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Ashley Johnson (@thevulcansalute ) is a voice actress and television actress who plays the character Yasha on Critical Role. She played the character Pike Trickfoot in the first campaign. She is also President of the Critical Role Foundation.


The first campaign of Critical Role was Ashley's first time playing a pen-and-paper RPG. She was one of the last players to join the game, and with few options left, she chose to be a gnome cleric because she thought it would be funny and interesting. She quickly realized just how valuable a character she was when the first battle began.

On her first appearance on Critical Role, "Attack on the Duergar Warcamp" (1x04), her first and second dice rolls were both natural 20s. Her third dice roll was a natural 1.

When asked who she would switch characters with if she could, Ashley said either Vax'ildan or Grog.[2]

Critical Role

After "Enter Vasselheim" (1x16), Ashley had to leave Los Angeles, California to live in New York City, as she was starring in NBC's Blindspot as the character Patterson. Ashley continued to play via Skype when possible, and she has returned to LA several times during Blindspot's production hiatus, allowing her to return to Critical Role in person. Production on Blindspot has since ended, and Ashley is back permanently as of "The Cathedral" (2x86).

During the times when Ashley was not available to play, Pike's absence from the story was usually explained as her staying to work on rebuilding the temple of Sarenrae in Vasselheim or helping to fortify Whitestone. Her appearing out of nowhere to join the group for one or two episode was explained by Pike using a divine projection to be with the rest of Vox Machina , although she physically remained in Vasselheim. Yasha's absences were justified by the character being more of a loner who does not like large groups, but will join up with the party on occasion, and eventually by her being mind-controlled by Obann.

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  • On Talks Machina, the host Brian Wayne Foster (Ashley's fiancé) likes to "#ThankMyGuests" with names that are either mispronounced or wordplay that sounds close to their names. Here are the names for Ashley Johnson so far:
  • Ashley Jenkins
  • Arshley Jenkins
  • Hashleaf Godson
  • Ad-Free Johnson
  • Crash Thee Datsun
  • Ask Me to Prom, Son
  • Ellie BAFTA Won
  • Trashly Jenkins
  • Yass Queen Get Some
  • Yasha is a Boss, Son!
  • Naturally Blocks Sun

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