Astrid[3] was a student of Trent Ikithon alongside Eodwulf[4] and Caleb Widogast. She has yet to appear in the campaign, though her silhouette is briefly seen in the second Mighty Nein intro during a flashback to Caleb burning his parents' house down.

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When Jester asked Caleb if she was pretty, he answered she was "handsome".[5] In the intro, she appears to have had short hair as well as robes similar to Caleb's at the time. In "A Dangerous Chase", Caleb described her as on the short side, about 5'3", with very short dark brown hair and brown eyes. She has scars on her arms similar to his.[6]

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"Whispers of War" (2x18) Edit

Caleb explains to Beau and Nott that as a teenager he entered the tutelage of Trent Ikithon alongside two of his peers from the town of Blumental, a boy named Eodwulf and a girl named Astrid. Ikithon proceeded to teach them magic and instill into them a deep loyalty to the empire, eventually using them to execute captured traitors.

One night, after implanting memories of their parents betraying the empire, Ikithon instructed the three students to murder their parents. After waiting outside Eodwulf's house as he killed his parents, the group had dinner with Astrid's parents, whom she killed by poisoning their food. She was present for Caleb setting his parents' house on fire, though her fate after his breakdown is unknown.

"The Hour of Honor" (2x24) Edit

After participating in the eponymous Hour of Honor, Jester invites a drunk Caleb to waltz with her. As they dance, Caleb calls Jester "Astrid" and admits she was always better at waltzing than him. He realizes his mistake and starts to walk off, but Jester grabs him and leads him safely to his room. As Jester tucks Caleb in, she reassures him that Astrid loves him, despite not knowing who she is.

"Commerce & Chaos" (2x31) Edit

Without Caleb's knowledge or consent, Nott had Jester forge a letter to the Soltryce Academy, claiming to be a "Mrs. Lavorre, Esq." of "Nott & Brave" law firm, seeking the whereabouts of a former student named Astrid. As Mrs. Lavorre, Esq., Nott and Jester claimed to be the executor of the estate of Astrid's uncle "Leonard Hyphen-Leonard" from the town of "Nigeria". They asked the Academy to please send Astrid's contact information to the Pillow Trove Hotel in Zadash, so Astrid could receive the vast sums of money she had inherited. Nott thought that Astrid had been Caleb's girlfriend, and she would be someone who would remind Caleb of happier times.[7]

"A Hole In the Plan" (2x42) Edit

Jester asked Caleb if Astrid had been his girlfriend, which he confirmed. However, he claimed not to have much experience with ambiguous romantic signals.[8]

"Duplicity" (2x55) Edit

While they are alone together investigating the tunnels and caverns under the well in Asarius, Nott tells Caleb that a while back, she wrote a letter to Astrid. She says that, in retrospect, she thinks it was a mistake, but she was hoping to reconnect him to someone from his past. Caleb, at that moment under a succubus's charm, seems slightly stunned but says they will have this discussion later.[9]

"Domestic Respite" (2x62) Edit

While settling into the Xhorhaus, Caleb asks Nott about the letter to Astrid. Nott says she now feels extremely guilty, but that at the time, she thought she was being helpful by trying to get Caleb some sort of connection with his past, and that she thought he had fond memories of Astrid. Nott calls in Jester, and together they piece together that they gave the Pillow Trove as a return address, so Jester uses Sending to contact the Pillow Trove. There is an official-looking letter from the Soltryce Academy waiting there for her, presumably a response. Since they used the name "Lavorre", Caleb is worried for Jester's mother. Jester asks Caleb if he likes Astrid, and he says he did, but it was a long time ago.[10]

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Astrid had been friends with Caleb and Eodwulf during their tutelage under Trent Ikithon. She also had a romantic relationship with Caleb, though the duration and seriousness of this relationship is unclear. Her only known family was her parents whom she killed via poison.

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  • On Talks Machina, Liam and Sam speculated that at this point Astrid is probably either "a super bad guy" or "super dead".[11]

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