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Basilisks are reptile-like monstrosities known for their ability to turn other creatures to stone.

In Exandria, there are several varieties of basilisk. Some basilisks are kept by duergar in the Underdark.[2][3] Ice-scaled basilisks can be found in the Frostweald.[4][5] As well as the Swavain basilisks, who are closely related to common basilisks but rather have a serpentine appearance.[6]


Land-based basilisks are medium-size, eight-legged, lizard-like creatures that are considered very dangerous due to their natural abilities. The duergar in Emberhold raised these creatures as guardians and weapons.[7][8] They have purple blood.[9]

Swavain basilisks are huge, sea-snake-like creatures. They are drawn to shipwrecks, where they can hunt treasure-seekers, but they also are known to hunt ashore and along inland waterways.[6]


Land-based basilisks are known for their petrifying eyes that can turn others into a stone statue should both creatures make eye contact. The petrification effect could be removed with Greater Restoration, a specific antidote distilled from basilisk blood,[10] or apply willowshade oil.[11] In addition, they have a poisonous bite.

Swavain basilisks also have a poisonous bite, but they petrify their prey with their thick, oily secretions.[6]



Vox Machina had a basilisk encounter in the Frostweald[12] in which Vex was briefly petrified.[13]

"The Throne Room" (1x07)[]

Vox Machina fought two pet basilisks in the throne room of Emberhold fortress.[14] Tiberius and Lady Kima were petrified but later restored by Pike.[15]

"Into the Frostweald" (1x48)[]

Hunting for Vestiges of Divergence, Vox Machina stepped into the Frostweald in search of the mate of Osysa. In the forest, they stumbled upon an obelisk of Ioun encircled by stone statues — the group immediately recognized them as victims of basilisks. But as they thought about it, three basilisks sprung up from underground and attacked Vox Machina. In the battle, most of them averted their gaze from the basilisks, Keyleth Wild Shaped into a giant scorpion with blindsight. With no opportunities to petrify, the basilisks failed their ambush.[16]

"Titles and Tattoos" (2x84)[]

In Thunsheer 836 PD, Pumat Sol offered the Mighty Nein 5,700 gold if they could procure a vial of Swavain basilisk oil in the next couple of months.[17] They did not do so, and Veth apologized upon their return from the Swavain Islands.[18]

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