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Astral dreadnoughts are enormous predators in the Astral Sea that send the things they consume to a unique demiplane.


The astral dreadnought the Mighty Nein saw via the Folding Halls of Halas was 20 to 25 feet on a side,[4] though its silvery tail seemed to curl off into an impossible distance. It was shaped like a bulbous, muscular serpent with two thick arms ending in pincers. Its body was covered in spiky armored plates and hardened, veiny, pale flesh plates. Its face had a single eye with a horned brow and a 12-foot-wide mouth edged with hundreds of two-foot-long teeth.[5]

Known astral dreadnoughts[]

  • Halas Lutagran kept an astral dreadnought chained and blinded, with a lever controlling the opening and closing of its mouth, so that he could use the capacious demiplane within as a ritual chamber.[6]
The Dreadnought

Fan art of Halas's chained dreadnought, by Nikki Dawes.[art 2]

Skills and Abilities[]

  • Demiplanar Donjon: The Mighty Nein entered the dreadnought's mouth to find a demiplane that Halas had used.[7][8][1]
  • Given that Halas kept a large platinum plate bolted over the dreadnought's eye, the astral dreadnought in Critical Role likely has the same ability as in Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes: creating an antimagic cone.[1]


  • Knowing that Vokodo had desperately fled from something in the Astral Sea, Fjord used Major Image to create an illusory, smaller-than-usual astral dreadnought to frighten Vokodo during their battle. Despite Fjord having to guess at what an active dreadnought sounds like, the illusion worked: Vokodo was chased around the lair.[9]


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