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Vokodo in the Astral Sea - Cers @Cersonality

Fan art of the Astral Sea, by Cers @Cersonality.[art 1]

The Astral Plane, also known as the Astral Sea, is a Plane of Existence beyond the Material Plane.


The Astral Plane is one of the boundary planes that lie between many of the other realms. It is an amorphous realm where the will and the imagination have influence over the surrounding space, where one can will oneself to float and move. Some creatures whose species have been there for a long time have learned to actually shape the amorphous matter and energy into structures and objects. They therefore tend to be very psychic-oriented.[1]

During a conversation on how to dispose of the Horn of Orcus they had acquired, Lady Allura told Vox Machina that when a Bag of Holding is destroyed, its contents jettison into the Astral Sea.[2]

Travelers in the Astral Plane can move in any direction simply by thinking about moving. Their standard speed is three feet multiplied by their Intelligence score.[3]


Campaign One[]

  • When Scanlan Shorthalt Scryed through his magical poo, his consciousness transcended the Material Plane, traveled across the Astral Sea, and arrived at his scrying destination on the Material Plane.[4]
  • When Keyleth used Greater Restoration on Animus to sever Orthax's hold on Percy's soul, his soul began floating in the Astral Sea.[5]

Campaign Two[]

CognouzaAndMightyNein - CT Chen

Fan art of the Mighty Nein facing Cognouza in the Astral Sea, by CT Chen.[art 2]

Points of interest[]

Hestavar by Madeline

Fan art of Hestavar, the Bright City, by Madeline.[art 3]

  • Hestavar, the divine metropolis that is home to Erathis.
  • Towers of Night, the home of Zehir, always hidden among the astral winds.
  • Cognouza, a former ward of the city of Aeor that now drifts through the Astral Plane.


Many beings reside within the Astral Sea:


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