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Avalir was a floating city lifted from the city of Toramunda atop Mount Ygora by the elven mage, Imyr Por'co, in the Age of Arcanum.


Avalir was built on top of a mountain, Mount Ygora, surrounded by Cathmoíra, a giant three-mile ring of a city in the middle of which Avalir can land.[1] The city travels along the ley lines of Exandria for seven years at a time, exploring its lands and trading with its inhabitants, collecting Ether, before periodically returning to Cathmoíra to deposit the Ether into the continent of Domunas, an event called "The Replenishment." Families that have been apart for this span of time send their spell kites up to greet their return.[2] To celebrate the event, the city organizes the Parade of Beasts.[3]

The city was as wide as it was tall.[4]

Points of interest

Fan art of the students of the Sorcerer's University, by Shrugs.[art 2]

  • Hall of Prophecy
  • Meridian Labyrinth, a network of passageways and arcane machineries[5], and the work space for Laerryn Coramar-Seelie deep within Avalir.
    • The Heart of Avalir, previously called the Apparatus Arcane, the crystal engine that lifted Avalir into the sky by the command of Imyr Por'co 292 years ago.[6]
    • The Arboreal Calix, which surrounds the Tree of Names[7]
  • Orison's Odd-Tack
  • Por'co Falls, a grand waterfall with 100 feet tall drop.[8]
  • Sorcerer's University
  • Vault of the Golden Scythe, the storehouse of a merchant guild with a golden dragon as its crest


  • Hall of Eyes, base for the Eyes of Avalir who were led by Cerrit Agrupnin
  • Tower of the First Knight, where Zerxus Ilerez lives as the First Knight


Dawnsledge was the easternmost side of the city near the Helm.[9]

  • Excelsior Plaza, location of the Parade of Beasts, outside the Herald's Tome headquarters
  • Herald's Tome, a broadcasting station and newspaper
  • The Helm, the headquarters of the Navigator's Guild


A neighborhood at the top of Avalir.

  • The Archsept, home of the Septarion, the seven highest archmages of Avalir
    • It was protected against extraplanar beings like devils by magical wards.[10]
    • There was a 100-foot-tall statue of Imyr Por'co in the Grand Chamber of the Archsept.[11]
  • Palazzo Por'co, Patia Por'co's ancestral residence that belongs to the magocracy[12]
  • The Librarium Incantatum[13]


An older and less protected neighborhood, a single place where the k'nauthi managed to severely damage an eldritch battery. It has abundant temple sprawl, including the Lost Cathedral.[14]



Notable people

Name Type Description
Akami Rowe NPC Guildmaster of the Navigators Guild
Cerrit Agrupnin PC Senior Sightwarden
Eldamir the Wise NPC Archmage of the Librarium Incantatum and a veteran member of the council
Lacrytia Hollow NPC Dean of the Throne of Necromancy, member of the Octothurge and the Ring of Silver.[15]
Laerryn Coramar-Seelie PC Architect Arcane
Loquatius Seelie PC Broadcaster of Herald's Tome
Nydas Okiro PC Guildmaster of the Vault of the Golden Scythe
Patia Por'co PC Keeper of Scrolls and Archmage of the Librarium Incantatum
Sashara Drake NPC Captain of the Chancellor's Guard
Zerxus Ilerez PC First Knight of Avalir


  • Navigators Guild, led by Guildmaster Akami Rowe
  • Octothurge
  • The Court of Owls
  • The Golden Scythe, a merchant guild which was patron of the Sorcerer's University, pays peacekeepers, and gives money to the Magisterium
  • Porter's Guild, led by a Guildmaster, whose position was vacated and election was postponed just before the Calamity.[16]
  • Septarion, the council of seven archmages who rule the city
  • Ring of Gold, fourteen wizards who were apprentices to the ruling Septarion
  • Ring of Silver
  • Ring of Brass



During the Schism, two mighty Primordials called Rau'shan, the Emperor of Fire and Ka'Mort, the Empress of Earth were laid low and sealed away by the Dawnfather and the Wildmother under Mount Ygora on a continent known as Domunas.[17][18]

Early in the Age of Arcanum, the druids of the Gau Drashari came and built the town of Toramunda there to tend to the holy place. Over time, other people settled in the area as well, growing the settlement into a city, and that city attracted wizards. 292 years before the Calamity,[19] a group of mages, lead by the elf Imyr Por'co, lifted the top of the mountain into the sky, becoming the flying city of Avalir, while the city left behind on the surface became Cathmoíra.[20] Part of the deal the wizards made with the Gau Drashari was that 25%[21] of the magic (or ether) collected by Avalir would be apportioned to the druids, something accomplished for the 119 years before the Calamity through the Arboreal Calix.[22] The city performed another secret function as it traveled the ley lines of Exandria: it bore the Tree of Names that wrote a spell of protection on the face of the world.[23]

Although the Drashari tithe of ether was 25% and the other 75% supposed to be put into the ground for the Replenishment, that hadn't been happening for the past two or three Replenishments (for 14-21 years prior to the Calamity). Just less than 5% of the city's ether was actually going to go into the ground for Domunas the last Replenishment and the rest was getting caught up by the Leywright or funneled out to archmages in the city to unnaturally extend their lives.[21]


  • The word "Avalir" bears a strong resemblance to what was by 835 PD the Elvish word for guilt, savalir, for which the Savalirwood is named.
  • One of the Magisters of the City of Crowns might have been secretly a lich, staying away of the public eye due to his undead condition.[24]
  • Avalir's existence is known to at least some modern people, including Imahara Joe in Bassuras, who knew of automatons characteristic of that city.[25] Both Imogen Temult and Orym of the Air Ashari knew it in passing.[26]


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