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If you're on the road long enough, you eat a lot of animals. You eat a lot of beasts of burden.
Wuukor - Dakota Curry

Fan art of a wuukor, by Dakota Curry.[art 1]

A beast of burden, also known as a pack animal, is a type of working animal kept and trained to perform tasks, such as carrying and transporting goods and supplies. Horses are a common example,[2] as are plainscows, which are regarded as exceptional beasts of burden.[3]



The walk of one thousand stairs to the gates of Kraghammer is considered too dangerous for common beasts of burden, so giant goats are used instead to transport goods.[4]

Pens of horses and other beasts of burden are kept in farms on the north side of Emon. It was that area where, in 811 PD, a roc was stealing cattle.[5]

During the Chroma Crisis later that year, a refugee camp was set up near Kymal, where the refugees kept horses as beasts of burden to carry their belongings should they need to move as opposed to simple riding horses.[6] Some of the beasts of burden were later converted to food out of necessity.[7]

While in Westruun, Vox Machina member Grog Strongjaw took note of the hard-packed earth around the perimeter of the city from hundreds of years of beasts of burden and other forms of traffic.[8] Vox Machina later noticed two horses as beasts of burden, pulling a cart with the paladin Kerrek.[9]


Sillgoats are sure-footed beasts of burden used in Jrusar and the Oderan Wilds.[10]

In Yios there are panther-like big cats that will accept barding and tow a cart.[11]


In 836 PD, while in the Hillsbrook Parchment and Binding, Caleb Widogast found books about farming, with information on various beasts of burden.[12] He later inquired about "buffaro"-type creatures he saw on the outskirts of Alfield, comparing them to beasts of burden.[13]

Nott inquired about rentable beasts of burden to the bugbear Gluzzo, who replied that there could be in Asarius.[14] Upon arrival, Nott and the Mighty Nein saw giant aurochs kept as beasts of burden.[15]

The Kiefer Stables in Zadash kept oxen as beasts of burden.[16]

Known creatures used as beasts of burden[]

On Exandria[]

On Ruidus[]


Ankhegs are a predator of beasts of burden and tend to prey on them at night.[26]


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