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Arethusa is a female nymph and resident of the Frostweald, where she keeps watch over a cluster of three mirror-like pools that form a pathway into the Feywild, each one leading to the forest of a different Archfey. Suspicious of all mortals, she requires both her trust and a favor before she grants passage through her domain. She was active as of 812 PD.[1]

Arethusa has not appeared or been mentioned onstream on Critical Role.

Character information[]

Arethusa uses the Mage statblock, available in the Monster Manual, 5th Edition, p. 347.


  • Her name seems to come from the combination of the Ancient Greek terms arē (war) and thoos (swift). Another interpretation of her name is that it simply means "the waterer" in Ancient Greek.
  • While not explicitly confirmed, it's very possible that Arethusa is a water nymph, since she's the guardian of three bodies of water.
    • In Greek mythology there were several characters with that name, and two of them were directly connected with water: one was a nereid, and the other was a woman who became a stream of water with Artemis' help to escape the attentions of the river god Alpheus.
  • Arethusa and Terrosh are the only known guardians of fey portals.


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