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Bad News is a unique firearm created and used by Percival de Rolo. It is a larger, more elongated version of his first pepperbox pistol. It has an incredible range and its shots are more powerful than a standard pistol, but it can only hold one bullet at a time.

Bad News is a breech-loading wheel lock precision sniper musket with optics, similar to the one in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.[3]


Bad News is a longarm that requires two hands to wield, and can hold only one bullet before needing to be reloaded, with a 15% chance of misfiring. Each shot deals 2d12 piercing damage, and has a standard range of 200 feet and a long range of 800 feet.[1]


  • The gun's name comes from the phrase "bad news travels far and fast."[4]
  • Beauregard Lionett (or Marisha) mentioned reading about "this thing called a Bad News once and it would sometimes explode."[5]
  • In The Legend of Vox Machina series, Percy uses the rifle to deal piercing damage to the giant's shoulder and knocks it down. He also mentioned that the gun is still a work in progress.
    • This may be a reference to Percy's first usage of the gun in "Arrival at Kraghammer" (1x01), the first episode of Critical Role, where he rolls a critical hit on an ogre and blasts it in the shoulder, knocking it back into a wall.[6]


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