Fan art of Avandra, the Changebringer, by Christian Thor Lally.[art 1]

Avandra, the Changebringer, is the goddess of freedom, trade, travel and adventure. She encourages her followers to venture into the unknown. Her nature leads to few temples dedicated to her in the centers of civilization, but they can be found near well traveled roads. Her worshipers include merchants, free spirits and adventurers.[2]

The Changebringer is not one of the deities approved for worship in the Dwendalian Empire. Nevertheless, some continue to worship her in secret, with some families (such as the Schuster family in Hupperdook) having worshiped her for years.[6]

Appearance and Symbols

Avandra is usually depicted as a young woman with dark skin and light brown hair that changes into a road behind her.

Commandments of the Changebringer

Commandments of the Changebringer

  • Luck favors the bold. Your fate is your own to grasp, and to do so is to have the Changebringer behind you.

  • Change is inevitable. The righteous can ensure that such change is for the better.

  • Rise against tyranny. Fight for the freedom of yourself and others when you can, and inspire others to fight when you cannot.

Known Worshipers




  1. Fan art of Avandra, the Changebringer, by Christian Thor Lally (source).  Used with permission.

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