that he would call off the attack. She then asked Keg the name of her friend that the Iron Shepherds had killed. It was Yuto. Beau and Keg agreed they wouldn't run again, in memory of Molly and Yuto.

Caleb came back to the group with Nila, the firbolg druid that Jumnda had told them about. Nila told them the Iron Shepherds had kidnapped not only her son but her mate as well. They accepted Nila as an ally. After two more days of travel, the party reached Shadycreek Run.

"Within the Nest" (2x28)
The group decided to find the priest that Ophelia Mardoon had mentioned before leaving her property. They eventually found a small stone temple and a gaunt looking firbolg named Caduceus. Nott decided to test his healing abilities by firing her crossbow at Beau's abdomen. Caduceus used his healing powers to seal up her wound, and she was pleasantly suprised.

After the group found Nila's husband and son in the Sour Nest, Beau told Nila to escape to safety. Nila was at first reluctant, but then decided to go. Before leaving the Sour Nest, Nila handed Beau a special red feather from her necklace.

"The Stalking Nightmare" (2x29)
Despite falling unconscious to the Lorenzo's Cone of Cold, who was revealed to be an oni, Beau was able to keep the leader of the Iron Shepherds pinned down and ultimately managed to stun him, thus paving the way for his downfall.

"The Journey Home" (2x30)
Beau broke the news of Molly's death to Fjord and Jester. She told them she would have died to save them as well and believes one of them should have Molly's sword. Fjord said he would be honored.[74] After looting the Sour Nest, Beau and Keg went off alone together. Keg tried to sneak out quietly afterwards. Beau noticed her leaving but pretended to still be asleep. In the morning, she found that Keg had left her a goodbye letter, sort of. Keg started to write, but then crossed everything out and just wrote "Thanks".[75]

Beau convinced Ophelia Mardoon to let the Mighty Nein keep Lorenzo's glaive in memory of Molly. Ophelia agreed, but told Beau to consider it a favor and remember it. While they are alone during the journey back to Zadash, Caleb asked Beau to tell him more about her. Beau told him about her father sending her to the Cobalt Soul against her wishes. She told him running away got her a promotion in rank, without specifically mentioning the Expositors or Dairon.

My whole life was dictated by establishment that I didn't have a lot of control over, and the Cobalt Soul has this underlying faction that helps uproot corrupt establishment. I know, I scoffed at the idea of being a part of a system that's supposed to take down systems. It doesn't really make sense, but uh . . . you know. Maybe you, if anyone, can understand the idea of fighting fire with fire. That's why I'm doing this.
Beau explains her allegiance to the Cobalt Soul to Caleb[76]

Beau showed concern for how Fjord and Jester were handling the trauma of being kidnapped, telling Fjord multiple times not to blame himself. After the party received their payment from The Gentleman and left the Evening Nip, Beau set off several cherry bombs in honor of Molly.[77]

"The Ruby and the Sapphire" (2x33)
While exploring the beaches of Nicodranas, Beau spent time meditating on a rock near the shoreline and training her new pet owl, Professor Thaddeus.

"Encroaching Waters" (2x34)

Beau Traci by Amy King

Fan art of Beauregard and her alter ego, "Traci", by Amy King.[art 15]

During the Mighty Nein's stay in Nicodranas on the Menagerie Coast, Beauregard adopted a flirtatious false persona that she named "Tracy" to attempt to get information out of a Zhelezo guard named Merpal. She claimed to be the daughter of a rich family in Zadash on vacation to Nicodranas.[78] Beau's reaction to Tracy's appearance was one of confusion and fear.

"O Captain, Who's Captain?" (2x36)
Beau and Fjord interrogated Marius LePual on the deck of their stolen ship while Caleb, Jester, and Nott interrogated Gallan Westman - the sailor they chased below during the battle. Both groups got back together on the deck to share information. The ship they had stolen was called The Mist. It was the sister ship to Captain Avantika's Squalleater. They were in Nicodranas to meet Marius and pick up the Cloven Crystal if he had it or get their money back if he didn't have it. Once they had the orb, they were going to bring it to meet with Avantika somewhere in the Swavain Islands. Fjord wanted to go to the meeting to find out what Avantika knows about the mysterious orb. The group agreed.

It's just that- I've done a lot of shitty things and I've made a lot of shitty decisions and a lot of mistakes. And after Molly I told myself I was going to try and not do that as much, but it's fucking hard.
Beau's conflicting feelings about the Mighty Nein's attacking Algar Dyomin and hijacking The Mist[79]

As they were discussing their plans, Beau noticed that Caduceus was sitting alone on the bow of the ship and not joining in the conversation. Beau listened as Caduceus wondered aloud if he made a mistake in joining the Mighty Nein. After Jester calmed Caduceus down and they went belowdecks, Beau told Caleb she was unsure if the group's recent actions were really justified. Caleb insisted that because the crew of The Mist attacked first they had no choice. Beau told him she felt that she was not living up to her pledge to herself to be a better person.[80] After Caleb went belowdecks, Beau discussed her feelings with Fjord. Fjord agreed that they should have tried to resolve the situations with Algar Dyomin and Marius LePual without violence. He does not feel good about the group's actions either. The two of them agreed to check each other when the other abuses their power. [81]

The Mighty Nein wait until morning to go back to a different part of the docks in Nicodranas. While Fjord hired a crew for their ship, newly renamed The Mistake, Beau spent the day in taverns spreading rumors that the captain of The Mist had murdered his own crew and taken off alone with the ship. She also joined Caduceus, Jester, and Nott in spreading a ghost story about a blue tiefling who killed herself on the docks to cover for Jester's illusory spells during the hijacking.[82] The Mighty Nein and their new crew set out for the Inkclaw Reef- the closer of two possible locations for the meeting with Avantika. For the next few days at sea, Caleb Widogast lent Beau Frumpkin, now in the form of a one ounce elf owl.

"A Pirate's Life for Me" (2x41)
Beau took on the role of the apprentice cooper during their time aboard the Squalleater.[83] She has expressed interest in and desire for Captain Avantika.[84] When the Squalleater arrived at Darktow Isle, Beauregard was automatically initiated as a member of the Revelry.[85] After she was introduced to Plank King Wyatt Maranoss, he pulled her aside from the rest of the party and offered cash for information on Avantika. Her immediate reaction was to ask "how much?"[86]

"In Hot Water" (2x43)
During the fight on the deck of the Squalleater, Jester grabbed Beau and cast Dimension Door to get them off from the ship with Avantika's journal. Beau took the journal and rushed towards the Throne Roost to negotiate with the Plank King. She piqued his interest by telling him she has proof of Avantika planning a coup to overthrow him. Once the fight was over, the Mighty Nein and Avantika were brought to the Plank King for a trial. During the trial, Beau revealed herself to be a member of the Expositors, the first time any of the Mighty Nein have heard that name. Previously only Nott and Caleb knew Beau had a connection to the Cobalt Soul.

Beau claimed her allegiance was solely to the Cobalt Soul and separate from the rest of the Mighty Nein. The Plank King seemed to be fooled by this deception, but Caleb read it to be a partial truth.[87] Beau's connection to the Cobalt Soul seemed to win her some more trust with the Plank King. Fjord persuaded him to allow Beau to use the Extract Truth ability on Avantika. When Beau was able to successfully prevent her from telling a lie, Avantika refused to speak at all. The Plank King took her silence as proof she did in fact plan to overthrow him. He judged Avantika guilty and snapped her neck. As a reward for uncovering a plot against him, the Plank King did not kill the Mighty Nein. He seized their ship and banished them from Darktow Isle. They were ordered to leave immediately on the damaged Squalleater. The Plank King told Beau to send his regards to the Archive.

"The Diver's Grave" (2x44)
Beau dove underwater with the rest of the Mighty Nein to the wreckage of the Tide's Breath and Dashilla the Dreadful's lair. She was briefly possessed by a ghost[88] then later punched another ghost.[89]

"The Stowaway" (2x45)
Beau, Jester, and Nott found Twiggy, a gnome rogue, stowing away in the cargo hold of the Squalleater. Apart from the rest of the group, Beau and Fjord agreed that they were suspicious of Twiggy. They thought she was too sweet and there had to be something else going on with her. Beau also said she thinks Twiggy's illusion magic is unnerving.[90] The Mighty Nein agreed to let Twiggy stay on the ship until they reach the Bisaft Isle. Beau asked Fjord to train her to be first mate since he is officially captain. Fjord agreed.[91]

During the journey, Caleb was exploring a mysterious artifact Twiggy called the Happy Fun Ball of Tricks. He found an extraplanar space with a stash of clothing and assorted items inside it. Beau, Nott, and Twiggy were lowered in on ropes to grab as much as possible out of the small portal before it closed again. Caleb continued experimenting with the Happy Fun Ball and accidentally teleported the party (minus Yasha) and Twiggy into a mysterious stone chamber with no doors or windows. Using Twiggy's Mage Hand to pull aside banners on the walls, the Mighty Nein found a doorway out. Following a strange black hallway that seemed to distort gravity, the party entered a large library.

Fjord went by himself to examine a strange stained glass window, touched it, and vanished. Beau ignored the rest of the room, even as a living cabinet swallowed Nott and Twiggy, and focused on the window trying to find Fjord. Beau found a fingerprint in the window and touched it. She accidentally pulled Jester with her into the portal since Jester was standing right next to her at the time. Beau and Jester found themselves in another chamber with Fjord and a young blue dragon. Their arrival caused the dragon to attack. Beau used her red gem to summon a fire elemental, distracting the dragon while the party looked for a way out.[92] Beau was the first to find the exit,[93] but did not realize touching the orb would transport her away from the fight instantly. After the rest of the party escaped the dragon's lair and got back to the ship, Beau noticed Jester was visibly upset and tried to talk to her about it. Jester lied and said she was fine.

Later when they were alone, Beau asked Caduceus if it was wrong of her to feel okay when everyone else felt so badly about how close to death they were while fighting the dragon. Caduceus told her it was fine. It would just be their job to comfort the group.[94]

Arc 3: The Bright Queen's Favor[]

"Homeward Bound" (2x48)
Back in Nicodranas, the Mighty Nein tried again to get into the mysterious mage tower. Caduceus convinced Yussa Errenis they had valuable information for him. The mage invited Caduceus plus one companion of his choice to enter the tower. Caduceus chose Beau. Beau asked Caleb if he would lend her Frumpkin to bring inside with her. Caleb angrily asked her why. Beau walked inside the tower without answering. Once inside, Beau told the mage about the attack on the towers in Zadash and Uk'otoa.

We all know corruption runs rampant in both the Empire and the Clovis Concord. I don't want anything to do with that...I just want the truth.
Beau convinces Yussa Errenis to form an alliance with the Mighty Nein[95]
They are looking for allies who can help them understand the two powerful artifacts they're carrying- the dodecahedron and the Happy Fun Ball of Tricks. She told him that the Mighty Nein were not aligned with any political powers; they were just interested in the truth. This assurance from Beau convinced him to let the rest of the party into the tower. The Mighty Nein formed an alliance with Yussa, giving him the Happy Fun Ball of Tricks in exchange for safe haven with him in Nicodranas and allowing Caleb to memorize the sigil of his teleportation circle. Once outside, Caduceus complimented Beau on her negotiation skills and for being mostly honest with Yussa. Beau became frustrated when Caleb was skeptical that she told the truth.

The Mighty Nein left Nicodranas for Felderwin. During the journey, Beau asked Jester to cast a Sending spell to Dairon for her. She told Jester that Dairon is a former roommate of hers. Beau was honest that she is worried about Dairon having gone to Bladegarden but implied that she and Dairon have slept together.[96] Dairon responded to Jester's spell that she is safe and recovering in Bladegarden. Beau thanked Jester, telling her that was "a big deal."[97]

One night, Caleb pulled Beau aside to apologize for being rude to her at the Tidepeak tower. He explained that he felt very nervous because Yussa Errenis is powerful enough to find them again any time he wants. Caleb wants to stay with the Mighty Nein, but he cannot keep taking unnecessary risks. Caleb admitted he is constantly worried anything he does will lead to Trent Ikithon finding him. Beau told him the Mighty Nein are his friends and will protect him. Caleb became frustrated and told Beau that all of them will die if Trent finds him. Beau became frustrated as well. She thought she did a good job negotiating with Yussa and thought Caleb would be excited to meet a powerful mage. Caleb wandered away from Beau.[98]

"A Game of Names" (2x49)
Caleb revealed more of his past to the Mighty Nein. Beau had already known of Caleb's connection to the Cerberus Assembly and Trent Ikithon; but she had not known "Caleb Widogast" was an alias nor that he was part of human experiments at the Soltryce Academy. When Caleb walked away from the group after telling his story, Beau went after him and asked him not to leave. She asked him to trust that the group could figure the situation out together.

"Xhorhas" (2x51)
After the battle with the Kryn Dynasty war mage, Beau asked the Muck Men to bring a note to Dairon in Bladegarden. In a tense moment hiding from a roc, Beau prayed to The Knowing Mistress. This was the first time she showed any signs of faith.[99]

"Feral Business" (2x52)
The next morning the Mighty Nein prepared to enter Asarius. Jester asked Gluzo about the necklace he wears. Gluzo showed that it was a small symbol in the shape of the dodecahedron. He said that "The Light" that he prays to is the original god of Exandria. Those that pray to it may be reborn. The party wondered if the dodecahedron was a Kryn Dynasty holy relic and what it did beyond granting Fragments of Possibility. Caleb magically disguised himself and Beau since Gluzo warned them that humans would attract attention. Beau was disguised as a red-skinned male tiefling using a Polymorph spell. Moving through the city, the Mighty Nein saw military forces being assembled. As Gluzo told them, there were hardly any humans. Drow soliders in Kryn Dynasty armor, orcs, bugbears, and goblins seemed to make up most of the population of the city.

The Mighty Nein found a goblin named Zorth selling moorbounders, panther-like beasts commonly used as war mounts. Nott negotiated a discount on the purchase of three moorbounders in exchange for killing a creature that was living in the basement and killing his stock.

"Cornered" (2x53)
Beau and Jester entered a fight at the Four Corners tavern. During the fight, she noticed that the drow woman had a similar fighting style to her own. Beau and Jester lost the fight, but it was later revealed that the drow was in question Dairon, working undercover behind enemy lines.

"Well Beneath" (2x54)

Dairon by Nguyen Minh Hieu

Fan art of Dairon, by Nguyen Minh Hieu.[art 16]

Beau introduced Dairon to the rest of the Mighty Nein. Dairon told the party she is in Xhorhas investigating a possible connection between the Cerberus Assembly and the Kryn Dynasty. Beau told Dairon they are looking for a friend's husband but did not name Yeza Brenatto or mention the beacon. After Beau's warning that the Kryn know there is a spy, Dairon said she was heading to Ghor Dranas next; but she will not go with the Mighty Nein or help them get there. Once alone with Beau, Dairon warned Beau about getting too close to the group and told her she still needs to learn patience.[100]

While the Mighty Nein investigated for the source of the Abyssal rifts, Beau convinced a Kryn guard she was from the same place as Yasha and that the Mighty Nein's milling around a well was not suspicious.[101] As everyone else was taking a long rest, Beau met Dairon again for more training.[102] Beau gave Dairon a copy of Avantika's cipher so the two of them could write coded messages to each other using it. Dairon left Beau with the parting instructions "Listen", "Be Patient", and "Stay Alive".[103]

During the battle with the fiends inside Umadon's house, Beau used her new training to learn their resistances.[104]

"In Love and War" (2x57)
Beau and Caleb confided in each other the morning after their audience with the Bright Queen herself, Leylas Kryn. They agreed to help each other and trust each other, two people doing some good.

"Chases and Trees" (2x65)
Beau has a night watch with Yasha, confiding in the barbarian about Tori and how she had unwillingly left her behind due to Thoreau bailing her out of jail. She admits that while it was nowhere close to Yasha's own feelings of loss regarding her deceased wife Zuala, it was a small shred of understanding nonetheless.

"The King's Cage" (2x69)
Beau witnessed Yasha's reunion with Obann, the "Master of Wills", as well as the unsealing of The Laughing Hand and Yasha's enslavement. This event shook Beau greatly, making her put up her emotional defenses once more, claiming Yasha was a lost cause yet not truly believing so in her heart, a fact that she admitted to Jester in the following episode.

Arc 4: Swords and Angels[]

Beau heartofpack

Fan art of Beau, by HeartofPack.[art 17]

"Clay and Dust" (2x72), "Uthodurn" (2x73)
Along with the Mighty Nein, Beau traveled to the Greying Wildlands to seek out a legendary kiln for reforging the broken halves of Dwueth'var the Star Razor. Upon meeting the Dust clan and knowing that they needed the assistance of a certain blacksmith in Uthodurn, they headed in that direction with Beau narrowly dying in the jaws of a dangerous remorhaz.

"Manifold Morals" (2x74)
After speaking with Smeltborne, the Nein had her first meeting with an aasimar druid named Reanminere, or "Reani" to her friends. At first Beau seemed put off by how similar she was to the party in terms of abilities and backstory as well as her moral stance being very black and white as opposed to their own gray outlook. But over time, she warmed up to the unusually upbeat and cheerful aasimar.

She was later guided to the Vellum Steeple Archive and met the standoffish elven and dwarvish librarians. She introduced herself to the librarians with her full name of Beauregard Lionett, which the party didn't know about until just then. She later met a fellow Valley Archive Cobalt Soul scholar named Demid Sunlash who was there in Uthodurn for his own studies. Beau and Caleb had a lengthy yet ultimately dull conversation with him about the two moons of Exandria, Catha and Ruidus.

"Refjorged" (2x76)
While waiting for the sword to be reforged, the party spent the night in Uthodurn. Beau and Reani kissed, then spent the night together.

"A Tangled Web" (2x77)
Upon their return to Rosohna, Beau shared with Dairon her theories on the parties responsible for instigating the war as well as piecing together connections between the war and the Angel of Irons cult, having always believed the war was just "one big distraction". She then declared, to Dairon's face, that the charge of finding and returning the last beacon to the Dynasty had nothing to do with taking sides, but rather just doing the right thing to end the conflict. Sensing Beau's resolve, Dairon officially promoted the initiate to the rank of "Expositor".[105]

"Titles and Tattoos" (2x84)
When they later returned to Zadash, she was recognized as such, given her new raiment[106], and shown her private quarters in the the Zadash headquarters of the Cobalt Soul.[107]

"The Threads Converge" (2x85)
While drinking with Nott, Beau confided to her that she had a crush on Jester.

Familiar imagery - Porzio Art

Fan art of "Familiar imagery", by @porzio art.[art 18]

"The Cathedral" (2x86)
During the first battle in the Chantry of the Dawn, the location of one of the fanes that kept Tharizdun sealed, Beau managed to resist Obann's domination through maintaining her Stillness of Mind. She then stunned The Laughing Hand who was now susceptible due to the destruction of the permaheart. She was then subsequently struck down and stabbed in the chest by a still-controlled, Skingorger-wielding Yasha, her extreme near-brush with death mirroring the death of Molly all too well. She was fortunately saved thanks to a combination of the Nein's clerics, her earlier stun against the Hand persisting, and, most importantly, Yasha being freed from Obann's control. Then later when fighting Obann and The Inevitable End she grabbed Jourrael as she was sinking into the ground because "she can punch ghosts".

"Punishment and Politics" (2x87)
Despite Yasha's killing blow on Obann, he was forcibly transformed into a new form: Obann the Punished. Already exhausted and wounded from the battles of the day, Beau had yet another near brush with death when she was struck by Obann's Inky Whip and Storm of Biting Shadow before Caduceus was able to heal her back to consciousness.

She later participated in a royal audience with the king himself, Bertrand Dwendal. Due to her recent official promotion to Expositor, and the validation of High Curator Yudala Fon, Beau was able to give an account of their actions over the past few months, including their crossing enemy lines and integrating themselves with the Dynasty (though also omitting the true reasons as to why, including the return of a Luxon beacon to the Bright Queen Leylas Kryn). Her words were bolstered by Allura Vysoren, telling the court that she had appealed to the Bright Queen in the Mighty Nein's name to cease the attack on Rexxentrum. When asked what the Bright Queen wanted, Beau replied, "She really wants her fucking beacon back." Ludinus Da'leth and Trent Ikithon admitted that they had such a beacon and were willing to part with it if it meant an end to the conflict. The Mighty Nein agreed to help facilitate an agreement with the Kryn Dynasty for peace talks.

"When I was in Kamordah, that fear of losing this family, I almost sabotaged it just so that I wouldn't have to deal with the angst and the anguish of wondering if and when and how this family will fall apart, like ripping off a bandaid that was never there, I guess over a wound that was never there. Just tried to rip it off for the pain, and nothing else."
Beau recounting how close she came to severing ties with the Mighty Nein to Yasha[108]
Beau with the Goggles - Sally Grew

Fan art of Beau wearing the Goggles of Night, by Sally Grew.[art 19]

"Lingering Wounds" (2x89)
While in Rexxentrum, Beau spent a majority of her downtime at the local Cobalt Soul archive, where she learned the history of how and why there are only six approved gods in the Empire and that while Trent Ikithon's earlier account[109] of there being an excavation of a beacon at Pride's Call was true, she later deduced that the beacon they found and the beacon that was "stolen" from the Dynasty along with the one they returned were not the same. Beau also participated in the underground fighting pit and won easily against her somewhat elderly opponent.[110]

Arc 5: Family Ties[]

"Home is Where the Heart Is" (2x92)
Beau confronted her parents in Kamordah and met her young brother Thoreau Junior (whom she called "TJ") for the first time. While her relationship with her parents remains tense, Beau unexpectedly warmed to her brother, hugging him and giving him the jade necklace (a gift from her father) she has worn since she left Kamordah.

"Misery Loves Company" (2x93)
During the encounter with Isharnai, Beau offered to walk away from everything: her family, the Mighty Nein, and her position with the Cobalt Soul. She explained to the party that she knew she'd never top what they'd already done together, that it couldn't last forever, and that Nott needed to get back to her son. When Jester successfully used Modify Memory to end the encounter, Beau appeared shocked and withdrawn as the others celebrated.

"Family Shatters" (2x96)
When the Mighty Nein returned to Uthodurn, Beau had a private conversation with Fjord about Jester's deity and why he decided to pick the Wildmother instead. He explained that the Traveler was a shady individual and that Melora seemed like a stable choice. Beau also brought up the possibility that Jester was being duped by Artagan in some way. Fjord agreed and they both promised to try to keep her safe from any harm.[111]

"The Fancy and the Fooled" (2x97)
After talking to Ludinus Da'leth on the Wind of Aeons, Beau suggested to Caleb that he use Frumpkin to sneak onto the ship in order to eavesdrop on the conversation between Lord Thain and the Martinet. Beau and Yasha (and a reluctant Fjord) also visited a fish market, during which the former two flirted. Later, while exploring the Marquis's house at the party, Caduceus cast Truesight and Tongues on Beau, causing her to be able to see the spirits in the Ethereal Plane.[112]

"Dark Waters" (2x98)
Beau screamed out in terror as she saw Fjord fall off the crow's nest and onto the deck of the ship during the fight against the sea spawn.

"High Seas, High Stakes" (2x99)
Beaureguard and Caleb visited the Cerberus Assembly's Wind of Aeons in order to confirm that the beacon was not trapped or rigged in some way. After the peace talks concluded, Beau and Caleb gave each other an awkward hug, celebrating the new peace.

Beau astral sea

Fan art of Beau in the Astral Sea, by Mikael.[art 20]

"Rumble at Rumblecusp" (2x105)
Over dinner, Beau asked Jester how she was feeling about Traveler Con. Jester admitted to feeling confused and overwhelmed and began crying. Beau told her that if the Traveler hurt her, she'd kill him. Jester appreciated the sentiment but didn't want to kill him.

"A Fog Lifted" (2x106)

Beau in Yasha's arms on their first flight - Lap Pun Cheung

Fan art of Beau in Yasha's arms on their first flight, by Lap Pun Cheung.[art 21]

While leaving Vokodo's lair, Beau was caught by the waterspout at the entrance and shot upwards to the cliff top, narrowly missing the cavern ceiling. She jumped off it to rejoin the party, and Yasha came out into the pool to try to catch her, experimentally shooting out her wings for the first time since her dream. To everyone's amazement, they were fully feathered, and Yasha was able to fly upward to catch Beau (with both of them suffering some damage from the impact). Still holding Beau, Yasha flew upward over the rocky pools until her wings vanished and they both began falling downward. Beau was able to direct their fall into a pool of water reducing their damage, and they had an awkwardly flirtatious conversation before rejoining the party.

"Traveler Con" (2x108)
On the day before Traveler Con itself, Beau confided in Caleb, Veth, and Yasha that she's willing to help in resolving what matters remained unsettled in the Empire, and that all she has left is the Nein itself. She confided in them about why she thought of her deal with Isharnai, wanting to mitigate the feeling of loss as best she could. She later confided in Fjord, who was wrestling about his feelings for Jester, about her own feelings for Yasha, stating that there was something about the aasimar from the day they first met but she'd been trying to avoid the issue.

"I'm following this trail that the Nonagon is leaving to the very end. The Soul has taught me the utmost value of seeking out and rooting out the corruption, and this is of the most obscene corruption. It is a corruption to life and to all of Exandria. I know it's not political and it's not what the Soul normally deals in, but it is a corruption nonetheless."
Beauregard Lionett, to Yudala Fon [113]
Beau's poem - Erin A Gray

Fan art of Beau's letter from Yasha, by Erin A Gray.[art 22]

"New Homes and Old Friends" (2x111)
Beau shared her conspiracy theories with the Nein on how the "Eyes of Nine" could be connected to Vess DeRogna, Molly, and the Tombtakers, the theories in question consisting of notes and records obtained throughout her tenure as an Expositor and her recent research at the Rexxentrum and Zadash archives.[114] She later joined the Nein in going back to the Glory Run Road and Molly's grave despite great reluctance, and upon seeing Yasha struggling with staying calm, she held her hand which Yasha gripped tightly.

Arc 6: Weird Magic[]

"An Open Window" (2x114)
Beau checked in with Yasha about how the aasimar was feeling following their dinner with Trent Ikithon, having noticed her visceral facial reaction to his telepathy. Yasha confided in Beau about how bothered she was, and that it was similar yet not to her time with Obann. Yasha also admitted that she still felt guilt for almost killing Beau in the Chantry of the Dawn, which the monk was quick to assure that she knew it wasn't really Yasha's fault. She was later given a poem by Yasha that unbeknownst to her was being workshopped by Yasha and Jester the night before their departure aboard the Midnight Hammer. She later discovered the dead body of Vess DeRogna as well as the eye tattoos that were similar to the ones on Molly.

"Fetching Fables & Frosty Friends" (2x115)
Beau later read the poem in Caleb's tower, but when she did so, she realized that it was not a poem, but rather a love letter from Yasha. Seeing the aasimar words of how much she had seen Beau and seen through her, citing what she saw as her strongest traits and how she "loves so fiercely" left the monk feeling overwhelmed.

"Contentious Company" (2x120)
Deep below in the ruins of A2, Beau tells Yasha that she read the letter. She then asks Yasha out on a date, which the aasimar happily accepts. But their plans fall apart quickly enough upon Lucien and the Tombtakers catching up with them in the night. Through some tense talks, the two groups found themselves traveling together for the time being.

Beau and Caleb EleonoraNas

Fan art of Beau and Caleb's new eyes, by Eleonora Nascimbeni.[art 23]

"Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained" (2x122)
Eager to find any sort of advantage on Lucien, Beau assists Caleb in reading the journal that the Nonagon stole back from Vess. The journal details the writer's experiences within the Cognouza ward of Aeor and the people who oversaw it, the Somnovem. They find themselve drawn into a fractal pattern within the journal for a few minutes before shaking out of it, Lucien closing the journal and taking it back. Beau then saw the 8th and 9th floors of Widogast's Nascent Nein-Sided Tower, the former containing nine rooms based on Caleb's memories and the latter based on what they all saw within the Luxon beacon, the monk noting the difference between preserving the past and endless possibilities. After dinner is had, and the Nein rest for the evening, she found herself dreaming of the enigmatic "Eyes of Nine", which were revealed to be the Somnovem themselves. Upon having her mind overwhelmed with relentless echoes and screams and being "welcomed", she awakens from the dream at the exact same time as Caleb. The Empire Kids soon discover that they are now bearing brands of the eyes, one on the back of Beau's left hand and the other on Caleb's right shoulder. Even worse, Beau's attempt to record what she saw in her dream was nothing but mad scratches, not so different from the patterns within the journal.

"Fair-weather Faith" (2x123)
The Nein ponder their options, and come up short about how to remove the brands from Caleb and Beau. The Empire Kids then recall the pact they made and vow to stick with it to the very end. The next day proves to be one of the most harrowing in their lives as not only did they have to contend with the return of Gelidon who almost managed to kill Beau, but also the Tombtakers absconding with the bag of holding. The Nein gave chase, only to find themselves outmatched. Beau in particular was brought to death's door by Lucien and his psychically damaging grip, the same manner in which Vess was murdered. Thankfully, Yasha as a polymorphed owl was able to swoop in and save Beau from death.

"The Neverending Day" (2x125)
At the end of a very long day which compromised of teleporting the threshold crest they stole from the Tombtakers away from Eiselcross, a reunion with Essek, and check-ins with both Yussa and Allura Vysoren, Beau found herself talking with High Curator Yudala Fon in Rexxentrum, who informed the young Expositor about the Augen Trust investigating the Cerberus Assembly and their suspected connections with the Kryn Dynasty. The half-elf also informed Beau of Zeenoth having been arrested under charges of accepting bribes and illegal activity. This was only possible because Beau had the courage to call out Zeenoth on his lies all the way back in Trostenwald just under a year ago, which Dairon herself had noticed as disturbing. Because Beau blew the whistle on Zeenoth, his corruption was brought to light. But this was still a shock to Beau, who had never questioned the circumstances behind her kidnapping which she was told was not how the Cobalt Soul functions, and that she was "abused by someone in power". This left her confused, yet thankful to the monastery for putting her on the path she is walking. She was informed that Zeenoth's trial would be in two months, to which Beau answered that it would depend on whether she was alive following her pursuit of the corruption left in the Nonagon's wake. She later had another reunion with Dairon and thanked her mentor for their actions which led to justice being served.

At the end of the night, Beau conferred with Caleb about her date plans and wished to use the whole tower itself. Caleb agreed to Beau's proposal. And then, in her dreams, she found herself being visited by the Somnovem once more and ended up with a second red eye, this one over the eye of the jade tattoo upon the back of her neck.

"I just want a fresh start with Yasha because we've been through so much."
Beauregard Lionett[115]
Beau - Scout Villegas

Fan art of Beau, by Scout Villegas.[art 24]

"Worth Fighting For" (2x126)
Beau and Yasha finally had their date in the tower. A long, cathartic, pleasant evening awaited them as they bared themselves - heart, body, and soul - to each other, culminating in a long overdue first kiss and first night together.

"If I can't beat you out of him, I will beat you with him.[116] [...] Long may he reign."[117]
Beauregard Lionett, fighting against Lucien, Cognouza Incarnate

"Rebirth" (2x139) and "Long May He Reign" (2x140)
Beau took part in the final battle against Lucien atop Cognouza's streets. The battle later descended into the core of the city itself. Alongside the Nein, Beau faced off with Lucien in his true, final form. Despite being wracked with guilt twice by Culpasi, and marked twice more with red eyes, she survived the battle. As the souls of Cognouza were finally freed, the eyes vanished from her body as did the bodies of the rest of the party.

"Is this what it feels like to be broken free of your mind being controlled?"[118]
Beauregard Lionett, in the aftermath of the trial against Adon Zeenoth and Thoreau Lionett

"Fond Farewells" (2x141)
After dealing with Trent Ikithon in the Blooming Grove, Beauregard took it upon herself to dictate the accounts of Caleb, Astrid, and Eadwulf in preparation for the archmage's trial. Several weeks later, just as Yudala Fon had told her, another trial would take place in Zadash. Beau attended the trial with Yasha there as support and offered her crucial testimony against Zeenoth and by proxy her father. It was her story that would leave to the former's imprisonment and the latter's inevitable loss of his wife and son. And at the end of the trial, Yasha consoled Beau with the realization that she is now free.

"Hi. Nice to meet you. (tearfully) I think you'd be real proud of Yasha, and... I mean, whatever sacrifice you made in order to make me the luckiest woman alive, I'll never know. And yet I'm still eternally grateful."
Beauregard Lionett, to Zuala at her grave along the Seepfeed River[119]

Following the trial, Beau and Yasha made plans to travel to Xhorhas alone for one last task before they begin to settle down: finding the grave of Yasha's deceased wife, Zuala. Despite a brief confrontation with the remnants of the Dolorav tribe, they eventually found what they sought and after a tearful exchange between star-crossed spouses, Beau gave her eternal gratitude to Zuala, as her death is what inevitably drew Yasha and her together.


Beau - Ari

Official art of Beau, by Ari.[art 25]

Upon returning home, Beau decided to dedicate the rest of her life to reforming the Empire and devoted herself fully to the Cobalt Soul. She and Yasha settled down in a cozy cottage with a garden in Zadash. However, she was growing bored with watching the Cerberus Assembly (who had been keeping a low profile), although she and Caleb had linked sending stones so that he could keep her apprised of events in Rexxentrum.

Six months after the defeat of Trent Ikithon, while she and Yasha were enjoying private time together, Beau received a Sending from Caleb about Uk'otoa's attack on the Nein Heroez and the loss of the third and final Cloven Crystal. Shortly later, Caleb and Veth appeared at the cottage where Beau greeted them with wine in hand before they all Teleported to join Fjord, Jester, and Kingsley on the Twinward Isles. The reunited Mighty Nein spent the night in Nicodranas before teleporting onward toward the ruined Temple where the final Crystal to free Uk'otoa would need to be placed.[120]

During the ensuing battles both in the Temple and against Uk'otoa, Beau and Caleb teamed up, with Beau giving the enemies in the temple vulnerability to fire damage with a Debilitating Barrage before Caleb cast Widogast's Web of Fire, and Uk'otoa himself vulnerability to his dragon form's lightning breath.

The evening before the confrontation with Uk'otoa, Kingsley went to Beau and Yasha's cabin to learn their impressions of Mollymauk, and they were honest with him.

Near the conclusion of the fight against Uk'otoa, Beau was swallowed by the leviathan, but was able to use her Cape of the Mountebank to cast Dimension Door to escape and teleport to the ship.

In the following years, Beau continued to work with Caleb watching the Cerberus Assembly, and at some point before 843 PD they defeated a mage called Benathar.[121] She and Yasha continued living together, and began to consider adopting when Yasha realized through working with Veth's campers that she was good with children. At some point before 843 PD they got married, although they hadn't adopted yet.[122] Beauregard stayed in the Cobalt Soul, working efficiently, and eventually earning a corner office with a lot of mahogany,[123] as well as the title of High Monk.[124]

Campaign Three[]

Beau and Caleb Widogast encountered Bells Hells at the Tishtan excavation site where the primary Malleus Key was being built on the eve of the Apogee Solstice, when Beau surreptitiously watched the group battle some Ruby Vanguard guards and then pulled Imogen Temult into a tent with a hand around her neck. They had been following Ludinus' activities for many years, but his actions recently had been much more obvious than normal, almost as if he counted on opposition. He seemed to be operating outside the Cerberus Assembly on this project. Both Caleb and Beau had been cooperating with the Grim Verity in combatting Ludinus' plans, succeeding in damaging but not destroying the key being built in the Shadowfell, but losing some of their Grim Verity companions. They had traveled with Planerider Ryn to the Tishtan site.

Beau and Caleb explained that there had been many terrible things happening around the world in connection with the Solstice, but while some were real, others were distractions for the Ruby Vanguard. They were familiar with Otohan Thull, and it appeared that Imogen's mother Temult might be Ludinus' second general, known as "Exaltant" and considered a serious threat. Beau and Caleb agreed with Bells Hells that the two groups should approach from opposite sides and try to meet in the middle. Caleb gave the group a sending stone to use to contact them if needed before he and Beau moved stealthily away into the pit.[125] Later, Beau and Caleb were successful in blowing up the two anti-magic generators but were almost immediately captured, with Beau being mind-controlled by Liliana and forced by Ludinus to watch as he activated the Malleus Key.[126]

Beau and Caleb appeared in Incanter's Rest, and after they managed to take off Caleb's collar, they Teleported to the Blooming Grove, reuniting with Yasha (who had feared that Beau fell in love with someone else while she was away)[127] and Caduceus. After explaining the situation they traveled together to Nicodranas, meeting there Fjord, Jester, and Veth, who declined to join the group. Together, they Teleported to the Archive of the Cobalt Soul in Rexxentrum (along with the stowaway Luc Brenatto, where Beau (after dealing with Luc and encouraging him to show his fighting skills), was recognized as a High Monk, being allowed to move freely and leading her party. When she heard that the other members of the Cobalt Soul were concerned about the vaults full of magical artifacts, the Expositor went inside with her friends, encountering (along with several magical messages from Trent Ikithon) a drunken Aggy who joined them. Beau let him lead the way, both impressed and perplexed by the dwarf's recklessness, which led him to be Disintegrated by a magical trap within a few minutes.[128] During the whole process Beau was concerned about Caleb's mental well-being, dealing with messages from his former teacher and torturer;[129] thanks to her extensive knowledge, they were able to determine that the archmage had stolen two powerful dark relics from the Archive, and after discovering he was expecting them in Blumenthal, they decided to spend the night in Caleb's tower to prepare. That night she and Yasha spent some quality marital time.[130]

The following day, when they arrived in Caleb's hometown, he told the monk to protect Luc if something happened to him, but she reassured him, not willing to let him think too much about the possibility. Caleb and Jester met with Trent for a short time, but a battle soon ensued. The wizard and two undead minions that resembled Caleb's parents attacked the Mighty Nein, and Beau managed to destroy one of the latter. After Luc found Trent's real location behind a tree, the adventurers went for him, and Beau used her Extract Aspects ability to reveal the former teacher was resistant to magic. He, however, used his stolen Athtiri Menthal to summon Omentis, an abyssal monster that formed a giant body of shadows around him. Beauregard kept attacking while the creature moved through the village, managing to nullify its cold resistance, although being unable to stop it from moving, being so big. Her chance came when Luc pointed out that the relic was still attached to the monster's chest, so the High Monk climbed up there and took it, being able to seal both Omentis and Trent Ikithon inside it again, after which Caleb put the Athtiri Menthal inside his Demiplane. With that problem solved, Beauregard and her friends organized a victory celebration in Blumenthal with all the locals.[131]

Many days later, Fearne Calloway tried to Scry on the monk, but some sort of magical barrier immediately cancelled the spell.[132]


Beau Level 5 - Kasia Brzezinska

Official art of Beau, by Kasia Brzezinska from "Dignity: An Adventure with Stephen Colbert" (Sx67).[art 26]

"Dignity: An Adventure with Stephen Colbert" (Sx67)[]

A level five Beau, along with Nott the Brave and Yasha, joined Lucky Jack in defeating the evil Madrak and recovering the holy reliquary called the Spirit of Virtue or, colloquially, Dignity. This adventure is not canon.


Archivist Zeenoth[]

Beauregard's father paid him to take her in, teach and train her in the disciplines and lifestyle of Cobalt Soul and the ways of the Knowing Mistress. Beau does not seem to have respected him or his authority during the time he was her teacher.[133]

Despite those bumps in the road, their relationship had improved greatly as Beau learned to embrace the lessons taught to her by Dairon and her own intellectual and emotional maturity. This change in their dynamic came to a head after the attack on the Valley Archive that almost resulted in his death as well as her promotion to Expositor after which she openly apologized for her past abrasiveness, shocking those present including those who wouldn't have expected Beau to do such a thing.[134] Since then, the two monks have had a more amicable relationship, no hard feelings between them despite the time the Mighty Nein traipsed into the Archive on horseback to use the teleportation circles and the following shenanigans leaving him a very flustered and nervous wreck.[135]

This was not meant to last, however, as her past suspicions about him later proved to be justified upon learning of his corruption and his acceptance of Thoreau's bribes by Yudala Fon, on top of other illegal activities that the archivist had done.[136] This forever burned that bridge between them, as Beau eventually stood and testified against Zeenoth in court after the events in Eiselcross transpired.

Caduceus Clay[]

Beau is impressed by Caduceus's calming presence and ability to remain calm under pressure. However, she was one of the first members of the party to notice that Caduceus was perhaps not quite as content as he may seem, mentioning to Jester that he was "kind of a hot mess who might need help sometimes."[137]

Caleb Widogast[]

Empire Kids - Aurex Aldori

Fan art of Beauregard and Caleb, by Aurex Aldori.[art 27]

Caleb and Beauregard are very good friends. Although their relationship had a rocky start, they quickly came to rely on each other and eventually grew very close. The two are also the dedicated researchers of the group and will team up when trying to solve a problem.

Being the only two Empire-born human citizens in the Mighty Nein, Caleb and Beau have a rather unique friendship among the group, and have a lot in common. Although Beau is much more expressive and confrontational, they share a similar awkwardness in social situations. They were both raised in the Dwendalian Empire, but think it is a flawed nation and want to actively make things better for the people of the Empire, especially if it means dismanteling the current power structure. They also share a sharp analytical mind and vast general knowledge, especially when it comes to history.

Beau was one of the first people to hear about Caleb's past, and never shared his secret until he was ready to do so himself. Caleb has shown trust in Beauregard numerous times by chosing to hang onto her shoulder while his senses were transfered into his companion, Frumpkin. Beauregard has called Caleb her best friend, and Beauregard is probably the person Caleb trusts most after Veth.

Expositor Dairon[]

The expositor was specially called in by Archivist Zeenoth to help find Beauregard, whereupon Dairon released Archivist Zeenoth from any responsibility concerning Beau's teaching. Dairon then trained Beauregard in the monk tradition of the Way of the Cobalt Soul late at night within a warehouse belonging to the Baumbauch Family Brewery.

Beau seems to admire Dairon's skills and showed concern for her when the party found out how far into the Empire the war had moved while they were at sea.[138] Beau wants to impress Dairon. She proudly told Dairon that the Mighty Nein have done good things and she herself has found lots of good information. Beau takes Dairon's advice to heart.[139]

When the Mighty Nein first encountered the Beacon, Beau suggested turning it into the Cobalt Soul, believing them to be more trustworthy than the Dwendalian Empire.[140] However, between finding the artifact and her next conversation with Dairon, after learning how powerful the Beacon is, Beau did not tell Dairon about it. Her reasons for keeping the Beacon secret from Dairon were unknown.

As Beau's skills improved and her overall self evolved and matured, Dairon had grown so proud of their pupil for taking a stand against corruption, thus prompting Beau's promotion to Expositor which was later made official upon their reunion in Zadash some time later.

It was later revealed that Dairon had personally investigated her protegé's claims about being kidnapped, and sussed out Archivist Zeenoth as the culprit who along with Thoreau Lionett orchestrated Beau's illegal "acquisition" and forced tutelage. The archivist was subsequently arrested. Dairon would later eventually act as the prosecutor in the subsequent trial, with Beau's testimony sealing Zeenoth's fate.

Initially Dairon had a strong prejudice against the Kryn, born from personal history and being subject to Empire propaganda. That changed dramatically due to Beau's own insistence that her mentor see the forest for the trees as well as being behind enemy lines for so long. Dairon grew to understand that the Kryn at their core are just trying to make a living and survive in a time of conflict, not unlike the Empire.


Beau met Fjord, along with Jester, about a day before the rest of the party. The trio fought a snake together before the events of the first episode. Beau and Fjord seemed to have already established some trust and rapport as both are laid back, though Fjord tends towards being charming (if, at times, disingenuous) while Beau, in contrast, is blunt and outspoken. They seem to be the "go-getters" of the group when it comes to making contacts and steering the direction of The Mighty Nein. Fjord coaches Beau in improving her social skills. She often asks him for notes and suggestions for improvement after negotiating with someone.

Beau caught on to Fjord misleading the party about his dreams and his accent, but it doesn't seem to bother her that he might be keeping secrets.[141]

Fjord and Beau further bonded over managing the Balleater after Beau became his First Mate in "The Stowaway".

Beau had mentioned to Fjord that she looks up to him and had thoughts about sailing the seas together after finishing up with the Mighty Nein, although this plan eventually fizzled out.

Jester Lavorre []


Fan art of Jester and Beau[142], by Amy King.[art 28]

Jester and Beauregard are close friends. They agree on most things and have similar spontaneous trouble maker personalities. They also both grew up in a rich but lonely household and can relate to each other on multiple aspects. Even when they had just met, Beau and Jester had a lot of chemistry, bouncing jokes off of each other and backing the other's sometimes questionable decisions. When the Mighty Nein have booked rooms in inns and taverns throughout their journey, Beau and Jester made a habit of rooming together, and even share a room in the Xhorxhaus. Beau is highly protective of Jester, but has stressed to anyone who doubts Jester's physical capabilities that she can protect herself. The two of them always support and look out for each other.

Although Beauregard initially had a sisterly relationship with Jester, she eventually developed a crush on the tiefling. Their friendship remained unchanged, however, and as Beauregard's relationship with Yasha evolved, she shifted her romantic interests towards the barbarian. Jester has never indicated that she was aware of the crush, and has always been very enthusiastic about Beauregard and Yasha's relationship.


Beau frequently impressed Keg with her skills, leading to frequent comments of "Keg is aroused."[143] As part of the ongoing joke, Beau flipped the comment and admitted to being aroused by Keg in "The Stalking Nightmare" (2x29).[144] After they slew Lorenzo, she asked Keg to spend the night with her, an offer which Keg accepted.


Nila met Beau after witnessing their first fight with Lorenzo. She offered the group some needed moral support and said that in her tribe, the spirits of the deceased go back into the surrounding nature. Therefore, the spirit of Mollymauk would always be around and watching over them. This sentiment was very comforting to Beau, as it meant that he was never truly gone. While in the lair of the Iron Sheperds, Beau told Nila to escape with her family before the slavers came back. Nila reluctantly agreed with her, and told Caduceus that the Guitao Tribe would make their way to the Blooming Grove to protect the area.

Mollymauk Tealeaf[]

Beau gemstone tattoo - Ameera

Fan art of Beau's gemstone tattoo, inspired by Molly's, by Ameera.[art 29]

Beau and Molly had an interesting relationship. Beau's natural suspicion of people combined with Molly's flamboyant lies and deflection caused friction at first, but after Molly's backstory reveal Beau admitted to liking him better. The two got high together off the skein they bought in Trostenwald, and their relationship had become less antagonistic. At the Harvest Close Festival, Beau used the two wooden swords Nott won to impersonate Molly, and after Beau drank numerous half-empty mugs of leftover alcohol from a bar, Molly called her a "trash person", but paradoxically not in an insulting manner.

After Molly's death, Beau displayed a new tenderness towards her fallen companion, speaking in particular about how she doubted his "leave things better than you find them" attitude at first, but eventually grew to understand it. She also later had Orly give her a tattoo of the all-seeing eye on the back of her neck, matching the one that Molly had.

Veth Brenatto []

Beau and Nott have had a slow warming up to one another, largely due to their mutual friendship with Caleb. Nott seems impressed by Beau's Cobalt Soul status, thinking she is a cool secret agent.[145] The three of them share the bond of having family in the Dwendalian Empire.

Beau is impressed with Nott's bravery and resilience facing her fear of water, especially after learning Nott had been drowned in her previous life.[146]

Nott was the first person who Beau confided in about her crush on Jester.

When the Mighty Nein found Isharnai, Beau was the first to offer a deal in exchange for Nott's curse being lifted. She offered to give up every accomplishment she'd achieved and every shred of happiness she'd found, and go into exile away from both her blood family and her found family. She had made up her mind to go through with the deal before Jester successful tricked Isharnai into breaking the curse.

Beau and Nott maintained a friendly rivalry, especially after the latter was restored to her true halfling form of Veth Brenatto. Veth, in her own sneaky ways, caught on to the nurturing bond of love between the monk and Yasha. While playfully teasing at first, Veth eventually gave Beau advice in preparation for the latter's date with the barbarian, saying that she should plan a moment where she can be honest and open and vulnerable, and be "likable". Beau took this advice to heart and eventually she and Yasha confessed their feelings to each other.

Yasha Nydoorin []

Beau being carried by Yasha - heidzdraws

Fan art of Beau being carried by Yasha, by heidzdraws.[art 30]

"It's strange. Because I feel like I've never known anyone deeper than I know you. And at the same time, I feel like there's still so much more to learn. A lifetime to learn. And I am so excited to explore every bit of you in multiple layers."
Beauregard Lionett, to Yasha Nydoorin [147]

Beauregard and Yasha are lovers. Because Yasha is very reserved, and left the party often, their relationship took a while to develop past Beauregard's initial one-sided attraction. However, they have grown much closer, sharing playful moments, watching each other's backs and teaming up in battle. They have a lot of admiration for each other.

Beau has been attracted to Yasha and flirted with her since they met, but backed off out of respect when she learned Yasha was still mourning her wife, Zuala. After much time, as Yasha showed signs of having moved on and being open to a new relationship, the two began flirting openly. Every member of the Mighty Nein seems aware and supportive of their mutual affection, especially Jester, who has talked privately to both of them about their romantic interests and has tried to push them towards each other. After Yasha gave Beauregard a letter to tell her what she admires and loves about her, and that she feels safe knowing Beau's watching her back, Beau read it one late night in Caleb's Tower. Beau then started to plan a way to respond, eventually stopping Yasha on their way to stealing an ancient relic, and asked her out on a date to which the barbarian accepted, much to Beau's relief. The date finally occurred within the Nein-Sided Tower, fully renovated as per Beau's extensive instructions. Having the night to themselves, they bared themselves openly - heart, body, and soul - to each other, consummating their long anticipated relationship with kisses, ninja dogs... and confessions of love. And they have remained together ever since, settling down in Rexxentrum. After some time they got married,[148] and they were in a sincere relationship, even being willing to speak about boundaries and redefining its terms, were the both of them be interested in doing so.[149]


Though Beau seemed hesitant about Reani's perky attitude at first, she, like the rest of the Nein, grew to like and accept Reani. Back at the Cinderrest Sanctum after their win against Gelidon and the Tumblecarves, a slightly drunk and nervous Reani attempted to give Beauregard a rose. Instead of taking it, Beau pulled Reani in for a kiss, and the two walked away to spend some unspecified time alone. After this, Beau promised to come back and visit Reani, who seemed excited at the prospect of her returning.

Thoreau Lionett[]

Beau has had an antagonistic relationship with her father. Though he trained her to take over the family business, she describes herself as a disappointment to him, and they often fought. Beau began by being accepting of her role as her father's heir and wanting to do well in it. She wanted to expand their business, traveling with their product, but he felt this would put her and his legacy in danger. Beau was desperate for attention from her parents, so she stole her father's wine and sold it on the black market. After her eventual arrest for her criminal activities, Thoreau bailed her out of jail, then bribed Archivist Zeenoth of the Cobalt Soul to take her away, slapping her when she resisted. When Beau eventually returned to Kamordah, Thoreau looked as though he had seen a ghost. He told Beau that he was proud of her achievements and admitted he made mistakes with her and he didn't show her he loved her. He attributed his "missteps" to her not being an easy child to deal with, and having had a bad father himself. He told her "Don't think for any moment your mother and I haven't loved you from the depths of our hearts this entire time. I'm sorry if we didn't show it properly."[150] Beau felt he had not admitted his own faults nor apologized for his actions, which ultimately eliminated any chance of her granting him forgiveness.[151] When he discovered she was going to see the hag of his past, and that she had given her jade necklace to TJ, he dashed off to get Clara's jade necklace, giving it to Beau for protection. Beau left the encounter in tears.

Thoreau's reckoning would eventually come when his deal with Zeenoth was brought to light. Beau's testimony against her father and the archivist exposed their crime and forever ruined their reputations. And in their last meeting, she took off her expositor pin and put it into his palm with the words "Give this to TJ for me." She didn't look back to him as he was dragged out of the courtroom.

Clara Lionett[]

Beau's mother came from a wealthy family, and Thoreau built a fortune in order to prove himself worthy to her family. She was more sympathetic and empathetic to Beau than her father, but did not stand up to Thoreau on Beau's behalf. Clara seemed glad to see Beau upon her return to Kamordah, and was willing to give her anything she asked for, including a rare and expensive wine which Thoreau would have held back. She apologized to Beau for the past, though was silent when Beau asked if she knew she was pregnant before sending Beau away.[152] Before leaving, Beau told Clara: "You're allowed to have an opinion too, Mom".[153] Beau gets her blue eyes from her mother.[154]

Beau's testimony against her father would eventually give Clara the realization that Thoreau had kept her in the dark the whole time as well as the impetus to leave him, taking her son with her.

Thoreau Junior[]

Beau's brother was born about six months after she was taken away by the Cobalt Soul. Upon meeting Beau for the first time, "TJ" embraced her warmly, and she gave him the jade necklace Thoreau had given her.[155]

Imogen Temult[]

Despite the initial hostility between them they agreed to work together in the Red Center. Later, Beau admitted to Yasha that she found the sorcerer attractive.[156]

Character information[]


Expositor Beau tying her hair back

Fan art of Beauregard Lionett, by @neonbirb.[art 31]

Beau was sent into the world as an Expositor of the Cobalt Soul with the general directive to root out truth and expose corruption.[157] She has embraced this calling to the point where she has made it a personal matter in regards to the Somnovem, citing it as a corruption of the most obscene nature.[158] She would later devote herself to the Soul full-time as part of a task force dedicated to undermining and dismantling the Cerberus Assembly, a "lifelong pursuit" she embarks on with Caleb.


  • Skills: Acrobatics, Deception, Insight, Religion, Stealth
    • Expertise: Athletics, History, Investigation
  • Tools: Thieves' tools[159]

Notable items[]

Former items[]

  • Healer's kit (given to Jester)
  • Thieves Tools (given to Nott)
  • Necklace with jade trinket (gift from her father, to "protect" her)[181] (given to Thoreau Jr.)[182]
  • Jade Bracelet, that had beads with small gold etching inside of them[183](traded to Nott for wooden swords)[184]
  • Broken hilts of two wooden swords received from Nott.[185][186][187]
  • Molly's marked "fortune-telling" deck (looted from Molly's corpse[188] and later given to Jester)[189]
    • "The Silver Dragon"
    • "The Anvil"
    • "The Serpent"
    • "The Eye"
    • "The Moon" (left by Jester at Molly's grave)[190]
    • "The Shadow"
    • "The Chariot"
  • Periapt of Wound Closure (looted from Molly's corpse and given to Caleb)
  • Summer's Dance Scimitar (a +1 scimitar that can cast Misty Step) (looted from Molly's corpse, later given to Fjord[191])
  • Fire Elemental Gem (looted from Lorenzo's Bag of Holding,[192] later expended and destroyed fighting a blue dragon[193])
  • Bag of suude (10 doses)
    • found in the Overcrow Apothecary
    • relinquished to Vokodo [194]
    • retrieved and returned by Veth
    • used up in combat by "poisoning" a monster from the inside while swallowed [195]
  • Flask of Perpetual Booze (enchanted by Pumat Sol for Nott, given to Beau, then later gifted to Kingsley)[196]



  • Mobile[197]
  • Observant (+1 Wisdom)[198]
    • +5 to passive perception and investigation
    • Ability to interpret what someone says by reading their lips
  • Prodigy
    • One bonus skill proficiency (Investigation)
    • One bonus tool proficiency (Jeweler's Tools)
    • One extra language (Dwarvish)
    • Expertise in one skill you're proficient in (Athletics)
  • Sentinel[199]

Variant human abilities[]

  • Bonus Skill Proficiency
  • Bonus Feat (Prodigy)

Criminal background[]

  • Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Stealth
  • Tool Proficiencies: Thieves' tools, one type of gaming set

Monk abilities[]

Beau avoiding an arrow - Mikael

Fan art of Beau evading an arrow, by Mikael.[art 32]

  • Deflect Missiles[200]
  • Diamond Soul[201]
  • Evasion[202]
  • Extra Attack[203]
  • Ki (20 points)
  • Ki-Empowered Strikes[207]
  • Martial Arts (1d10)
  • Monastic Tradition: Way of the Cobalt Soul
  • Purity of Body[217]
  • Slow Fall[218]
  • Stillness of Mind[219]
  • Stunning Strike[220]
  • Timeless Body (no longer requires food or water, cannot suffer the effects of old age or be magically aged, can still die of old age)
  • Tongue of the Sun and Moon[221]
  • Unarmored Defense (10 + Dexterity + Wisdom)
  • Unarmored Movement (+30 feet)
  • Unarmored Movement Improvement[222]
  • Empty Body
  • Perfect Self

From the Eyes of Nine[]

During the Nein's involvement with the Tombtakers, Beau was exposed to the "Pattern" of the Somnovem through the fractals in Lucien's journal. Over time, she ended up with unnatural boons bestowed by the red eyes. These abilities disappeared with the eyes after Lucien's final defeat.

  • First eye: Mild telepathy with others bearing eyes (120 feet)[223]
  • Second eye: Darkvision[224]
  • Third eye: Ability to see through illusions[225]
  • Fourth eye: Ability to see into the Ethereal Plane - unused
  • Fifth eye: Ability to scry into the "eye" of another - unused

Appearances and mentions[]


  • "Jails are not my favored terrain."[226]
  • "I still say that some of the best information that you can get can be in the information that you don't find."[227]
  • Fjord: "It might do for you to apologize [to Toya]."
    Beauregard: [flatly] "Sorry."
    Jester: "Sorry for what, Beau?"
    Beauregard: "Really, Jester?"
    Jester: "Really."
    Molly: "No, I want to hear this too."
    Beauregard: "Sorry for choking you with my stick."[228]
  • "Edubation!" (Mixing Education and Masturbation, while Caleb is in the Chastity Nook)[229]
  • Ulog: "[...] What's your skill sets, if I might ask, beyond just being curious?"
    Beauregard: "I consider being curious a pretty high skill set, but since you're asking beyond that. I'm pretty good with this here bo. Pretty good fighter. Named Beau. It's a little redundant, to be totally honest."
    Ulog: "That's a little strange, not going to lie."
    Beauregard: "It's kind of obnoxious. Sometimes it irritates me."
    Ulog: "A curse upon ye who made that decision for you."
    Beauregard: "Can't pick 'em." (properly introducing herself to Ulog of the Knights of Requital.)[230]
  • "I hate the color yellow."[231]
  • "Look, I have worked with some skeevey motherfuckers in my day, very unsavory types. But you know what I trust? That they have their own self-preservation, right? So I can trust that these motherfuckers don’t want to get caught, and that they don't want to die at the end of the day. If you want to do something skeevey on the side, let me know, I will help you out. But when we are all working as a team, I don’t want your actions to get me in fucking trouble."[232]
  • "It is an atrocity to leave alcohol on a table." (Beau's explanation to Fjord and Molly about why she is finishing everyone else's drinks at the party.) [233]
  • "Did you just put a hooker on layaway?"[234]
  • Molly: (to Beau, after he hears her story of ruining a politician in her hometown) "You are a good friend to have and a terrible enemy to make."[235]
  • (to Lorenzo right after he kills Molly) "You should know, I have no respect for authority."[236]
  • "Long may he reign." (Beau's last words to Molly)
  • "Who the fuck is Traci?!" (to Fjord after flirting with a Zhelezo guard)[237]
  • "I feel bad. I've treated people like shit my whole life. And . . . I don't know. Having one transformative moment doesn't mean that you're immediately going to be a different person overnight and being better is something you have to work at, I guess."[238]
  • "I've driven most people in my life away from me. Hearing him talk like that, it's not the first time I've heard those things, and I don't want to drive you guys away. I don't want us to drive each other away." (after hearing Caduceus consider leaving the Mighty Nein)[239]
  • Plank King: "I have to say, for someone so small, you've got some serious balls."
    Beau: "Thanks. That's not the first time I've heard that."
    Plank King: "And if you survive, I'm sure it won't be the last." (after Beau claims to have evidence of Avantika planning a coup against the Plank King.)[240]
  • "You have sixty seconds, but I have more knuckles." (after using Extort Truth on Avantika)[241]
  • Beau: "Sorry again for being a dick. I think I've been a little on edge with the boat."
    Fjord: "It's all right. I'm kind of immune now. I just take it."
    Beau: "It's really just a knee-jerk. It would've happened if it was anybody. You could've been a scarecrow, and I would've been like 'Fuck off, bro!'"[242]
  • "Sorry I found your cuteness alarming." (Parting apology to Twiggy)[243]
  • "I guess it's easier to pretend like you don't care." (during a conversation with Jester about her actual relationship with Dairon) [244]
  • "Don't run. You can say you don’t believe in anything, and that’s fine… Believe in us just a little bit?" (spoken to Caleb in a softer and more earnest tone than normal to convince him to open up to the party)[245]
    Beau - Jenny Tan

    Fan art of Beau, by Jenny Tan.[art 33]

  • (to Fjord) "I feel like I've found my family with the Mighty Nein. I don't like looking at my past, because it doesn't have the Mighty Nein in it."[246]
  • "I'll walk away from all of it, everything that I've worked really hard to get. This family, my old family, my new brother, my position. I've achieved more than I thought I ever would, richer than I ever thought I would, more skilled than I ever thought I would. I don't know what's left, past this, anyway. Maybe I've peaked, you know."[247]
  • "We're protective of you, and defensive of you. We're here because of Jester, not because of the Traveler Con. Honestly... all you have to do is say the word, and we'll do whatever you want. It's always been the case. But... Also, if he hurts you, I'll kill him. You know? Like... we've killed demigods before. We're about to kill one. We could kill him, too." (Beau's declaration of protection to Jester regarding the Traveler)[248]
  • "Last time I went through a complicated breakup, someone ended up in prison."[249]
  • "This is all I have is the Mighty Nein. To the point of where I was so desperate to control the situation of how I theoretically lost you all by attempting to sacrifice myself to that hag. Because... I guess I thought if I could control the way that this ended, even if it's as innocuous as growing apart, that might be less painful. Because even the thought of simply becoming distant means that that would be the second family that that would have happened to with me, so... I'm all in."[250]
  • Beau: (about Yasha, to Jester) "Do you think she's into me?"
    Jester: "I think she's so into you. I'm going to assume from you asking that you have not kissed her yet."
    Beau: "No. I feel like the ball's in her court, 'cause she's the one with the dead wife."[251]
  • Beau: "I'm kind of at a point where I've achieved a lot of my larger goals. Now I'm just following open doors."[252]
  • Beau: "Do you know that feeling where, um, you didn’t know something was wrong until someone told you, and you just lived with it this whole time? I’m relieved but also reckoning with it at the same time."[253]
  • (Beau talks to Yasha about their first meeting at the circus.) "It's interesting you talking about Molly being this burst of color in your monochromatic life, because part of the reason you stood out like a sore thumb is because you were this black and white and gray monochromatic vision amongst this fairytale of color."[254]
  • Beau: (To Yasha, during their date)"When I was in Kamordah, that fear of losing this family, I almost sabotaged it just so that I wouldn't have to deal with the angst and the anguish of wondering if and when and how this family will fall apart, like ripping off a bandaid that was never there, I guess over a wound that was never there. Just tried to rip it off for the pain, and nothing else."[255]
  • Beau: (To Yasha, during their date) "Sorry, babe. Gotta handle these ninjas."[256]
  • Beau: (upon reflecting on their final battle, realizing the reality of what just transpired) "We may be heroes that no one knows about, but we know."[257]
  • (Beau trying to convince Astrid not to kill Trent) "Astrid, these institutions of power that go without being checked, they reside in secrecy. They are breeding grounds for corruption. If you kill him, it'll just look like another senseless act of violence without any recourse. If we expose him, he is raked across the coals of the court of the public. The only way to keep from these cycles of abuse from continuing to happen is to tell the story."[258]


  • Beauregard's given name means "beautiful gaze" when translated from French.
    • Her surname on the other hand, "Lionett", has a more humorous yet still fitting origin coming from a combination of wine brands.[259]
  • Beau has the highest passive investigation score (29) and highest Armor Class of the party (21).
  • Beau speaks the most languages of the Mighty Nein, knowing six: Common, Halfling, Dwarvish, Deep Speech, Undercommon and one unknown
    • Her level 13 ability, Tongue of the Sun and Moon, makes her the only party member capable of understanding any spoken language without the need for a spell like Comprehend Languages or Tongues.
  • With a speed of 70 upon reaching level 20, Beau has the highest movement speed of any player character in any campaign.
  • As revealed by Marisha at MCM London, the primary inspiration for Beau was Jessica Jones.
  • Beau is unofficially the party's treasurer.[260]
  • Marisha detailed that Beau's fighting style is based on a Russian martial art called "systema."[261]
  • Beauregard got the first "How do you want to do this?" of the campaign.[262]
  • Beau has a seemingly endless supply of "pocket bacon".
  • Beau's favorite color is green.[263]
  • Liam O'Brien once referred to Beau as "Ms. Lionett".[264] Her surname had previously been the subject of speculation out of game, but in game it has not been mentioned except for this one instance. Liam later called this a "slip-up" and noted Caleb doesn't know Beau's last name, implying that it might not be accurate information.[265] Beau's last name was later confirmed to be Lionett, when she introduced herself as such at the Vellum Steeple.[266]
  • Despite being a member of one of the Dwendalian Empire's religious orders, Beau doesn't appear to be particularly respectful towards religion or devout worshipers. However, she did pray to the Knowing Mistress when the Mighty Nein was trying to avoid getting noticed by a Xhorhassian roc.[267] She also attempted to see if there were any holy symbols of the Knowing Mistress in the pile of holy symbols in the merrow lair beneath The Gentleman's safehouse.[268]
  • Beau understands that her name parallels a number of things that she can do as a monk, or items that she carries. She points out that she carries a weapon known as a bo, and jokingly calls her monk class feature "flurry of beaus."
  • Beau has disguised herself as a man several times, including specifically asking to be turned into a male Tiefling to infiltrate Asarius.
  • If her story from Narrative Telephone is considered to be canon, then at one point in her life while still working for her father, Beau undermined the Stassman family's efforts to smear her own family's reputation by masquerading as "Fiona Alderbrook" and vomiting into one of their vats of zinfandel. Despite not approving of her methods, Thoreau couldn't argue the effectiveness.
  • On Beau's second playlist, the name of Beau's father is spelled as "Thereau" rather than "Thoreau".[269]
  • Despite not being a spellcaster herself, her modifier for Arcana is an impressive +16.[270]
  • Beau is, so far, the member of the Mighty Nein with the most appearances, appearing in 145 episodes total: all of Campaign 2, plus three specials and an episode of Campaign 3. She is just one ahead of Veth, who appeared in 143 episodes.
    • This makes her the second character of Marisha Ray to have the most episode appearances out of their respective parties, the first being Keyleth.
  • Per Marisha, if Beau and Yasha Nydoorin celebrated Pride Month in the world of Exandria, they'd go on a weekend trip to Hupperdook for a pride event and partying.[271]

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