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Arthur was a member of the Nameless Ones in Emon in late 842 PD. As an NPC in Exandria Unlimited, Arthur is played by Aabria Iyengar.



Arthur had very pale blue, almost gray, eyes and carried several daggers and a big rapier inside his cloak.[1]


Once Charmed by Opal, Arthur was friendly and willing to go get a beer with her. When she proposed tying him up, he told her he was "into new stuff."[2]


"The Oh No Plateau" (E1x02)[]

Arthur was one of two cloaked, extremely shady figures lurking at the southern gate of Emon when the Exandria Unlimited party approached. He succumbed to Opal's Charm Person spell, and she chatted with him while the remainder of the party fought the other cloaked figure that he referred to as his friend. He told her that they were members of the Nameless Ones who had been sent to kill her whole squad, but she convinced him to go off with her to get a beer instead. Arthur told Opal he was most familiar with the Dock area of Emon.

Opal was able to convince Arthur to let her tie him up with her silk rope, and he seemed open to trying other new things. When the other Nameless One was killed, she convinced him to wait two minutes after the party left to cut himself free, but then turned and knocked him out with an Eldritch Blast as they ran to the gate.


Character Information[]


Notable Items[]

  • Multiple daggers
  • Scimitar
  • Dark cloak

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Arthur: (while Opal is tying him up) Why is this in public? Like, I mean, are you into that, too? Because I haven't tried that, but I am very open to suggestions.[4]
  • Arthur: (slightly later) Wait, is it a group thing now? Okay, hold on. You know what? I think I'm pretty adventurous, like, I joined the thieves' guild and stuff, but I'm--
    Opal: They're just going to watch. It's not, they're not going to be in it. There's just a watching thing. Okay guys, whenever you're ready Arthur's all tied up, okay?
    Arthur: All right. Okay, I'm game.[5]



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