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..then, the vast empty heart of endless shadow befel the light of the Seeker. Cascading from the pits was the font of life. The first moon formed the endless oceans. The second sun brought the lush soil. The third wind carried the breath of life. The fourth flame ignited the Heart of Exandria.
Excerpt from the Fourth Astural Scroll[1]

The Astural Scrolls are the writings of Clemain Astural, a powerful arcanist from the Age of Arcanum.


The Astural Scrolls are thousands of pages filled with histories, alchemical formulas, star charts, and spells created by Clemain Astural.[2] The second scroll contains the method of contacting Astural's otherworldy patron, The Sightless,[3] and the fourth scroll recounts the creation of Exandria.[1]


Clemain Astural recorded his knowledge and life within this vast collection of scrolls. When he contacted The Sightless, he recorded its first words to him and how he relinquished his own sight to his patron in exchange for power.[4] After being driven mad by The Sightless' influence, Astural's later scrolls recorded his paranoid ramblings.[2]

When Atz Yuminor defeated Astural, he collected as many of Astural's scrolls as he could and brought them back to his home in the Dividing Plains. By 836 PD, Yuminor's descendant Estella Ladimar and the Scions of Yuminor still keeps these scrolls within the observatory of Westhall Academy in Westruun,[2] the second scroll being kept within a secret vault.[3]

Many of the Astural Scrolls remain lost, one of which was looted from Astural's lair of Wrettis by the spirit naga Maledicta Hexos, who gained "uncanny cosmic powers" from the scroll and plans to use it to take over the Verdant Expanse.[5]



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