Ashkeeper Peaks - Camilla Kipp

Fan art of the Ashkeeper Peaks, by Camilla Kipp.[art 1]

The Ashkeeper Peaks make up the mountain chain running through the center of the continent of Wildemount. It bisects the continent's central region of Wynandir, with the Dwendalian Empire ruling the lands on the western side and the eastern side forming the region of Xhorhas.[1]

The southern base of the mountains is dominated on the southwest by the massive green Quaraska Jungle, and on the southeast by the Lotusden Greenwood. Both of these two jungles consist of hundreds of miles of lush, tangled jungle forest and vine canopy stretching to the shore and stopping at the southern cliffs and beaches that give way to the endless waters of the Lucidian Ocean.[2]

Notable Places

Ashguard Garrison
Wildemount, Version 20,1 (AP)

Map of Wildemount, with the Ashkeeper Peaks shaded blue-grey & outlined in dark red

Main article: Ashguard Garrison.

The Ashguard Garrison is an outpost on the south side of the Brokenveil Bluffs, meant to guard the frontier of the Dwendalian Empire from incursions from Xhorhas.


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  1. Fan art of the Ashkeeper Peaks, by Camilla Kipp (source).  Used with permission.
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