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Azgrah, also known as the Lord of the Deep Dwelling, is an extremely old and powerful duergar champion who is adored in the Emberhold and the surrounding Underdark.[1]




Azgrah has become reclusive and isolationist with the years, although it is said that he still cares about the Emberhold, and would come to help if the city really needed him.[1]



Azgrah was once a mighty duergar warrior. When he was in his prime he completed six heroic labors that are remembered and told in songs even now. His adventures included courting Prince Lhebeno and fighting the Amber Worm, a creature sent by Torog to punish the impiety of the present queen of the Emberhold.[1]

All those deeds made Azgrah incredibly popular among his people, to the point that even most of the followers of the Crawling King preferred the mortal champion over the betrayer god. With the adoration came power, and Azgrah gained strength and longevity, to a point when he started to lend his power to others in the form of magical gifts.[1]

By 836 PD Azgrah is still alive, and extremely old. He spends his time in a temple in the tunnels left by the Amber Worm, where he sees only his most trusted warlocks, that are the ones who take care of him. For the rest of the people he is worshipped as the Lord of the Deep Dwelling, and he's seen as a figure that will come if the Emberhold ever needs him, reuniting in his person the power he has been lending to others until now.[1]

Known Worshipers

  • A huge part of the Emberhold population[1]


  • While his exact age is unknown, he's considered very old, even by dwarven standards, so he's probably more than 350 years old.
  • The fact he was romantically involved with a prince shows he has some level of attraction towards his same gender.
  • Azgrah shares many similarities with Laduguer, being a duergar who accomplished many feats and is worshiped like a god.[2] Azgrah may be considered Exandria's equivalent of Laduguer, with Laduguer's mention in Campaign One being an artifact of the early game and lore.
    • It is also possible that Azgrah, being considered an iconoclast, is taking attributions related to the duergar deity, thus attacking his cult in the process.[1]


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