Archibald is a high paladin in Othanzia.  As an NPC, he is played by Matthew Mercer.

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After acquiring a Horn of Orcus from K'Varn's corpse, Vox Machina returned to Emon.  While deciding what to do with the artifact, Lady Kima of Vord stated:

Now, understand, this is not something you can lock in a box, or put some guards around it.  There was a reason this was forgotten and needs to be again.  With the proper surrounding strength and formidable individuals, I can take it to the grand chantry in [Othanzia] where the High Paladin Archibald will reseal it, far away from the eyes and minds of the world, [unless] we can come up with some sort of way to destroy this item.
Lady Kima, mentioning High Paladin Archibald[1]

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