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The Augen Trust is the Dwendalian crown's spy network.[1] It is in some ways a competitive force with The Cobalt Soul in the sense that they frequently butt heads and find themselves in similar spaces going for similar information for different reasons. They are very competitive and tense about achieving their own unique ends.[2] The Augen Trust and the Volstrucker also check each other's power, despite nominally being on the same side.[3]

When the Empire and the Cerberus Assembly were searching for Vence Nuthaleus, Martinet Ludinus Da'leth told the Mighty Nein that the investigations were being handled by both the Augen Trust and members of the Assembly.[4]

The secret head of the Augen Trust is Oliver Schreiber.[5]


  • "Augen" is the Zemnian (German) word for "eyes."