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Bassuras is a town in the Hellcatch Valley of Marquet.[1]


The city is sited on a large plateau rising from the valley floor, surrounded by a sprawling exterior city of small tents, hovels, and stone buildings, and also by a tall stone wall rising 30 to 70 feet high.[2] A metallic tower in its center, the Tahdiq Glow, is topped by a green-ish spotlight that can be centered on approaching skyships.[3]

Bassuras is around 900 miles away from Jrusar by road[4] or 700 miles by air.[5] It takes a skyship four to five days to traverse this distance.[6] However, because of the frequently dangerous weather in the Hellcatch Valley, Bassuras does not have a skyport.[7] When Bells Hells arrived on the Silver Sun, it was the first skyship visit in at least fifteen years.[8]

Situated as it is in a desert region, Bassuras collects as much of the monsoon rains that fall on the city as possible, storing it in massively tall and sturdy metal tanks (known as the Storm Cisterns) scattered around the city, rising at odd angles above the rooftops. They hold the city's entire water supply, and are therefore covered in ladders and platforms that are guarded and patrolled by the Gajakhandas.[9]

Bassuras does not have sewers in the common sense of the word but certain areas do have "dumping zones". Some inhabitants make a living by picking up refuse from individual zones and "carting it to the outside of the town and then dumping it all off the side of the ravine on the eastern side of the cliffs outside of the Skids".[10]

Carmine Skids

Also known simply as "The Skids", it is a slum of tents, huts, and hovels just outside of the outer ring of the city.[11][12]

  • The Bone Tree, a twenty foot tall tree-shaped assembly of hundreds of skeletons and bones of creatures scavenged in the Hellcatch Valley.[13] The starting and ending point of the Deathwish Run.
  • The Carmine Wall, also known as the Carmine Curtain, is the large red wall that marks the exterior of the inner city of Bassuras,[14] separating it from the outer Skids.[15]

The Dregs

East Dregs

The East Dregs is a rather scruffy part of town with closely spaced hovels, ramshackle buildings, and clusters of scrap and rusted materials, which were left to serve as decor or as emergency weapons. This is a perfect place in Bassuras for anyone who wants to disappear.[16]

  • Finders Takers, a boutique scrap and black powder[17] shop managed by Esmer

South Dregs

West Dregs

The West Dregs looks like a debris collection point of Bassuras with a number of buildings nonsensically jumbled together, held to each other with heavy straps and metal bars or bits of furniture instead of bracing. Many come here to scavenge anything worth selling.[18]

The Ends

Salmagunda Strip

Stretches along the northern edge of the city.[20]

  • The Raha Den, a caravanserai

The Undercarriage

One of the shadier regions on the western outskirts of the city, it consists of shop tents set upon a clustered series of platforms connected to each other by ladders and catwalks, with sleeping rooms accessed by stairways leading below ground.[21]

  • The Rubble and Break, an underground caravan-serai with good beer[22]

The Ravine

A cavern-filled ravine encircling the plateau that creates the foundation of the city of Bassuras. It is part of the Deathwish Run.[23]

Points of interest

  • Bank of Renewal Market
    • River of Renewal
  • Greymoore Home for Untethered Children:[24] An orphanage where Ashton Greymoore and the Nobodies were raised.[25]
  • Tahdiq Glow: A tall tower in the center of the city with a green-tinted spotlight used on approaching aircraft after dark.[26]


Ashton Greymoore described Bassuras as "kind of a shithole," and Lord Eshteross advised the party to wear shabby cloaks while there and keep an eye on their coin purses, saying that the local military "likes to keep things fluid when it comes to law" and that it is a dangerous place.[27] Bassuras, however, is one of the largest trade centers in the Hellcatch Valley, acting as a nexus for commerce between various regions of Marquet. Many factions there vie for power, including Paragon's Call, although the Call's recent activities elsewhere have diminished their influence within Bassuras.[28]


Notable people

Name Type Description
Ashton Greymoore PC Member of the Bells Hells
Fresh Cut Grass PC Member of the Bells Hells
Dancer NPC Tinkerer who worked on automatons, including Fresh Cut Grass
Esmer NPC Black powder and scrap merchant
Imahara Joe NPC A tinkerer working on automatons and crawlers for the crawler gangs
Justi Pross NPC Eisfuura member of All-Minds-Burn
General Ratanish NPC A leader of Paragon's Call
Otohan Thull NPC A leader of Paragon's Call





  • The word "basura", typically pronounced differently from "Bassuras", has the meaning of garbage, trash, or junk in Filipino, borrowed from the Spanish "basura" meaning the same thing.[32][33]


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