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Just one a day. I know they look small. You will regret if you have even two. It will fill your colon like a stone.

Beads of Nourishment are magical rations. The Mighty Nein often calls them "boba".


Beads of Nourishment are spongy, flavorless, gelatinous beads that dissolve on the tongue. One bead provides as much nourishment as a day of rations.[1]


The Mighty Nein found a jar full of Beads of Nourishment in Halas Lutagran's study in the Happy Fun Ball,[3] and Caleb later Identified them as food that lasts a long time.[4][5]

The party consumed some while with the stone giants at the Deepriver Mining Camp[6] and used them to feed the moorbounders and themselves while crossing the Barbed Fields.[7]. Caleb gave some to the Allowak yeti the party encountered in Eiselcross,[8] and to Iver Climtaver at the Aeorian ruins at A-2.[9]


  • “Boba” is a drink that originated in small tea shops in Taiwan during the 1980s, and refers to the tiny, chewy black balls at the bottom of the drink made from tapioca. The actual drink is tea mixed with milk and flavoring.[10]


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