The Aurora Watch are the guards and soldiers of the Kryn Dynasty[1], acting as police officers and guards for official buildings (including the Marble Tomes Conservatory and the Lucid Bastion[2]), for the city gates of Rosohna[3], and patrolling the main road through the Ghostlands to kill the errant spirits there.[4],[5] There were about fourteen Aurora Watch soldiers at the Deepriver Mining Camp.[6] The Bright Queen sent two Aurora Watch to deliver the Mighty Nein's reward for giving information about the upcoming meeting at the Overcrow Apothecary.[7] Most of the population of Bazzoxan seems to consist of Aurora Watch soldiers, [8] whose task is to deal with any fiendish creatures that wander past the gates or the tower guarding the tunnels the village is built on.[9]

A small red sash that goes over one shoulder and then dangles across the front of the armor seems to denote officer status.[10]

Known Aurora WatchEdit

  • Desmond: Desmond is a guard at the Marble Tomes Conservatory who escorted Caleb and Beau to see Professor Tuss Waccoh.[11]
  • Sulo: Sulo is a drow soldier in Bazzoxan who directed Fjord to the Ready Room and explained the stalemate with the creatures coming from the Umbra Gates.[12]
  • Lianos: Lianos is a large, buff drow in charge of running a group of soldiers through a drill when Fjord asks him about access to the tunnels beyond the Umbra Gates.[13]



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