Bane, the Strife Emperor is the evil deity of war and conquest. His followers accept his call to conflict, seeking lesser people to break and subjugate. Warmongering nations and goblinoid tribes worship him as they conquer the world. The Strife Emperor twists all living things to his iron will, even forcing nature itself to bow to his whims.[3]


A dark reflection of the honorable warrior, the Strife Emperor is often depicted as a brutish ogre-like man clad in jagged black armor. Heads dangle from his belt and unblinking, piercing yellow eyes peer through the shadow that obscures his helmeted face. His helmet, lost during the battle with Melora, is now the central citadel of Tz'arrm, capital of a hobgoblin empire on the Beynsfal Plateau in the Rifenmist region of Tal'Dorei. [3]



During The Age of Arcanum he corrupted the Dranassar into Goblinkin and used them in his attempt to conquer Exandria[4]

Commandments of the Strife Emperor

Commandments of the Strife Emperor

  • Fear is your ally. Conquer yours, and draw it from your foes.

  • Disorder and rebellion are to be punished severely.

  • Combat is the greatest gift, and perfecting your skills to master it is the greatest pursuit.


The Beynsfal Plateau, site of the legendary Battle

Bane’s greatest enemy is the Wildmother, the goddess who defeated him in the Rifenmist during the Calamity. The Strife Emperor grew his armies by corrupting noble creatures into monsters and destroying the wilds to fuel his terrible engines of conflict, this enraged the Wildmother and the two deities clashed many times during the war before his defeat at Beynsfal Plateau.[3]


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