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Arnicor is a human paladin[presumed][2] and a member of The Wing.



Arnicor is a male human with pale skin and dirty blonde, sleeked back hair. He wears metal armor with a dark red tunic and cape and wields a sword and shield.


Arnicor is rather serious and doesn't smile much. He seemed hurt by the loss of Vash and didn't seem to like Scanlan's demeanor, but was determined to finish their mission. He is loyal to his church, and believed it would be likely to help Vex'ahlia save her brother.


Vox Machina Origins Series I[]

Arnicor and Thurista's church had tasked the Wing to recover an artifact from the ancient temple of a shark god. They fought of a horde of angry sahuagin and some giant frogs, then recovered precious gems from the eyes of a statue along with many other artifacts: a Wand of Lignum Viate, magical boots, an arcane necklace, and a mysterious potion. They headed to the nearby town of Stilben to ask an alchemist to identify the potion. However, his shop was filled with members of the Myriad, who demanded that they hand over the potion to them and attacked. The Wing managed to get rid of them, but Vash was killed in the fight.[3]

Thurista and Arnicor believed they were a target of the Clasp and wanted to leave before another attack. Scanlan was opposed to the idea, wanting to stay in town to enjoy his newfound hero status. He and Thurista agreed to give him four hours to figure out what was going on.[3] When Scanlan and Grog decided to go help Vex'ahlia, Thurista and Arnicor left and went back to their temple.[4]



Arnicor and Thurista came from the same temple. They have a similar personality, and were always shown to have the exact same opinions.

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  1. Arnicor is a "holy individual", and he referred to himself as a knight.
  2. Arnicor is a "holy individual", and he referred to himself as a knight.
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