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The Aurora Hold is a tall grey tower in the middle of Asarius which is used as a base of operations by the Kryn Dynasty, the large local contingent of Aurora Watch soldiers, and Den Olios.



The Hold is a single, three-story spire of gray stone with elements of dark tinted glass creating a cathedral-like spire looming over the rest of the city. There are distinctly elven elements to its design and structure, which make it stand out against the rest of the city.[1] It resembles, in its design, a classic church and steeple, having a gradual incline on the edges that come to a partial roof, and then the central spire shoots up into a gradual point about three stories off the ground. Along it, the edges are ridged, and there are intricate details where it has a pagoda-like edge in curves and points where the roofs come to a gentle end and slope. There are a number of beautiful stained glass windows in a muted palette of grays and purples and silvers and blacks and blues.[2] A five-foot tall flight of fifteen-foot wide stairs lead to the front door.


The initial chamber is filled with very calming, blue-purple light from the stained glass windows that has a strangely welcoming atmosphere.[3] There is no desk, but a set of comfortable, well-made chairs which contrast to most of the other furniture and living spaces in the city. There are two doors, one to the right and one to the left, each with a bell beside it. One of the doors leads to the reception chambers of Zethris Olios through two parallel hallways dividing the chamber into two sides. There is beautiful scrollwork chiseled into all the stone and each doorway frame has an ivy-type texture that curls and swirls around the door frame.[4]

The well-guarded reception room contains a beautiful, tall, high-backed lounge chair in deep reddish-purple velvet. The rim curling on the outside is in a brass color that spirals on the edges. There is a small altar in the center of the chamber heading in a slow, gradual, spiraling point, almost like two paths of a tapering tower, to its top which bears a brass dodecahedron.[5]

Further down, the hall curves to the left and then comes to a small circular chamber where the other main hall curves and enters from that side. The chamber holds a spiral staircase that leads up higher into the Hold's towers and heavy-looking locked double doors bearing a symbol of the dodecahedron. Beyond them is a wide staircase that curves downward about one hundred feet to three small diamond-shaped chambers, each marked with a silver arch at the entryway, that each hold a teleportation circle. One of the circles leads to the Lucid Bastion in Rosohna.[6]

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