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Babenon Dosal,[6] known to most as only The Gentleman, is a water genasi[1] and the former crime boss in Zadash, working out of the Evening Nip tavern. A couple years after 836 PD, he faked his death to reconnect with Marion Lavorre, allowing Ophelia Mardoon to take over his operation in the city.[5] As an NPC, The Gentleman/Babenon was played by Matthew Mercer.

Episode 129 The Gentleman Drinking Acid

Fan art of The Gentleman drinking acid, by GalacticJonah.[art 2]



The Gentleman has light teal skin, a dark goatee, and shoulder-length, jet-black hair with a steep widow's peak. He usually wears a deep-blue coat and leather gloves.[7] His skin seems to be perpetually moist with an ever-present layer of condensation on it.[8]


The Gentleman oozes confidence and, despite inciting fear in many who hear his name, he has a cheerful and approachable personality. He treats the Mighty Nein with respect and generosity and has proved on several occasions that he is a man of his word. The Gentleman runs his operations in Zadash with a certain amount of meticulousness and places a great deal of importance on luck. During most waking hours, The Gentleman is engaging in deals and revelry in equal measure. Despite his calm, flirtatious and charismatic exterior he is still the head of an extremely dangerous criminal syndicate and quite dangerous himself.



The Gentleman claimed, when his credentials were questioned, that he had lived and worked in the underbelly of Zadash since 820 PD and had never been caught.[9] He later revealed to Jester that he was in fact her father, Babenon Dosal. He was previously a merchant sailor out of Feolinn[10] until meeting Marion, Jester's mother. Although he loved Marion, he felt unworthy of her and left to find fortune. His ship was attacked at sea, he was captured, and this led to him spending an extended period of time in Darktow where he became a skilled criminal. When he felt his success had brought him unwanted attention from the Plank King, he left to begin his criminal empire in Zadash.

The Gentleman held a position of influence in the shadows of Zadash for nearly two decades, using his charm and connections throughout the city to carve a sizable niche for himself in the Underworks beneath the city. He became respected as a suave crime lord with dozens of reliable cutthroats and thieves at his beck and call.[2]

Demedon Stolen Letter- Marisha Ray Owner

"The Gates of Zadash" (2x08)[]

Beauregard stole three packages to Demedan Baumbauch, finding a coded letter about a future shipment from the Gentleman.


The Gentleman in Crit Recap Animated.[art 3]

"Waste and Webs" (2x10)[]

When questioned by Beauregard and Nott, Thed revealed that the way to meet The Gentleman was to offer "many gifts" as payment to Clive Binz at the Evening Nip.

"Fleeting Memories" (2x14)[]

Being cautious and fearing being caught, The Gentleman requested that all those who entered his domain leave him with a vial of their blood, which Cree kept in a small leather satchel. This blood was to be a symbol of trust between parties and insurance against anyone who dared betray his friendship, as Cree could use this blood to track down such persons.[11]

Wanting to test the group and see if destiny and luck was with his new investment, he proceeded to play a Marquesian card game called the Gambit of Ord against Fjord.[12] The stakes of the game were that should Fjord lose he would have been bound to The Gentleman's service, if Fjord should win business would continue as usual. Starting with a 50gp ante the pot rose to 600gp, which Fjord won.[13]

Once The Gentleman had insured himself against the group and tested out their luck, he revealed that his organization specialized in task and trade that was deemed "not the most legal" and, to some extent, restricted by the Empire. His group's skills focused on deceit, working fast, and staying in the shadows.[14]

The Gentleman also revealed that word had reached him of the party's activities at the Sutan residence and at the home of the High-Richter. Specifically, he let the party know that that Lord Sutan was in chains and that the Crownsguard were looking to pin the High-Richter's murder on someone matching Mollymauk's and Beauregard's descriptions, who were spotted near the home at the time that she was murdered.[15]

Establishing a working friendship, The Gentleman suggested that he had many gifts that he could offer the party, including aid in making sure that Lord Sutan stayed locked up, that the Crownsguard drop their investigation of the suspected murderers[16], and an escort to see their ally Horris safely and secretly out of the city.[17]

In return, The Gentleman asked the party to perform a task for him: investigate an old, abandoned research facility that one of his previous groups had discovered and explored before being beset by Will-o'-wisps. The group ran away in fear and caved in a portion of the area, noting the location to be filled with a purple light and ancient golden-laden spoils. The task would get the Mighty Nein out of Zadash by travelling approximately a mile along the underground river pass that his group uses to transport goods to the Ounterloch and Berleben. While there, the Mighty Nein were to clear out any dangers and return with their findings, at which point The Gentleman would graciously let the party keep a portion of the spoils.[18]

Questioning his credentials and ability to clear the group's name of wrongdoing, Nott proposed The Gentleman take a test of her making. Borrowing vials from Cree, Nott prepared three vials of alcohol with acid mixed into one of them and tasked The Gentleman to carefully identify and drink one of the safe vials. After identifying all of the vials correctly, he confidently took and drank the acid vial. Impressed by his display, Nott drank the alcohol and kept the vials she received from Cree.[19]

"A Favor in Kind" (2x16)[]

The Gentleman, interrupted from some morning revelry, emerged to greet the Mighty Nein wearing a dark purple silk robe tied around the waist. He was delighted to see that the party was reliable, though a little sad that they had returned the next morning, instead of immediately after they cleared out the Abandoned Research Facility. After describing the location, traps, and the monsters they had encountered, the subject moved on to the arrangement of the loot that they were to hand over. Though skeptical of Nott's initial lie about what they had found, he eventually accepted Beau's lie that Siff Duthar's research journal, the ancient pots, and the various bits of jewelry were the only items of value from the expedition. Following the agreement to split some of the spoils, The Gentleman let the group keep the rings that they had found and dispatched two members of his troupe to clear Molly, Beau, and Dolan's name in the matter of Dayana Prucine's death. Concluding their business, he returned to his chambers to continue his breakfast and his "breakfast."[20]

"The Gentleman's Path" (2x19)[]

When the Mighty Nein arrived in The Evening Nip to discuss the Gentleman's offer of a job, he presented them with two tasks. If they could handle both in a timely manner, there might be a bonus. The options presented to the Nein were to:

  • Travel northward to Shadycreek Run to parlay with Ophelia Mardoon. Help her absolve her from her current mire of complications and return with her to Zadash. For this task completed, he offered an advance of 500 gold pieces and a purse of 4,500 gold pieces if they returned with Miss Mardoon within the month.
  • Locate a fellow named Febron Keyes. Meet with him and secure the safe house and its contents in the Labenda Swamp. He offered a 250 gold piece advance and a purse of 1,750 gold pieces upon completion.

After some deliberation, they accepted both tasks. The Gentleman provided the group with two healing potions, a potion to cure diseases, and advances for the two jobs, sending them on the road north to Berleben.

"The Journey Home" (2x30)[]

The Mighty Nein brought Ophelia Mardoon back to Zadash, finishing both jobs they had accepted from The Gentleman. When The Gentleman saw Ophelia, he kissed her. She kissed him back, but also bit his lip, drawing a little bit of blood. When he realized Molly was missing, The Gentleman told the group he was sorry for their loss. He gave them an additional fifty platinum on top of their payment. The Gentleman offered Caduceus the same deal as the rest of the Mighty Nein: they kill him or take some of his blood. Caduceus agreed on the condition The Gentleman promised not to cast anything strange on the blood.

Before leaving the Evening Nip, Jester and Nott tried a little detective work: Nott wandered over to The Gentleman and tried to subtly drop the names Avantika and "the captain". Nott's name drop was very obvious, but The Gentleman wasn't paying much attention to Nott. Jester tried to read The Gentleman's reaction, but he was more interested in talking to Ophelia Mardoon.[21]

"The Ruby and the Sapphire" (2x33)[]

When the Mighty Nein met Marion Lavorre, they realized her description of Jester's father sounded like The Gentleman. Jester cast Sending to ask him if he knew the Ruby of the Sea. After no answer from her first spell, Jester cast Sending again. In response to the second message The Gentleman replied "No, that's preposterous."[22]

"Agreements" (2x61)[]

Jester cast Sending on The Gentleman, saying, "Hi, dad. It's Jester. I know it's been a while since we were in Zadash, but just thinking about you. I miss you. You miss me?" After a pause, he responded, "You're being ridiculous. I'm not your father. But I'm glad you're all right, wherever you are. Come back some time. I've got more work, more money to be made."[23]

"The Threads Converge" (2x85)[]

The Gentleman and the Ruby - Stephanie Brown

Fan art of the Gentleman and the Ruby, by Stephanie Brown.[art 4]

Jester confronted The Gentleman about being her father. He still denied it, but Caduceus later talked to him about family, ending the conversation by saying "Family is so complicated and I was cruel on occasion to my siblings and not as honest to my parents as I wish I'd been, but it is a unique, exquisite complication, family... Well I'm just saying, you should tell her (referring to Jester). I think it would do you good... Both of you."

That night, during Jester's watch in The Gentleman's guest room, she noticed someone peeking through the door and followed the Gentleman to the bar. He started the conversation with, "How is she? Marion." This admission that he was indeed Jester's biological father was immediately followed by him stating that he does not consider himself her true father due to having not been there to raise her. He told Jester about his love of Marion, and how, since he was penniless, he felt unworthy of her and set off to find a fortune. During his journey, he was captured and taken to Darktow Isle. He eventually worked his way up in the hierarchy of The Revelry with his silver tongue, becoming wealthy, but at the same time being drawn too deeply into their criminal dealings to be able to go back to Marion. To keep her safe, he never went back. He had tried to forget about her for a long time through alcohol, drugs, men, and women, until Jester showed up in his bar, reminding him of it all.

"Home is Where the Heart Is" (2x92)[]

The Mighty Nein went to the Evening Nip for drinks, where Jester talked to the Gentleman in his private office and told him everything that had happened and what was coming up next. He seemed slightly confused by the whirlwind that is Jester, but charmed nonetheless. He agreed to give them free drinks and a room for the night and Jester excitedly told the group how much her dad loves her. In the morning Jester got him to write a note to the Kiefer Stables, which produced seven horses complete with food and tack, free of charge. Kiefer apparently owed the Gentleman a debt. The note read simply: “Give them many gifts. Whatever they ask. Gentleman.”

"New Homes and Old Friends" (2x111)[]

The Mighty Nein headed to the Evening Nip and were greeted by The Gentleman, who bought them drinks. Jester told him that her mama said to say "Hi," but didn't miss him too much. But she looked really pretty and he could go say hi if he ever wanted to. His response was noncommittal and when Jester pressed for a firm date, he evaded. He knew the Cree was with the Tombtakers, and part of the reason he hired her was her cut-throat heritage coming from Shadycreek Run and her skillset as a divine bloodcrafter. He was sad when she left his employment a month and a half or two months ago. While he did not know where she was, he gave the party their blood samples she had taken, including Mollymauk's. He knew nothing of Eiselcross beyond the fact that a slow but increasing trickle of trade in historical relics had been coming down through the Greying Wildlands, starting seven or eight years ago. When the party was leaving, Jester requested a hug from him for his favorite daughter. He looked around the room and intimidated the interested watchers into turning away before giving Jester an awkward side hug. He warned the party that if Jester came back with but a scratch, he would destroy them all.

"The Calm Before the Storm" (2x130)[]

The Gentleman welcomes the Mighty Nein and their refugee families Yeza, and Luc Brenatto and Marion Lavorre into his secret hideout to protect them from whatever may be facing the Nein going forwards. This being a very quick arrangement, he does his best to present himself as in control of the situation and a gracious host in the face of suddenly being confronted with the Ruby of the Sea, his jilted fiancée. Surrounded by his thuggish troupe of thieves, and his complexion best described as “drippy,” Babenon awkwardly summons Jester to his chamber where she explains all that has occurred up to that point and why they need his help. He bends under the weight of the circumstances and formally agrees to host the trio while the Mighty Nein go to face whatever is to come. He does express to her that he is nervous to face Marion, but with a change of shirt and some encouragement, he leaves to do so. Jester of course does some snooping around once alone in his room and reveals he keeps several weapons, including a flintlock pistol, close by and around his room and that he cleaned somewhat quickly, shoving mess under his bed in haste.

Once back downstairs, The Gentleman got to know Yeza as an alchemist and offered the opportunity to make a little coin while staying with him with his useful trade. He then presented a storage room for the Brenattos to stay in. The Nein then left to continue their preparations, but neither Marion or Babanon offered any promises of parental reconciliation to Jester’s optimism.

"Fond Farewells" (2x141)[]

Jester, Veth, and Caleb transported to the middle of the hideout beneath The Evening Nip very early in the morning in Zadash after their victory to collect their families, now knowing they were safe. Jester scurried up to the Gentleman’s chamber where he answered the door in a dressing robe and with Marion resting in his bed, but again, no promises of reconciliation were made, despite an offer to preside over a wedding by Jester. After a heart-to-heart with her, Babanon confided in Jester that he finds “…comfort in control and having a very good idea of what's happening, what could happen. And then you showed up. And I don't know which way is up. Weirdly, I like it." She takes the opportunity to ask for some advice in her relationship to Fjord, which he answers honestly and kindly.

When collecting her family, Veth asks Yeza if Marion stayed in the Gentleman’s room the entire time, which he confirmed. Marion expressed she was quite comfortable there and that she and the Gentleman had much more to discuss, so she would be staying for now, to be returned to Nicodranas later when she was ready to leave. The 5 of them left her there with The Gentleman while they returned to the Blooming Grove.

After the Campaign[]

As of about six months after the close of the second campaign, the Gentleman had reached an agreement to "invest" (launder) some of his dirty money through the summer camp for young adventurers established by Veth Brenatto in Nicodranas. This meant that she could offer kids a camp experience and training at no cost to their families and the Gentleman got back "clean" money that was left over, which Veth regarded as a win-win.[24]

Realizing he was tied to his life of crime and that it would keep him apart from Marion, Babenon waited a few years and faked his own demise, allowing Ophelia Mardoon to take over his operation in Zadash, and went to join her in Nicodranas under an assumed identity.[5]




Sorah is the main bodyguard of The Gentleman and one of his many lovers.

Ophelia Mardoon[]

The Gentleman and Ophelia could be former lovers, judging by the way he drew Ophelia in for a passionate kiss when the Mighty Nein brought her to the Evening Nip. They are also long-term business contacts.

Jester Lavorre []

Gentleman's conversation with Jester - Hierothraxs

Fan art of The Gentleman's conversation with Jester, by @hierothraxs.[art 5]

Jester suspected that the Gentleman might be her father since her mother had described him as blue and because water Genasi are uncommon on Wildemount. When Jester confronted the Gentleman with her suspicion via sending, he denied knowing her mother.

Jester later sent a message to the Gentleman from the Dim's Inn addressing him as "Dad" and saying that she missed him. The Gentleman responded that he was not her father but that he was glad she was safe and asked her to come back to Zadash for more work. Jester still believed that the Gentleman was her father, saying that she had "talked to Dad" in the following message she sent to her mother.

When Jester finally confronted him in person, the Gentleman revealed that he was in fact her father, at least by blood. He said that he does not consider himself her true father because he was absent her entire childhood. He also tells her that he did not know she existed until she walked into his lair[25] and that while he still cared about Marion and Jester, he knew that due to his criminal activities, he couldn't be close to them.

Jester still dreamed of her parents getting married and retiring together and, when the party and their families were on the run from Trent Ikithon, was able to bring the two together when they all sought refuge in the Gentleman's headquarters in Zadash.[26]

Marion Lavorre []

Babenon Dosal was once engaged to Marion Lavorre. As a simple merchant sailor, he felt unworthy of her affections and set out to seek his fortune. After his capture and time in Darktow, he felt more unworthy of her than ever. He did not want to drag Marion or Jester into his life of crime.[27] Ultimately, he faked his own death so he could retire to Nicodranas with Marion.[5]

Character Information[]


Unless otherwise noted, the following abilities are assumed from the standard Dungeons & Dragons materials:

Water Genasi Abilities[]

  • Acid Resistance[28]
  • Amphibious
  • Swim (30 foot swim speed)
  • Call to the Wave
    • Shape Water cantrip
    • Create or Destroy Water spell (as a 2nd-level spell)

Notable Items[]

  • Rapier

Appearances and mentions[]


  • "I think I get the gist. ... Good job. ... Keep on truckin'?" (response to Jester's Message)
  • "Now, off! I have to finish my breakfast... and my breakfast."
  • "It's hard to find the words. I can't say I'm a proud father. I've not been a father. Can't say I've been a proud influence. I'm a criminal. And I can't say that I've lived up to her expectations. I'm a cad. So I don't have any expectations. But I'll do my best to keep them safe." (promising Jester to shelter Marion and the Brenattos)[29]



Laura's Gentleman costume for Halloween 2020.

  • His surname seems to derive from do sal, which means "of the salt" in Portuguese and Galician. It is likely a reference to Babenon's background as a water genasi and former sailor.
  • Jester now knows that Babenon Dosal, The Gentleman, is indeed her father.[30]
  • The Cobalt Soul is well aware of the Gentleman; Expositors had contact with him before Beauregard Lionett did, though Beau's entries are particularly important. Zeenoth dismissed her speculation about the Gentleman actually being Babenon Dosal, the Ruby of the Sea's lover and Jester's father.[31]
  • According to Matt's notes, there was the possibility that if the Mighty Nein had lied to The Gentleman at any point, he would have attacked them in a furious rage. If the party was defeated, then The Gentleman would have attempted to sell them as slaves to a "Draconian survivor with an anger problem" in Felderwin. Cree would have then freed them as their cart left the outer walls of Zadash.
  • Laura Bailey dressed as the Gentleman, her character's father, for the Halloween 2020 episode.[32]


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