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Armand Treshi (pronounced /ɑrˈmɑːnd ˈtrɛʃi/) was the head of the Mahaan house Treshi in Jrusar. He was originally believed by Lord Ariks Eshteross to be a member of the Chandei Quorum.[2] As an NPC, Armand Treshi is played by Matthew Mercer.




Fan art of Armand Treshi, by Colton Balske of Kraven's Keep.[art 2]

Armand is tall for a dwarf,[3] dark, and handsome. He has short black wavy hair and a well-kept goatee. When seen by Gurge, he wore a fancy blue and gold sherwani coat with a buttoned high collar, shiny pants and a lot of jewelry.[4] He wore a platinum ring on his left thumb, which the soon-to-be-named Bells Hells were tasked by Ariks Eshteross to swap with an identical ring that had been enchanted to be traceable.[5]


Armand values business and connections, and his house has a hand in many different guilds throughout the Oderan Wilds.[6] Lord Eshteross suggested he might be interested in expanding his political power by sending contingents of Paragon's Call to locations beyond Jrusar.[7]



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Campaign Three: Bells Hells[]

Knowing that Armand Treshi was going to be attending a masquerade ball for the upper echelon of Jrusar, Bells Hells, cooperating with Ariks Eshteross, developed a plan to get as physically close to Armand as they could to exchange his cherished ring with a tracking device that was a perfect replica of that ring. It would allow Armand to be located when the investigation of his operations was completed.

Armand entered the ball together with Lady Emoth Kade; however the two immediately split up to mingle with other people. During the Dance of the Crossroads, Fearne Calloway managed to snatch a dance with him. During their dance, Imogen , using her psychic abilities on Treshi, read his suspicions of Fearne as a fey creature, connecting her with the Nightmare King and the destruction of the Moon Tower. During their dance, Armand spun Fearne and she managed to pull his ring from his thumb as if by accident. At Imogen's urging, Fearne dropped it just as the dance crescendoed and, as Armand immediately began searching the floor, Dorian kicked the ring away. However, Armand noticed him and went toward the sound. FCG collected the original ring and Dorian threw the tracking ring to Fearne who slipped it to Imogen, and she gave it to Armand as a lucky find that she had fortunately managed to locate. He rudely accepted the ring and put it on. Later that night, after Ashton and General Ratanish's fight, Orlana Seshadri approached Gavis Aranda and Armand in turn, having a quick, intense conversation with each of them while looking at Ratanish.

After Lady Emoth Kade's capture and interrogation, Armand was implicated in the conspiracy, and the other leaders of his house turned against him. His home had been cleaned out and he was smuggled out of the city, heading southeast towards Bassuras, seeking aid from Paragon's Call in the Seat of Disdain.[8]

When Bells Hells arrived in Bassuras, Laudna and Orym kept watch at the base of the Seat of Disdain and saw Armand nervously smoking his pipe on the rooftop of the fortress, guarded by two individuals.[9] The party was admitted to membership in Paragon's Call after their victory in the Deathwish Run and given quarters within the fortress. They discovered Treshi in a luxurious cell in the basement. When the fortress was unexpectedly attacked, Bells Hells used the confusion to go to Treshi's cell, where they encountered Artana Voe, the mercenary Treshi had hired while still in Jrusar. They intimidated Treshi into jumping into their portable hole, and formed a brief alliance with Artana when they told her their goal was to take Treshi "home".[10] Treshi later told them that he assumed that Artana Voe was there to collect him because there was a bounty on his head in Jrusar.

When the party later interrogated Treshi, he revealed he was hired by Paragon's Call to create chaos in Jrusar that would push the Chandei Quorum into hiring them for additional security. Treshi enlisted Ira Wendagoth for this task, but Ira was overzealous and went too far, experimenting on Gurge Kisgregg to weaponize his lycanthropy.[11] It was he who got Treshi involved with the Shade Mother and Emoth Kade. Although Treshi claimed not to know why Otohan Thull wanted to move the Call into Jrusar, Fearne believed he knew more than he'd say. After being intimidated and stabbed through the foot, Treshi cracked, saying he thought allying with the Call was an opportunity to rise in the power structure of Jrusar and within his house, but he now believed the deal was more about the Call's shipments from Wildemount than politics. Treshi had an established shipment route crossing the Ozmit Sea into the Menagerie Coast. Multiple shipments in the past year had come through it, funneling through Jiana Hexum in Jrusar before being sent on to Bassuras where the Call moved them to yet another site in the Panagrip Sands to the east.[12]

The party kept Treshi in their portable hole while traveling back to Jrusar, opening it just often enough to keep him from suffocation. They learned that while he had hoped to use the Call to better his political position in Jrusar, he was now deeply afraid of them. Otohan Thull had been his liaison on Marquet for about two years, using the Call to escort caravans.[13] When Bells Hells reached the city, they turned a seemingly resigned Treshi over to Orlana Seshadri, who paid them a bounty for the delivery.[14]

Notable items[]

  • A perfect replica of Armand Treshi's personal ring. It was secretly swapped by Bells Hells during the ball in "A Dance of Deception" (3x13). The crystal paired with this ring (commonly referred to as the Treshi scry ball by the Bells Hells) is able to determine its general location as long as the ring is within a couple of miles.[15] Arriving in Bassuras a few weeks later, Armand pawned the ring in the local pawnshop called the "River of Renewal".[16] This ring was later planted by Laudna on Otohan Thull's backpack-like contraption, and has subsequently been used by the Bells Hells to detect her presence.

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