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Banshees are the spiteful undead spirits of vain female elves.[1]



Banshees appear somewhat as they did in life, as elven and female, but are translucent in their undead form. Their eyes are sunken, their features gaunt, and their hair wild and tangled.[2]



Banshees can magically detect living creatures within 5 miles.[4] They can also move through objects or creatures as though they were difficult terrain, although they take 1d10 force damage if they end a turn while inside an object.[1] Banshees are also resistant to lightning damage.[5]


  • Corrupting Touch: A +4 spell attack which deals 3d6+2 necrotic damage to a target within 10 feet.[1]
  • Horrifying Visage: Each creature that is not undead within 60 feet and who can see the banshee must make a Wisdom saving throw. On a 12 or lower, they are frightened for one minute. A frightened creature can roll the saving throw at the end of each ensuing turn, at disadvantage if they can see the banshee, with the same DC of 13. Once the effect has ended on the creature (either via a successful save or because the minute is up) the target is immune to the effect for the next 24 hours.[1][6]
  • Wail: Once per day, while not in sunlight, the banshee can release a magical wail. Any living creatures within 30 feet that can hear the wail must make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw. If they fail, they will drop to 0 HP. If they succeed, they take 3d6 psychic damage.[1][7]

Known banshees[]

Vox Machina encountered a banshee in the temple to Pelor in Whitestone.[8] Percy was knocked unconscious by its wail, and it was killed by Scanlan.[9]


  • Vox Machina encountered the banshee shortly after encountering a door; Scanlan was low on spells because he had used so many to get through the door.[10]
  • While banshees in D&D 5e are the spirits of vain women who used their beauty for evil and were cursed as a result,[1] banshees in Irish folklore do not share this origin. Rather, they are fairy spirits whose wails foretell death.[11]


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