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Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon is the deity of good-aligned dragons and metallic dragons, being considered the first of their kind.[2] He is a sworn enemy of Tiamat, the Scaled Tyrant, who is the queen of the chromatic dragons.[3]


Bahamut's divine aspect

Depiction of Bahamut's divine aspect from Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, p. 165.[art 3]

While mortals generally use silver dragons to represent Bahamut (since their scales are the most similar to platinum among the metallic dragons), the divine form of the Platinum Dragon is different: he appears as a gargantuan true dragon of immense wingspan and vibrant platinum scales, although with a combination of features unlike any other, and surrounded by a shiny iridescent aura.[1][4]



The common symbol of Bahamut is a shield with brilliant silver dragon head in profile.[1] The worshipers often carve this symbol to protect themselves during their holy missions.[5] Those who work at the temple of Bahamut in Zadash wear silver-white, tabard-like garments adorned with the symbol of Bahamut, the silver dragon on a blue field.[6]

Places of worship[]


In Vasselheim, the district of Silver Talon's Reach is dedicated to the worship of the Platinum Dragon. The Platinum Sanctuary, the oldest known temple to Bahamut,[7] resides within Silver Talon's Reach.[8]


One of the two largest cathedrals in Temple District of Emon is dedicated to the Platinum Dragon.[9] A shrine to the Platinum Dragon is also one of the three largest in Westruun.[10]

After the Grey Valley became corrupted by demonic influence, there was some concern about potential incursions from the Abyss, so the followers of Bahamut built the Iridon Bastion there, a fort that would serve to raise the alarm early whenever there were demons attacking the region. However, given the tough nature of this work, there was not much enthusiasm for the idea of being posted there.[11]


Jester and Nott at the temple - Oleksii Chernik

Fan art of Jester and Nott at the temple of the Platinum Dragon, by Oleksii Chernik.[art 4]

The Platinum Dragon is one of the deities that is approved for worship in the Dwendalian Empire.[12] The temple of the Platinum Dragon in Zadash is called the Platinum House,[13] and the central temple in Rexxentrum is called the Dragon Seat.[14]

Commandments of the Platinum Dragon[]

Commandments of the Platinum Dragon

  • Stand as a paragon of honor and justice.

  • Smite evil wherever it is found, yet show compassion to those who have strayed from righteousness.

  • Defend the weak, bring freedom to the persecuted, and protect the ideals of justice and order.


Gods battle at Vasselheim - Exandria Intimate History

Official art of Erathis and Bahamut battling Asmodeus and Gruumsh at Vasselheim, by Kent Davis from "Exandria: An Intimate History" (Sx61) at 3:53.[art 5]

Bahamut was among the Prime Deities who fought against the Betrayer Gods. The records of the Scalebearers state that, at the end of the Calamity, it was he and Erathis who came to Vasselheim and declared that the Prime Deities would also leave Exandria. Though this was initially met with protest from both the divine and mortal, the other gods ultimately agreed, finding this "unimpeachable and just". Thus, the Divergence occurred and the Divine Gate was created.[16]

Following the Dawn War, in which Bahamut helped defend Vasselheim, the Platinum Dragon had shed a tear for the sacrifices his devoted followers had made in the war; from that tear was born a crystal, the Star of Exaltation, which was preserved for millennia, until shortly after 510 PD, when the city came under a terrible siege. The crystal was used as a focus in a ritual to bring Bahamut's intervention to defend Vasselheim, and this expended the last of the crystal's power and destroyed it on the Material Plane.[17]

Bahamut's devout paladin, Kima of Vord, received some of her fighting implements directly from an avatar of Bahamut.[18]

Campaign One: Vox Machina[]

Bahamut sent Kima on a vision quest that set into motion the events at the beginning of the Critical Role stream: Kima had gone into the Underdark beneath Kraghammer to stop a great evil that was growing there. Allura asked Vox Machina to find Kima, help her, and return with her safely.[19][20]

When the Chroma Conclave made its initial attack on major cities including Emon, Allura felt confident the chromatic dragons would not try to attack Vasselheim, not only because it is well-defended but because it is the center of Bahamut's influence, and Bahamut stood against such creatures.[21] Indeed, the Conclave did not attempt it.

After Vox Machina defeated Vecna, they gathered in the Platinum Sanctuary and Keyleth gave an inspiring speech, after which light peeked through the clouds and they felt the presence of Bahamut and possibly Pelor and Sarenrae.[22]

Campaign Three: Bells Hells[]

During the apogee solstice of 843 PD a demon incursion led to the death of many worshipers of Bahamut that defended the Iridon Bastion in the Grey Valley. The survivors, Uwon and Diedrich, after being freed by Bells Hells, gave the deceased a proper burial following the rites of the Platinum Dragon.[23] However, due to their vulnerable position after the demon attack, they decided to join the rescued Ashari, Teleporting with them to Zephrah, where they were presented before the locals by the Voice of the Tempest, as part of the brave team that had survived their time in the Grey Valley.[24]

Many days later, when Bells Hells were exploring the ruins of Aeor, in Eiselcross, they met Braius Doomseed, a minotaur paladin who assured them he was a paladin of Bahamut, explaining that the horns displayed on his armor were those of the Platinum Dragon, whom he had followed since his youth. He, however, seemed to be very interested in Teven Klask, the champion of Asmodeus, and shortly after, when they fought Dominox, the Grand Demon of Loathing, Braius stopped pretending and admitted in front of everyone that he too was a follower of the Lord of the Nine Hells.[25]

Known worshipers[]

Many who worship Bahamut recite the following as a morning ritual:

I lift up your name, O First of Dragons, and pray to uphold your sacred charge.

Let me protect those around me, as your wings enfold us. Let me seek for truth, as your eyes watch over us. Let me strike against wickedness, as your talons defend us. Let me resist temptation and falseness, as your heart guides us.

I lift up your name, O First of Dragons, and pray to uphold your sacred charge.
"The Sacred Charge"[2]

Vasselheim, Othanzia[]

  • Highbearer Vord, the leader of the Order of Bahamut.
  • Scalebearers Desona and Vorack were sent with Vorack from the Platinum Sanctuary in Vasselheim to escort the Horn of Orcus.
  • Scalebearer Yon, a disciple of Bahamut who greeted Vox Machina as they arrived in Vasselheim for the first time.
  • Platinum Knight Udire, the finest champion of the Platinum Sanctuary.[26]
  • High Paladin Archibald at the "grand chantry" in Othanzia.[27][presumed]


Appearances and mentions[]



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