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Artana Voe (pronounced /ɑrˈtɑːnə ˈvoʊ/) is an uniya bounty hunter who was hired to arrest Gurge Kisgregg.[3] As an NPC, Artana Voe is played by Matthew Mercer.



Artana Voe - Kiera James

Fan art of Artana Voe, by Kiera James.[art 2]

Artana has piercing light-brown eyes,[4] with elven ears and orcish features, and is described as "strikingly beautiful".[1] She is very slender, and when first encountered by the Bells Hells she was wearing dark leather armor, a very dark green cloak, and a heavy belt holding multiple pouches and tools.[5]



Artana has a years-long reputation in Jrusar's criminal circles as a mercenary for hire known for successfully hunting those that are hard to find.[6] Gurge Kisgregg was one of her targets. With the help of Keledon, the head of the wardens in the Smolder Spire of Jrusar, she brought Gurge to Vali Dertrana in exchange for the bounty.[7]

Campaign Three: Bells Hells[]

Shortly after Artana completed her contract, the party picked up her trail, which brought them to the Soot and Swill. While investigating a kitchen in the back of the establishment, Chetney, Dorian, Orym and Ashton found a secret room. When they broke in, they found Artana waiting for their entrance with a crossbow. She shot Orym immediately, but the party was able to talk her down, and after begrudgingly paying her 160 gold, the group learned that after Artana received Gurge from the Wardens, she handed him over to Vali Dertrana in the Moon Tower.

The party again encountered Artana passing them by in the streets of Bassuras near the Seat of Disdain of Paragon's Call, where Armand Treshi was in a luxurious cell in the basement. Later that day, during an attack on the citadel, several of the party found her battling Treshi's guards near his cell, where he was pressed against a wall, terrified and trying to stay out of sight. Imogen cast Psychic Lance, incapacitating her, then the group intimidated him into jumping into their portable hole. Artana told Orym, "Whatever you think you're doing here, you're fucking up a lot," but Orym convinced her to come with them. Artana disappeared, asking Orym where they proposed to take Treshi, and Orym told her "home". She answered, "Maybe our paths aren't quite as different as you think." She led the way out, but when they were accosted by two more guards, Imogen telepathically told her to play along as she tackled her and told the guards they had it handled. However, they then encountered Ratanish and Imogen pushed Artana toward him. Artana managed to pull free and vanish again.

Character information[]

Notable items[]

  • Heavy crossbow[8]


  • Multiattack Defense[9]

Appearances and mentions[]


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