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Avandra's Favor, also sometimes called The Changebringer's Favor,[1] is a simple but popular dice game from Marquet.


Players place their bet and roll 2d6. If the result is a 7 or a 12, they win. Players that lose can choose to double their bet and roll an additional d6, with the same win condition.[2]


The Luck's Run casino in Ank'Harel has many tables where Avandra's Favor can be played, where the minimum buy-in is 25 gp.[2]

During Vox Machina's visit to the Luck's Run casino, Vex'ahlia bet 25 gp and rolled an 8. She doubled her bet to 50 gp, but rolled a 5 for at total of 13, losing the bet.[3] Percival de Rolo also bet 25 gp and rolled a 7. He then made an additional 25 gp bet and rolled a 6. Doubling the bet he rolled another die, but didn't win.[4]



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