The Arcana Pansophical is a semi-secretive circle of many of the world's most powerful arcane practitioners.[3] They share information, maintain a self-imposed "Truth of Magic" where misuse (in their eyes) should be ended and brought to arcane justice, and generally consider themselves above the regular folk and their laws. Maintaining a "good" alignment, the Arcana Pansophical requires respect, political influence, and registration of anyone practicing on a higher level of magic within their realm.[3]

Lady Allura once told Vox Machina that the Arcana Pansophical made it somewhat illegal to use memory-altering spells.[4] The only way this is allowed is in dire situations where something needs to be forgotten, such as the location of the Horn of Orcus that Vox Machina recovered and sealed away in Vasselheim.

Notable People Edit

General members of the Arcana Pansophical are called "Guides", whereas higher ranking members are called "Makers".[1] Vox Machina only personally knows three members of the organization (Allura, Drake, and Eskil), although there were seven living members[3] prior to the attack of the Chroma Conclave.

Makers Edit

Guides Edit

Former Members Edit

  • Realmseer Eskil Ryndarian: Human Archmage.[9] Former member.[3] He has helped and been helped by Vox Machina on several occasions.
  • Felrinn Derevar: Human demon-summoner and betrayer of the Pansophical.[10]

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