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The Balleater was the ship owned by the Mighty Nein, previously captained by Orly Skiffback. Fjord captained the Balleater during the Mighty Nein's time at sea. It was formerly captained by Avantika as the Squalleater and aligned with The Revelry before Avantika's death.[3] Plank King Wyatt Maranoss determined that the Mighty Nein would take the ship and leave Darktow Isle permanently.[4] During the Mighty Nein's visit to Rumblecusp, it was attacked and wrecked by a dragon turtle.


BallEater High

Fan art of the Balleater, by Genel Jumalon.[art 2]

The Balleater was a massive, tri-masted ship with a cargo hold, an outer balcony and a gun deck. It was armed with large heavy cannons and had many gunports.[5] It had two rowboats, rope ladders[6] and a captain’s quarters below deck.

The ship was 90 feet long by 25 feet wide.[7]

Captain’s quarters[]

The captain’s quarters was a beautiful open room that was solidly made with a balcony in the back, with scuff marks on the floorboards. It had a mismatched patchwork of old carpets laid over each other from various designs around Exandria. There was a desk bearing multiple carved marks and papers laid out, and a shelf with a small lantern on it.[8] Above the door was a small shelf holding a tiny black iron shrine to Uk'otoa of an ouroboros serpent eating its own tail. About every inch across the length of its body is an eye, and in the center is a single metal sphere with a cloven line down the center.[9]


As the Squalleater[]

The Squalleater was manned with a large crew. As pirates, the crew were heavily armed with shortswords, longswords and cutlasses. Most were also armed with a flintlock rifle and/or pistol.[10][11] During their confrontation with the Mighty Nein at Darktow they resorted to using heavy crossbows.[12]

  • Captain Avantika:[13] Deceased.
  • Quartermaster Vera:[14] Fate unknown, presumed alive, arrested and in The Revelry's custody.
  • Bark: Fate unknown, either deceased or arrested and in The Revelry's custody.
  • Bouldergut:[15] Arrested and in The Revelry's custody.
  • Jamedi Cosko: Adventurer for hire, after fulfilling his contract and collecting payment he parted ways with the crew.
  • Ophiscan Duth: Deceased.
  • Second Mate Ipess: Arrested and in The Revelry's custody.
  • Deckhand Waldok:[16] Fate unknown, either deceased or arrested and in The Revelry's custody.
  • Jeremiah Willowhisk: Arrested and in The Revelry's custody.
  • Zoen:[17] Fate unknown, either deceased or arrested and in The Revelry's custody.

As the Balleater[]

Current Crew[]

The crew was comprised of hired sailors and one former pirate, and were largely noncombatants.

Former Crew[]

The crew consisted of the adventuring party known as the Mighty Nein as well as several hired sailors. Overall, the crew was generally lightly armed but counted multiple spellcasters among its ranks. Under Fjord's captaincy, the ship was renamed the Balleater.



The Balleater had four cannons on the port side and three functional cannons on the starboard side, for a total of seven.


Avantika's Captaincy[]

Under the captaincy of Avantika the Squalleater flew a flag bearing a design featuring the Cloven Crystal. As a ship aligned to The Revelry it also had a flag of plain purple bearing an unusual sheen that the crew hoisted when wishing to approach Darktow Isle.[18]

By the time the Mighty Nein arrived in Nicodranas, the Squalleater already had a reputation as a pirate ship. Marius LePual mentioned it to Fjord[19], and Gallan Westman, the carpenter on the captured Mist, told them The Mist is a sister ship to it. The Squalleater was waiting at the island of Urukayxl for Captain Jawgrasp on The Mist to deliver a Cloven Crystal.[20]

"O Captain, Who's Captain?" (2x36) When the Squalleater sighted The Mist at Urukayxl, they fired a warning shot and sent two rowboats towards the other ship.

"Dangerous Liaisons" (2x37) Vera, Bouldergut, and a third person boarded The Mist and demanded that the captain join them on the Squalleater. Fjord took the rest of the Mighty Nein (in their aliases of Tracy, Phillip, Sapphire, Cornelius, Janet, and Gilligan) with him and left Bouldergut on board with the rest of the crew. They rowed to the Squalleater to parley with Captain Avantika.

Avantika and Fjord - Lap Pun Cheung

Fan art of Avantika and Fjord, by Lap Pun Cheung.[art 3]

She offered Captain Fjord a choice: Either the Mighty Nein could live under her crew and prove themselves as skilled and trustworthy as she hoped them to be if their goals were indeed aligned, perhaps even join them if their deeds pleased her, or alternatively, she would weigh their corpses down with rocks and leave them there on the reef. They accepted the first option and joined the crew. Avantika told them the story of Uk'otoa, discovering that Fjord also had dreams about the leviathan, and told them to stay the night onboard waiting for Jamedi Cosko to arrive.

That night, Nott snuck out of her room to the cargo hold below. She investigated a few crates, finding hardtack, small kegs of gunpowder, repair materials, and food. Nott stole a keg of gunpowder and some fermented fruit and escaped back to her sleeping quarters.

Avantika requested Fjord join her in her quarters, where she showed him the Cloven Crystal in her hand and he showed her the one in his falchion. She explained that Uk'otoa was bound by magic in three temples that could be unlocked with the crystals. The next day the crew was joined by Jamedi, who told the party about the island of Urukayxl. Avantika, Jamedi Cosko, and the Mighty Nein disembarked the ship and went to the island.

"Welcome to the Jungle" (2x38) The Squalleater waited by the island of Urukayxl while Avantika, Jamedi Cosko, and the Mighty Nein journeyed inland to find the temple of Uk'otoa.

"Dubious Pursuits" (2x40) Avantika, Jamedi Cosko, and the Mighty Nein escaped both lizardfolk and yuan-ti pursuing them through the jungle of Urukayxl. The Squalleater covered their escape by firing cannons at the beach while they rowed back to the ship.

"A Pirate's Life for Me" (2x41) The Squalleater and The Mistake together sailed to Darktow Isle. While on their way, the Mighty Nein choose ship's jobs to learn: Caleb navigation, Nott powder monkey, Fjord quartermaster, Jester carpenter, Caduceus boatswain and Beau cooper.

They intercepted and looted a Clovis Concord ship called The Stormcap. The captain agreed to talk, and they demanded food and water, gems, and free access below decks to see if there was anything interesting. In return, Caduceus healed their crew. They found a hidden small chest holding coin and Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments, which Nott hid and did not reveal to Avantika when they returned to the Squalleater. When their journey to Darktow continued, Fjord had another dream from Uk'otoa.

"A Hole In the Plan" (2x42) While Fjord slept with Avantika on Darktow Isle, Jester Dimension Doored herself and Nott to Avantika's quarters to search it. Nott found a hidden compartment in the wall holding a book, but when she picked it up she sprung a trap that filled the room with fumes. Quickly, they also took some jewelry, then Jester painted a hole in the floor which they dove through into a sleeping crewman's quarters. As they heard someone enter the room above, they dove under the bed. The crewman above fell through the carpet-covered hole into the room with them, waking the sleeper, who stabbed him. They apologized to each other and went off to find a surgeon. Jester messaged Beau to create a distraction.

Caleb's Wall of Fire - GalacticJonah

Fan art of Caleb's Wall of Fire, by GalacticJonah.[art 4]

Nott and Jester disguised themselves as Keg and Molly. As they reached deck, Nott cast Phantasmal Force on the crewman in the crow's nest, making him think it was on fire. Nott and Jester jumped overboard as the crewman leaped from the crow's nest, breaking a leg and screaming, creating an uproar on deck. Nott and Jester made it safely to shore and strolled away to the tavern, joined shortly by Caleb and Beau. The next morning everyone was brought aboard, joining the crews of the Squalleater and The Mistake. Avantika told everyone there had been a break-in of her chamber, and she questioned several crewmen. Just as Vera cast Locate Object, Caleb took a bit of phosphorus, squelched it through his hand, and cast Wall of Fire across the entire length of the boat.

"In Hot Water" (2x43) Caleb's Wall of Fire followed by a Fireball caused severe damage to the Squalleater during the battle between the Mighty Nein and Avantika's crew. The Plank King's guards arrested everyone involved in the battle. At the trial, The Plank King ruled the Squalleater would now belong to the Mighty Nein. Avantika was executed, and the rest of her crew stayed under arrest on Darktow Isle.

Tusktooth's Captaincy[]

The Mighty Nein were allowed to bring their hired crew from The Mistake to their new ship. They left immediately. The crew under Fjord ("Captain Tusktooth') was unable to fly any flags due to them being burned upon their banishment from Darktow Isle.[21] The Squalleater sailed to the Diver's Grave. The ship waited while the Mighty Nein dove underwater to search for a Cloven Crystal.

"The Diver's Grave" (2x44) The Mighty Nein returned to the Squalleater after finding the Cloven Crystal. The ship barely outran a storm magically summoned by Dashilla the Dreadful.

"The Stowaway" (2x45) As the Mighty Nein set sail for Bisaft Isle, they realized the ship is known to the Clovis Concord as a pirate ship. Nott came up with the new name Balleater. Twiggy painted the new name onto the ship.[22] The Balleater continued sailing to Bisaft after the Mighty Nein (minus Yasha, plus Twiggy) were teleported away by the Happy Fun Ball of Tricks and gone for seven days. The Balleater got repaired while waiting for them to return.

"A Storm of Memories" (2x46) The Balleater set sail for the Gravid Archipelago. The ship waited while the Mighty Nein dove underwater to find another temple of Uk'otoa.

"The Second Seal" (2x47) After the Mighty Nein returned to the ship at the Gravid Archipelago they were suddenly ambushed and pursued by the Salty Criss.[23] During the chase the Balleater struck some jagged rocks and took minor hull damage though ultimately the Balleater and its crew destroyed the pursuing ship when Caduceus capsized it using Control Water.[24] After rescuing Captain Feng and her surviving crew, the Mighty Nein marooned them on a nearby island of the Archipelago at Feng's request.[25]

The Mighty Nein decided to return to the Dwendalian Empire by way of Nicodranas. As they approached the city, Jester forged a new registry for the ship and Fjord gifted ownership of the Balleater to their navigator, Orly Skiffback, who promised to take good care of the ship.[26]

Orly still considered the Balleater to very much be the Nein's ship, and Fjord its captain.[27] Orly stated that he planned to use the ship to earn money for himself and its crew and that he would set aside a percentage of the earnings to give to the Mighty Nein when they next visit.[28]

"Homeward Bound" (2x48) The Balleater docked in Nicodranas. Fjord officially turned over command to Orly Skiffback.

Orly's Captaincy[]

The Balleater's acting captain aimed to turn the ship's use to more legitimate trade rather than illicit piracy. In just a few months, the crew did enough business along the Menagerie Coast that the Mighty Nein's split of the earnings was 1,312 gold.[29]

The Dragon Turtle - BlackSalander

Fan art of the Dragon Turtle, by BlackSalander.[art 5]

Peace Talks and Rumblecusp[]

The Mighty Nein rejoined the ship with Orly, Marius, and Gallan continuing to crew, to sail to the peace negotiations between the Empire and the Dynasty.

Following the peace talks, the Balleater made its way towards the island of Rumblecusp in order to hold Traveler Con on the Zenith. On the way there, the ship was attacked by a dragon turtle, who was seeking treasure. The crew was able to momentarily fend off the dragon turtle, and made their way to Rumblecusp, though the dragon turtle made chase. Upon reaching the island, the crew disembarked. The following day, the dragon turtle (by then nicknamed "Dieter") attacked the Balleater, destroying it.[30]



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