The Barbed Fields is a desolate wasteland past the Ghostlands in Xhorhas, the ground zero of the Calamity and home to dangerous creatures and errant magic.[1]

Location Description

Fan art of The Mighty Nein viewing the Arbor Exemplar, by Rammaru.[art 2]

Points of Interest

Arbor Exemplar:

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Towards the end of the Calamity and the following Divergence, before all of the prime deities left Exandria, the Wildmother buried this seed within the most desolate land. It is considered the sister tree to the Seed of Rebirth, which is the tree that resides in the center of the The Abundant Terrace of Vasselheim.[2]



It was the ground zero of the Calamity.[3]

"A Dangerous Chase" (2x64)

Map of Xhorhas with the Barbed Fields outlined in dark red

The Mighty Nein rode through the Ghostlands and into daylight, reaching the edge of the Barbed Fields. At sunset, Caleb notices the badly-injured Beau and tells the party that he needs to stop for the night and makes Frumpkin a vulture. At dusk, the moorbounders abruptly stop and sniff the air, and they see a person sitting next to one of the trees. Caduceus determines it's not undead; but when Frumpkin goes to investigate more closely, it wails mournfully and dashes toward the party.[4]

The creature, one of The Lost of the Sorrowsworn, is attacked by the party and their moorbounders and is soon joined by three more and a swarm of bats. Two are killed by Jester, two by Beau and Fjord takes out the swarm of bats. They set up the dome for the night and decide to Speak with Dead on the two heads taken from the Overcrow Apothecary. After getting the information they needed Jester sends a message to Maruo, Yeza, and Marion. They spend the night under the dome.

"Chases and Trees" (2x65)

"Beneath Bazzoxan" (2x66)


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