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An Arcane Field Generator is a magical item that when activated reveals the existence and boundaries of an antimagic field.


The generator is a spherical device with multiple deeply set grooves and runes across it.[2]


The generator fills a space with a 100-foot radius with gently floating arcane motes that shed low light within the affected area. The motes have no physical effect, but make it easy to see any effects that negate magic. The effect lasts for one hour, requires an action to activate, and once activated, the generator cannot be used again until the next dawn. Each time it is used, it has a chance of becoming inert permanently.[3]


Allura Vysoren acquired two generators from "friends in Vasselheim" who hunted beholders with them. She loaned them to the Mighty Nein for use in their effort to combat Lucien.[4] They were deployed by the Mighty Nein three times: in the ambush of the Tombtakers and the ensuing fight with Lucien and Cree in the ruins of Aeor,[5] during the first part of the battle against Lucien in Cognouza,[6] and in the final battle against the Somnovem Omega.[7]


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